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More Borders Northern Independence Party at 6% in One Poll.

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6%ers Nip says, ” The Conservatives are now pushing a more progressive agenda than the Labour Party”.

The More Borders Party, the Whippets are cock-a-hoop, or whatever the canine brethren do when they are happy.

The far-right Express says,

Hartlepool set to stun Labour as Northern Independence Party could split vote

HARTLEPOOL is set to stun Labour as the region’s Northern Independence Party (NIP) looks set to snatch away some of the left-leaning vote.

Leaders of the newly-formed Northern Independence Party (NIP) argue that their candidate is the only “left wing vote” in the upcoming by-election, as the Tories are now “more progressive” than Labour, according to Politics Home.

Former Labour MP Thelma Walker, who previously represented Colne Valley from 2017 to 2019, is running for NIP.

Critics of the new party say that it risks splitting the vote in favour of Tory candidate Jill Mortimer.

But NIP sees things differently.

The Party’s interim vice chair Meredith Knowles told Politics Home that NIP is the only credible alternative to the two main parties.

She said: “We’re not splitting the vote, we are the left vote.

“The Conservatives are now pushing a more progressive agenda than the Labour Party.

“We’re the left wing vote if you want to stick to your values.

There is one slight problem. The chortles of glee that come at ever poor that does Labour down, every article by former leftists who have deserted to the more borders cause – this equally applies to the Scottish More Frontiers left who back the SNP – are on thing. But you cannot gloss over who the people they are helping: the Conservative Party.

A telephone poll of 517 people –

Have you even in your puff seen a blighter, Swindon, with the gall to claim they are on the left to come out with this kind of stuff – below?

“If you’re in Hartlepool, I would urge you to vote for the independent socialist candidate, Thelma Walker, who is backed by the Northern Independence Party. “

Written by Andrew Coates

May 4, 2021 at 2:55 pm

Galloway Launches New Scottish “Unionist” Front, the “Alliance for Unity”.

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Galloway to Unite all Scottish Unionists.


Even experienced Galloway Watchers find it hard to keep up with the latest initiatives from the dapper gent.

We expected this:

George Galloway: UK ban on Huawei is national self-harm. China’s riposte could devastate the ailing British economy

But this……

GEORGE Galloway has suggested that a Unionist alliance will defeat the SNP in the 2021 Holyrood elections.

The pro-Independence National reports,

The former Labour MP announced his plans to return to Scottish politics last week.

He tweeted: “My plan is simple. The pro #Unity candidates don’t oppose each other in the constituencies and we form joint lists for the 2nd vote. If we do that we win. The SNP loses. The era of Grudge can be at an end #Alliance4Unity”

Support is growing for the wizard plan.

There is one problem there, a small one no doubt for the socialist stalwart.

The Tory Party in Scotland is often known under its full name of the  Conservative and Unionist Party, as a two second Web search confirms.

If there is one thing my Scottish Labour Party (activists and supporters) family hated more than the Scottish Nationalists (SNP), it’s the Tory Unionists.

Not exactly an unusual take on the left.

But then neither is loathing Nigel Farage, who is also one of Galloway’s best mates,* along with the curious gang who cadre his Workers Party of Britain, notably the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist).


*George Galloway backs Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party


Factionalism in the Time of Coronavirus Part 13: George Galloway to “return to Scottish Politics”.

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George Galloway claims he will return to Scotland in RT clip | The ...

Galloway to Work His Magic in Scottish Politics.

Lucky 13 for George Galloway:

Former MP George Galloway to return to Scottish politics after row over border

George Galloway is planning to return to Scottish politics after becoming involved in a social media row over a proposed quarantine for tourists arriving in Scotland from England.

The former Labour MP confirmed to The Courier he is to move back to Scotland after a weekend of debate on Twitter, sparked by a group of protesters who staged a demonstration at the Scottish border.


It’s hard to say that George Galloway is  a factionalist.

His own party, the Workers Party of Britain,  is staffed by members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) who stand for monolithic unity and spend their leisure hours watching Box Sets of the Speeches of North Korea’s hereditary Marxist-Leninist Monarchy.

Better to say that Galloway is a man of many ventures.

There were those happy days of the marches against the invasion of Iraq,  a  leading role in the Stop the War Coalition and cosy  meetings with John Rees and Lindsey German. Then…..Mr Galloway went to Washington! The dapper gent had a  distinguished Parliamentary career after the Bethnal Green earthquake that “gave birth” to the Labour Party all over again,  and the regime-changing Bradford West Spring that made the city an “Israel-free zone.” Galloway declared that he would rejoin the Labour Party if Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader. Only jealousy in high-places stopped this dream coming true.

A man of many parts Galloway has shaken up British political, cultural and intellectual life. His friendship with Nigel Farage helped heal the divisions opening up in the UK over Brexit.  There were his much-loved house-sharing escapades as a madcap cat. A well-regarded manual, the Handbook for Fidel Castro, was a world best-seller.  There was a successful theatrical venture, Dusty Springfield, the Musical. There was the project for a series of children’s books, set amongst the Spice islands of Indonesia, “Red Molucca the Good Pirate.” 

Now we learn George Galloway is to return to lead his ain folk.

The move is widely seen to cap a successful political career and rewarding personal life.

Campaigning has already begun:

Watch out Scotland!