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The Groans and Wails of the Lexit Left Overs.

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‘Left’ Brexiters Gnashing their Teeth.

If you want to read some sense see this excellent article by comrades Alena Ivanova & Ana Oppenheim.

Labour’s Brexit shift is a victory for the grassroots left, not centrists in suits

This is their conclusion,

Ultimately, we believe that Labour policy should be decided by members, not in backroom meetings. That’s why, at this year’s conference, we will be ready. Already, 300 CLPs are debating the model motion promoted by Another Europe Is Possible, Labour for a Socialist Europe and Open Labour. If it passes, it will commit Labour to opposing Brexit outright, fighting the nationalist and xenophobic narrative of the Leave campaign, and building transnational alliances to implement a left-wing vision for Europe. It is with this kind of radical, optimistic agenda that Labour can regain the trust of its own members and supporters, win the next general election and start transforming society.

But, it being the summer holidays, the few remaining believers in a People’s Brexit prefer to get away from the hurley-burly of cloud cuckoo land and take a break in the virtual reality of  Lexit Front.

The Morning Star put its own unique spin on Labour’s new stand,

A Labour source told the Star: “Past the media excitement, there’s not much to be said — it’s just restating our stance, with the new line about remaining against a Tory crash-out.

“The trick will still be negotiating a good deal once we’re in charge, though.”

Which did not stop one of their supporters putting his own twist on the story:

The Full Brexit welcomed this article in the Morning Star



This is from the ‘left-wing’ – that is Red-Brown Front  – the Full Brexit’s own material,

“All democrats should support The Brexit Party in the European Parliament elections. But that does not mean it is the answer to the deep problems of British politics.”

Peter Ramsey. May 2019.

Our Parliament of Liars must be stopped in its tracks: all democrats need to vote for The Brexit Party at the European elections. But this can only be a stop-gap.

James Heartfield explains why he’s running for The Brexit Party – to defend democracy from an intransigent political establishment.

These seem representative examples of further confusionism from the Red-Brown Front (re-tweeted by George Galloway)


It’s hard to tell if this is a parody or not.

Or indeed hard geezer who likes to make your flesh creep, Eddie Dempsey’s comment is, er, like, for real.

The campaign against rootless cosmopolitans continues:

And the pillars of the Red-Brown Front hope to recruit.

Labour Leave looks as if it’s joined the Red-Brown Front:








Written by Andrew Coates

July 10, 2019 at 4:27 pm

Morning Star Publishes “A second referendum would be Labour’s route to Syrizafication” .

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Communist Party of Britain’s Morning Star Attacks Labour’s John McDonnell.

The first wails and groans from the Lexiters are appearing.

Unable, yet, to attack Corbyn, the Boycott Labour in the European Elections CPB organ, the Morning Star has just tweeted this:

From the Red-Brown Front (CPB, Labour Leave, Blue Labour and the Brexit Party) of European Lefy, 

Peter Ramsay is a Professor of Law at the London School of Economics. He supports The Full Brexit network.

A second referendum would be Labour’s route to Syrizafication

JOHN McDONNELL said on Sunday that Labour had to “get on with” changing its Brexit policy to one of backing a second referendum. This had to be done “sooner rather than later,” he told the BBC. ..the drift of the Labour Party towards an official position that supports a second referendum is bad news for democracy. It may also prove to be an electoral disaster for the Labour Party. It will certainly make Tony Blair’s political divorce of the party from Labour’s working-class traditions irreversible.


In any case, whatever the likely electoral outcomes, the crucial point is that supporting a second referendum is the wrong position. As many in the Labour leadership know their programme cannot be implemented within the EU. Moreover working-class and poorer voters were much more likely than middle-class voters to vote for Brexit, and for good reason. They voted against a political system that had ignored their interests for far too long. For Labour to go over officially to the side of elite resistance to Brexit will send a clear message that the demands of working-class voters are less important than those of the middle class or of big business.

McDonnell chose to push publicly for a more militantly pro-EU stance on Sunday, the very same day that Greece’s Syriza government got turfed out of office by the Greek electorate. Syriza too abandoned its early radical promises and spent years doing the EU’s dirty work instead. For Corbyn’s Labour Party, backing the second referendum opens the road to Syrizafication.

The Morning Star also tweets this attack on the Greek left from one of George Galloway”s former key supporters.



Morning Star Despairs that Lexit, Labour Leave, and the Red-Brown front, the Full Brexit, are seen as “irrelevant fantasy”.

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Image result for lexit

Lexit and its Side..

The Morning Star frets today

How should Labour respond to Tory Brexit policies?


That the Conservatives will use Brexit in whatever way they can to intensify their assault on working people is not surprising. Their party will exploit any circumstance to that end.

Labour’s dilemma is how to respond. The fact that the Conservatives are currently in government, and therefore responsible for delivering Brexit, is used by left supporters of Remain to argue that Brexit itself must be opposed.

The “exit left” backed by organisations such as Lexit, the Full Brexit or Labour Leave is rejected as an irrelevant fantasy on the grounds that the left will not be in the driving seat on our way out.

Pressure is building on Labour to change its current position — to respect the result of the referendum, to fight for a general election and negotiate a Leave deal that protects workers’ rights and to keep the option of a public vote on the table — and adopt a more openly Remain stance (support for a second referendum on any deal, and advance commitment to campaign to Remain in said referendum — the latter point showing that the “People’s Vote” advocates assume that the vote should include a Remain option).

This appears to signal that “pressure” is winning…

If the policy has been a “slow car crash,” as shadow chancellor John McDonnell is said to have described it, this could be down to its constant contradiction by Labour MPs, feeding a narrative of confusion that does not arise from the policy itself.

Further, Labour suffers because it has largely refused to stress the positive potential of leaving the EU in terms of our right to determine economic policy free of EU regulations, opening up a range of options on public ownership and planned economic development that are currently inhibited by EU law.

As a result, respecting the vote appears to mean agreeing reluctantly to deliver a policy its leadership think is wrong. That the Tories are suffering just as much from giving this impression doesn’t mean it is an inspiring or election-winning stance.

The pro-Leave left needs to raise its game in articulating a positive vision for leaving the EU that Labour’s left leadership can champion.

As the Conservatives were in power during the Referendum, as the Conservatories support the narrow result, as the dominant faction in the Tories is pro-Brexit, it is hard to see what is meant by the phrase “use Brexit in whatever way they can”. Brexit is a hard right project “used” by the hard right, presumably.

Many on the left and in Labour have long stated that  there is more to the world capitalist economy than “EU law”. This legislation does not inhibit its progressive programme: world markets, finance and British capitalism do.  Left British economic policy needs allies, and they exist, on the European left. Cut adrift from substantial legislative ties with these forces (that is, in the EU) a  Labour government would face the WTO, and Trump, alone.

It is the inability to stand up to a Johnson-led Brexit with a clear alternative that has weakened the party’s public stand.

The Morning Star obviously thinks that it is nay-sayers in Labour who have sapped the obviously entirely clear Lexit position of a Brexit in the interests of the working class.

Except that the even more obvious point is that were Corbyn to agree with Brexit proceeding there is absolutely no space for their happy plans for a “positive vision”.

Where that dream still lived on until recently other figures have also sunk into a slough of despond.

The Red Brown Front, the Full Brexit, which brings together supporters and candidates for the Brexit Party, like James Heartfield, Communist Party of Britain members,  Labour leavers, odd-balls like Larry O’Nutter (better known under his pen-name of Larry O’Hara), Family Faith and Community Blue Labour, and gave a platform to the notorious Eddie “hatred of the liberal left ” Dempsey, is also at the end of its tether.

In today’s culture of fear they have fallen back on therapeutic culture.

This article appeared today:

Democracy and the Left: A Marriage of Convenience? by Michael Crowley.

Crowley who contributes to the Brexit Party backing Spiked recently whinged this to the on-line vehicle of Sun columnist Brendan O’Neill (Remoaner MPs’ charge to take No Deal Brexit off the table is a Grieve-ous act to wreck democrac)

no shop is more closed to those who support Brexit than the arts.

Now Crowley comes forth with this eructation:

Crowley notes “The majority of the left favour ignoringthe biggest democratic mandate in UK history in order to keep the country locked into an institution that is de-democratising Europe”,

We should situate the left’s attitude to Brexit in the wider context of its no platforming of speakers, its increasing censorship, its compulsion to regulate, and its tendency to casually defame opponents as racist or worse. The left has adopted a new kind of Stalinist handbook, where Leave supporters are described as far right, even fair game for assault. This not only betrays an intellectual laziness, but also expresses their self-appointed status as society’s moral and political arbitrators: their ethical commitments should trump democracy.


Jeremy Corbyn, a protégé of Benn, now seems set to cut a Faustian pact, sacrificing democracy to attain power. But history will judge a prime minster who betrays Brexit more harshly than one that sees it through – for they will have done a grave injury to democracy, an idea that will outlast the crumbling left-right divide.

Crowley moans that for the left, “many working-class voters were naïve, stupid, easily taken in by the tabloids.

Showing his age he states, “The Harry Enfield character “Loads a’ Money”, a cashed-up plasterer, personified the problem for them.”

Looking at his Wad the Spiked contributor reminisces about a left born from, “a desire for democracy. This desire has roots that long pre-date the modern left, surfacing as early as 1647 with the Levellers at the Putney debates. “

The “crumbling left-right divide”, “Class has been replaced by identity – the red flag by a rainbow.”

This pile of piffle, “Stalinist handbook”  – do we detect the sound of thrown milkshakes trumpeting the Gulag? – suggests the evolution of The Full Brexit.

We feel your pain.



Solidarity with the Hong Kong Protests!

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Image result for hong kong protests Parliament flag

Protesters demand democratic rights: Solidarity! 


Police firing tear gas have evicted protesters who stormed and vandalised Hong Kong’s parliament.

Activists had occupied the Legislative Council (LegCo) building for hours after breaking away from a protest on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s transfer of sovereignty to China from Britain.

After midnight (16:00 GMT), hundreds of police secured the building following a warning to protesters to clear it.


The 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests are a series of ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong and other cities around the world against the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019 proposed by the Hong Kong government.


Hong Kong extradition: How radical youth forced the government’s hand

 Helier Cheung

In just one week Hong Kong has witnessed two of its largest ever protests, as well its most violent protest in decades. At the forefront of these demonstrations are young people, many barely out of their teens. Why did they get involved – and how did they manage to force the government’s hand?


No longer certain the system will protect them, they are modifying their protest techniques and learning the art of sophisticated dissent.

Every single protester I interviewed who had taken part in Wednesday’s unauthorised protests asked me to protect their identities – fearing arrest.

“We kept face masks on at all times during the protest, and afterwards we tried to delete our records on our iPhones and Google Maps,” says Dan, an 18-year-old student who helped protesters build a barricade with fences.

Some have taken to buying paper train tickets, rather than using their prepaid travel cards – on the basis this could make it harder for the authorities to trace their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, many have become cautious about what they say on public social media – and are only willing to communicate on secure apps with self-destruct functions, such as Telegram.

A new kind of Hong Kong activism emerges as protesters mobilize without any leaders

Alice Su, Los Angeles Times.

An outsider might assume there must be some administrative genius at the core, directing the tens of thousands of protesters who surrounded the legislative building to prevent discussion of an extradition bill that — if approved — would send people to China at its request.

But Hong Kong activism has evolved.

Five years after the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement of 2014, in which high-profile individuals led mass occupation of the city center, only to be arrested or exiled in the aftermath, Hong Kong’s youth have decentralized their protests. They are impeccably organized, yet no one is in charge.

This is a new model of Hong Kong protests,” said Baggio Leung, 32, convener of Youngspiration, a local political group formed after the 2014 Umbrella Movement. Leung was elected to the legislative council in 2016, but disqualified for deliberately mispronouncing “China” in his swearing-in oath.

Several other pro-democratic legislators have also been disqualified from serving in the council, some imprisoned along with civil society and student leaders after having participated in the Umbrella Movement.

This time around, protesters are deliberately leaderless, Leung said.

“It looks quite organized and well-disciplined. But I’m quite sure you cannot find anyone managing the whole thing,” Leung said, adding that the protesters’ logistical practices — bringing supplies, setting up medical stations, rapid mass communication — were “in-built” from the last few years of practice.

“It’s just like a machine or a self-learning AI that can run by themselves,” he said.

Many groups are participating in a growing wave of grassroots dissent. Unions, student associations, churches and activist organizations like Demosisto, a nonviolent resistance group led by Joshua Wong, the now-imprisoned face of the Umbrella Movement, have all called on members to participate in marches, rallies, and other forms of direct action.

See this comprehensive Wikipedia page: 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests
Further resources:

In French (Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières):


Chaos à Hongkong après la mise à sac du Parlement

Mobilisations du 1er juillet à Hong Kong

A Hongkong, la désobéissance civile s’installe dans la durée

Solidarity with those fighting for democracy against the totalitarian state capitalists!

The obstacles they face are enormous:

A new burst of Hong Kong protests offers a stunning challenge to Beijing, and brings a swirl of conspiracy theories

Joseph Yu-shek Cheng


State sovereignty, national security and the combat of advocacy for independence have been justifications for political crackdown, and the rampage in the legislative council building has provided an excuse for arrests and prosecutions of protesters.

As the Chinese leadership has chosen to support Carrie Lam, and is concerned about the morale of the local police force, a crackdown in the name of law and order can now be justified.

Chinese leaders have, in my view, been keen to learn the lessons of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the colour revolutions in eastern Europe and the Arab Spring. And one of the key lessons has been crushing the source of trouble in the very beginning.

There is zero appetite to yield to a mass movement, and there is an ingrained instinct to minimise any wider effects from the Hong Kong demonstrations. The Hong Kong people’s desire to hold on to the principles of democracy is not likely to meet a conciliatory response from Beijing.

Hong Kong people understand that the situation is grim. Emigration sometimes feels like the only sensible option. But most of them have not abandoned hope. A moment of angry vandalism might be a dent to the image of a benign “umbrella” revolution, but their political struggle should still take succour from the sympathy and support of the international community.

Written by Andrew Coates

July 2, 2019 at 12:58 pm

Morning Star Calls for Active Boycott of Labour Party (European Elections).

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Morning Star, Self-Styled Supporter of Jeremy Corbyn.

“Our view is that a mass boycott and stay-away, similar to the tactic used in South Africa when the apartheid government forced local government structures on an unwilling population, will be a massive restatement of the democratic decision to Leave.”

With this provocative analogy, an insult to the brave people in South Africa fighting apartheid, underlining that the Morning Star intends to develop its already announced anti-Labour campaign, the article contains these points

A vote for any party at the European elections is a vote for the EU

The Communist Party’s political committee (PC), reviewing the message coming back from People’s Brexit meetings in cities as far afield as Cardiff, Bristol, Derby, Cambridge, Southend, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, London and Norwich and some workplace gatherings around the country, confirmed the party’s decision to boycott the European elections on April 24.

International secretary Professor John Foster said: “The ‘People’s Vote’ in the biggest poll in British history in June 2016 was to leave the European Union… this should be reinforced by a ‘People’s Boycott’ of the EU elections if they go ahead.

“Britain should have left the EU and its institutions by now, almost three years after the result — but this been prevented so far by a majority of MPs and the Tory Cabinet who want to keep us tied to EU single market and customs union rules if they can’t sabotage Brexit altogether.”

The party’s campaign for an active boycott is the start of something much bigger. We want the maximum pressure brought to bear on parliament to implement the majority vote from the referendum.

If a boycott — in effect a massive “stay-away” — does not sharpen minds, workers taking to the streets and non co-operation in other ways can follow. We need a People’s Brexit and a general election that can return a left and Labour government, which can begin to rebuild Britain for the people, not the bankers.

A boycott is designed to take support away from all parties….

While some of its close allies in The Full Brexit and former best friend George Galloway are backing Farage, it is good to see that the Morning Star/Communist Party of Britain has not forgotten its classics.

“Firstly, it is not true that fascism is only the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie. Fascism is not only a military-technical category. Fascism is the bourgeoisie’s fighting organisation that relies on the active support of Social-Democracy.

Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism. There is no ground for assuming that the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie can achieve decisive successes in battles, or in governing the country, without the active support of Social-Democracy. There is just as little ground for thinking that Social-Democracy can achieve decisive successes in battles, or in governing the country, without the active support of the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie. These organisations do not negate, but supplement each other. They are not antipodes, they are twins.

Fascism is an informal political bloc of these two chief organisations; a bloc, which arose in the circumstances of the post-war crisis of imperialism, and which is intended for combating the proletarian revolution. The bourgeoisie cannot retain power without such a bloc. It would therefore be a mistake to think that “pacifism” signifies the liquidation of fascism. In the present situation, “pacifism” is the strengthening of fascism with its moderate, Social-Democratic wing pushed into the forefront.”

J. V. STALIN, from , “Concerning the International Situation,” 1924″.

You can access further material in support of Brexit from the CPB here:

Use these resources to campaign against participation in the sham EU elections on the 23rd of May and explain to everyone you know why it’s essential to support Brexit.

Experienced comrades predict that the CPB’s tactic, apart from putting pressure on Labour to do a “Ramsay McDonald” and collaborate with the Tories to introduce Brexit, will enable the micro-party and its organ to claim that any abstention was a vote for their ‘line’.

Written by Andrew Coates

May 5, 2019 at 10:31 am

Communist Party of Britain (Morning Star) Denounces “Saboteur” Labour MPs and Calls for Hard Brexit, “on World Trade Organisation terms .”

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Image result for A people's brexit

Be Vigilant! Communists Warn of Labour MPs’ “sabotage” against Brexit on April the 12th on World Trade Organisation terms.

Communists condemn ‘saboteur’ MPs and demand April 12 EU exit

3rd of April.

Monday evening’s votes in the House of Commons confirm that a substantial number of MPs remain determined to bind Britain as closely as possible to the EU and its rules and institutions if they cannot stop Brexit altogether.

These MPs show utter contempt for the EU referendum result – the biggest democratic vote in our history – and make a mockery of their past pledges to ‘honour’ the decision made by a clear majority of voters.

A majority of MPs have no genuine disagreement with the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement which ties Britain to the EU Single Market in most goods, keeps us permanently aligned with the EU Customs Union through the unnecessary Irish ‘backstop’, maintains EU Court of Justice sovereignty in large areas of economic and social policy and pledges to pay the EU at least £39bn in a bogus divorce settlement.

However, a substantial number of these are also holding out in the hope of locking Britain permanently into a customs union or overthrowing Brexit altogether in a second referendum that would exclude a real exit from the ballot paper.

Tragically, many of these would-be saboteurs are Labour MPs who put their loyalty to the EU above any loyalty to democracy, popular sovereignty and the Labour Party.

Many are opposed to the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and have no concern that by painting Labour as an anti-Brexit party they are jeopardising the prospects of a left-led Labour government. Some openly support the possibility of an all-party ‘national government’.

The priority now must be to allow Britain to exit the EU on April 12 on The priority now must be to allow Britain to exit the EU on April 12 on World Trade Organisation terms and secure an early General Election and a Labour victory.and secure an early General Election and a Labour victory.

That government would then be free to carry out Labour’s left and progressive policies, which include aid for manufacturing industry and mutually beneficial trade agreements with European and developing countries.

What, some wreckers and saboteurs might dare to ask, is a Brexit on WTO terms?

Brexit: What is the ‘no deal’ WTO option?

One of the terms that keeps cropping up in the Brexit debate is “the WTO option”.

If the UK left the European Union without a deal, it would automatically fall back on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

So what would that mean?

First, the basics. What is the WTO?

The WTO is the place where countries negotiate the rules of international trade – there are 164 members and, if they don’t have free trade agreements with each other, they trade under “WTO rules”.

Which are?

Every WTO member has a list of tariffs (taxes on imports of goods) and quotas (limits on the number of goods) that they apply to other countries. These are known as their WTO schedules.

The average EU tariff is pretty low (about 2.8% for non-agricultural products) – but, in some sectors, tariffs can be quite high.

Under WTO rules, after Brexit, cars would be taxed at 10% when they crossed the UK-EU border. And agricultural tariffs would be significantly higher, rising to an average of more than 35% for dairy products.

The government has set out its plans for tariffs in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

Its temporary schedule would mean that 87% of imports by value will be tariff-free, compared with 80% before Brexit.

There will be some protection for companies producing cars in the UK, farmers producing meat and the UK ceramics industry. The government has attempted to balance the benefits of free trade in getting cheaper products for consumers, with protecting the livelihoods of some UK producers.

Some groups, which claim to be on the left, still cling to the idea of a “People’s Brexit”.

The Full-Brexit supporting Counterfire publishes today this;

Neoliberalism and Brexit: why Brexit is about more than just Brexit

“Brexit is about more than just Brexit” says Dragan Plavšić, “it’s about the wider crisis of neoliberalism and the long-diminishing authority and standing of the British state and ruling class.”

However, if Corbynism is indeed to be true to the discontented mood shift of which it is the most authentic expression, then it has to advocate a Brexit – a People’s Brexit – that provides a future Labour Government with the necessary freedom to undo the destructive and devastating effects of forty years of neoliberalism. A People’s Brexit is therefore the only real alternative to the neoliberals who wish to leave the EU or remain in it. A general election is feared by them all; the sooner we have one the better.

Most people will have forgotten what a ‘People’s Brexit’ was ever meant to be – and Plavšić does not enlighten us in this reheated rhetoric.

But Counterfire has published articles arguing that WTO rules are better than the EU’s,

“The WTO Red Herring

WTO anti-subsidy provisions are a completely different kettle of fish from EU state aid rules – being far narrower in their scope, far less stringent in their implementation and fundamentally different in how they operate.

The radical case against the single market is no myth February 2019. Reuben Bard-Rosenberg.

So the ‘left’ Brexit or People’s Brexit camp has adopted versions of the Tory ‘Hard Brexit’ position, with the UK negotiating free trade deals with other states through the World Trade Organisation.

There is the minor problem that not only does this prospect go against present Parliamentary votes,  Labour policy, and the views of nearly all but the fringe of the fringe of the Party, but that it runs up against this prospect:

UK cannot simply trade on WTO terms after no-deal Brexit, say experts

The UK will be unable to have frictionless, tariff-free trade under World Trade Organization rules for up to seven years in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to two leading European Union law specialists.

The ensuing chaos could double food prices and plunge Britain into a recession that could last up to 30 years, claim the lawyers who acted for Gina Miller in the historic case that forced the government to seek parliament’s approval to leave the EU.

It has been claimed that the UK could simply move to WTO terms if there is no deal with the EU. But Anneli Howard, a specialist in EU and competition law at Monckton Chambers and a member of the bar’s Brexit working group, believes this isn’t true.

Communist Party of Britain, “under siege”.

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Image result for communist party of britain workers brexit

British Communists “under siege”.

The Morning Star is in a huff.

Like P.G Wodehouse’s Scotsman with a grievance there is no hiding this behind a beam of sunshine

The bid to mark communists as illegitimate, sinister forces is a bid to isolate the Labour left

It is fine to criticise (and rightly too!) Tony Blair, “associated with launching foreign wars” and Gordon Brown, “lumping the NHS with disastrously expensive PFI contracts” not to mention “serial election-loser Neil Kinnock” but not the tender skinned Communist Party of Britain and its esteemed organ (sorry, Co-operative of all the left) the Morning Star.

Marshelling the youth in their support  Ben Chacko states,

Hundreds of thousands of predominantly young people wishing to get involved in politics for the first time have been met by powerful Establishment insiders with ridicule and slander.

This is, as they say, no accident:

The attacks have often sought to delegitimise the Labour left by associating it with a supposedly unacceptable non-Labour left. In 2015 and 2016 the mass membership were often accused of being Trotskyist infiltrators.

More recently attacks have focused on whether Corbyn is a Marxist and which of his allies can be accused of being communists.ore recently attacks have focused on whether Corbyn is a Marxist and which of his allies can be accused of being communists.

To state the obvious: the anti-capitalist left in the form of the Communist Party and various other socialist parties has not been large enough in the recent past to have significantly infiltrated Labour or be responsible for either of Corbyn’s victories. And yes, some allies of Corbyn who are now in Labour have come from those traditions.

And who might they be?

Our newshounds will find out!


As for the lengthy defence of the domestic record of the old CPGB, which for reasons which are not explained, the writer claims exclusive rights to for the faction known now known as the CPB, which kept control of the Morning Star.

Their intentional commitments are equally celebrated.

We recall this:

Image may contain: 1 person

And as for referring to (unnamed) individuals from the Communist tradition, let us not pass by this chap,

Next Tuesday is the 120th anniversary of the birth of Josef Stalin… A socialist system embracing a third of the world and the defeat of Nazi Germany on the one hand. On the other, all accompanied by harsh measures imposed by a one-party regime. Nevertheless, if you believe that the worst crimes visited on humanity this century, from colonialism to Hiroshima and from concentration camps to mass poverty and unemployment have been caused by imperialism, then [Stalin’s birthday] might at least be a moment to ponder why the authors of those crimes and their hack propagandists abominate the name of Stalin beyond all others. It was, after all, Stalin’s best-known critic, Nikita Khrushchev, who remarked in 1956 that ‘against imperialists, we are all Stalinists’.”

Andrew Murray. 17 December 1999). “Eye’s Left”Morning Star.

As for the rest of the think skinned article, few would disagree with these intentions:

We need to strengthen what remains a fragile advance by broadening our perspective to that of the labour movement. We need to develop areas of union militancy to ensure the movement as a whole becomes more combative: the New Deal for Workers initiative promoted at the TUC by the CWU, Unite and GMB unions can do exactly this.

We need to fight together in community-based anti-austerity campaigns like the People’s Assembly, making it a visible presence in towns and cities.

And we need to be pushing for local Labour parties and allies to ready themselves for elections, whether local or general, by mobilising the membership around the many excellent policies Labour has — without saying that they are enough or there are not still weaknesses in its programme — to begin addressing our broken economy and refusing to allow contempt and abuse from Westminster to divert us from our purpose.

The Morning Star is trying to report on and agitate for that labour movement advance. Despite the abuse we received for a free distribution (thanks to support from the CWU and Unite unions north of the border) at Scottish Labour conference — abuse which included a Times columnist offensively comparing it to the Conservatives allowing distribution of a BNP paper — we remain a paper of the movement, with 10 trade unions — representing a majority of Britain’s trade union members — on our management committee. And that movement needs to fight in unity. At the moment we are under siege.

The bid to mark communists as illegitimate, sinister forces is a bid to isolate the Labour left.

For some reason, which escapes me, the Morning Star, proud of its pro-Brexit stand, is quiet on the issue at the heart of every political discussion at present.

The fight is on for a People’s Brexit.

Roger Griffiths, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain, writing in the Morning Star, states,

 ..we must promote it with our allies wherever we can over the next two months, in local communities and the labour movement. And in the campaign that lies ahead, we should emphasise that opposition to the EU comes not only from the right. We have the joint declaration signed by 28 Communist and workers’ parties condemning the EU, pointing out that it is “unreformable” and urging instead the construction of a workers’ and people’s Europe.

Perhaps the Morning Star might consider that this promotion has ruffled more than a few feathers.

Whingeing about being “under siege” is not going to change that.

Written by Andrew Coates

March 14, 2019 at 1:35 pm