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Culture Wars: One Wounded, Laurence Fox.

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Trashy reactionary UK grifter Laurence Fox just BEGS to be sued by Crystal  for libel. : rupaulsdragrace

Will Baronnes Claire Regina Fox Continue to Lend Support?

Story of the day:

Stonewall boss sues Lawrence Fox for defamation

A charity boss is suing Laurence Fox after the actor labelled him and others ‘paedophiles’ during a bizarre online spat.

Simon Blake, the deputy chair of LGBT charity Stonewall said in a Twitter statement on Monday that he was suing Fox for defamation.

Earlier on Monday, Fox was embroiled in a heated exchange with a number of Twitter users which included Mr Blake and Coronation Street actress Nicola Thorp.

The Lewis star called them ‘paedophiles’ after they had claimed he was ‘racist’.

On Saturday, Fox had accused Sainsbury’s of ‘promoting racial segregation and discrimination’ and promised to boycott the supermarket chain after it promoted Black History Month.

As he faced a backlash for his views, he clapped back at people ‘falsely accusing him of racism’ by retaliating with unsubstantiated slurs calling them ‘paedophiles’.

Mr Blake then tweeted asking Fox to delete the ‘untrue’ slur but when Fox did not initially do so, he released a statement saying Fox had ‘defamed’ him and that he had instructed lawyers to pursue legal action.

At the end of September Lawrence Fox launched his new (£4 Million quid backed) Party, provisionally called ‘Reclaim’  to “‘fight the culture wars’.

The troops have been massing across the battlefield.

The Tories entered the culture war.”The Conservative Party should lay a firm claim to the enlightenment tradition and let that be its lodestar in the culture war (“The Conservatives must rally to the flag of the Enlightenment tradition as the culture wars rage.  September the 20th 2020). 

The Master strategists of Spiked had carried this ‘long-read’ at the end of June.

“The culture war now constitutes politics in general” writes Spiked Guru, Frank Ferudi. The one-time revolutionary Communist  talks of a  “crusade against the Enlightenment” against the “civilisational achievements of the past”.

The identitarians are winning the culture wars

Since the 1970s, regressive political forces have colonised the institutions of education, culture and even business.

It has successfully marginalised conservative and classical-liberal ideas, be they tolerance or democracy, within institutions of socialisation, such as schools and universities. And it has turned many cultural institutions, from the arts to the media, against humanist sentiments and ideals associated with the Western tradition that runs from Classical Greek philosophy through the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Even classical socialist ideals of solidarity and internationalism have been torn.

He continues in this Burkean vein,

These developments take the form of a one-sided war against the past in general, and the legacy of the West in particular. Those upholding the importance of tradition and historical continuity now appear to be always on the defensive.

One source is education, 

 a result of this development, ‘public educational systems’ become a ‘major cosmopolitanising influence on [their] students, with a corresponding distancing from localistic interests and values’.

In this “stylisation of life”, “the post-1970s cultural crusaders are winning.” It remains for those of “us concerned with defending the legacy of human civilisation step up and take the fight.

It takes some cheek to claim that the anti-tradition currents known under the name of the Enlightenment are part of …tradition.

Ferudi is known for his vast collection of newspaper clippings, now digitalised.

One wonders if he has ever had to time to read some of the works of the Enlightenment writers he claims for the national populist camp.

Zadig ou la Destinée; 1747 is one of Voltaire’s best known stories. It ” challenges religious and metaphysical orthodoxy with his presentation of the moral revolution taking place in Zadig himself. “

In the fable the hero, Zadig, is confronted with the “tradition” of burning widows, “le bûcher de veuvage”. He objects. One of the tribesmen replies, “Il y a plus que mille ans que les femmes sont en possession de se bruler. Qui de nous osera changer une loi que le temps ã consacrée? Y-a-t-il rein de plus respectable qu’un ancien abus?” Zadig replies, thunderstruck, “La raison est plus ancienne.” For more than a thousand years women have been carried to burn themselves. Who amongst us can change a law that time has hallowed? Is there anything more respectable than an ancient abuse?” Zadig, “Reason is older”.

That is an Enlgightement moto, the rights of Reason, not the Rights of Tradition.

Reports from the battlefields indicate that neither reason nor enlightenment look prominent in the present culture war.

Lawrence Fox’s Pop-up Party began with a diatribe about Sainsbury’s.

We probably do not need to repeat the issue that led to the present spat, but we note that he’s been re-tweeting his old muckers at Spiked);;

And this declaration of solidarity.



Speculation is growing, with former Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox due to take her seat as Baroness Fox of Buckley on Thursday, whether her ladyship will repeat her defence of Lawrence Fox earlier this week….against the “vile lie that “Fox hates black people”.


And then there is this:

Finally there is this:





Written by Andrew Coates

October 6, 2020 at 12:04 pm

 Rudolf Steiner: Marx and Engels “reincarnations” of 9th century feuding Landowners out to “set right what they had done to one another.”

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Marx-Engels, “metamorphosed in the course of the long journey between death and a new birth into an impulse and urge to balance out and set right what they had done to one another ” (Rudolph Steiner)

In the latest Le Monde Diplomatique there is a long article by Jean-Baptiste Malet  about Rudolf Steiner and the tightly run, wealthy, and influential cadre movement that continues to propagate his esoteric doctrine ( L’anthroposophie, discrète multinationale de l’ésotérisme).

That the followers of Steiner are very odd, and their various ‘educational (including their schools one of which is state funded in the UK)’ ‘biodynamic farming’, the Threefold Social Order, and a raft of alternative medical practices, including lucrative medicine ventures  and the rest are part of a religious cult is well known.

There has been controversy about their schools in the UK: (2017) Top Steiner school ordered to close by Government over child safety fears

Rudolf Steiner School

To recap on a few points:

Steiner Fact 1: Steiner’s esoteric belief system, which determines the nature of Steiner Education, is a religion.

Steiner’s set of esoteric beliefs, which he called Anthroposophy (to distinguish it from Theosophy, of which it is an off-shoot) clearly constitutes a religion. The legal definition of a religion in Australia was given by the High Court in 1983 in the Scientology case:

… for the purposes of the law, the criteria of religion are twofold: first, belief in a supernatural Being, Thing or Principle; and second, the acceptance of canons of conduct in order to give effect to that belief, …

Steiner and the Anthroposophists believe in a range of supernatural beings, including the Christian Trinity:

… the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit … is a reality deeply bound up with the whole evolution of the cosmos;

Rudolf Steiner: ‘The Mystery of Golgotha’, Oxford, 27 October, 1922

the four Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel); two evil spirits, Lucifer and Ahriman:

These two figures — Lucifer and Ahriman — must be clearly distinguished from each other. For Lucifer is a Being who detached himself from the spiritual hosts of heaven after the separation of the sun, whereas Ahriman had already broken away before the separation of the sun and is an embodiment of quite different powers.

Rudolf Steiner: An Outline of Occult Science

and many other spirit beings.

Moreover, the practices of Steiner’s followers in education, agriculture, medicine and art are undoubtedly intended to give effect to those beliefs.


The Steiner movement has some of the characteristics of a cult

Newcomers to Steiner are generally not told about the cult-like group of chosen initiates at the heart of the Anthroposophy movement, or if they are it is only in very general terms. The group is called the School of Spiritual Science or ‘First Class’ as it is often called. The Australian website describes it as follows:

After two years or more [of involvement in Anthroposophy] you can apply to join the School of Spiritual Science. … [B]y joining the School of Spiritual Science a member now commits to represent Anthroposophy in the world at large. … [This] involves working with certain meditations and mantra, which were given by Rudolf Steiner.                             [http://anthroposophy.org.au/membership.htm]

What they don’t say is that the activities of the School of Spiritual Science/First Class are secret and known only to initiates. The only independent but relatively sympathetic book-length study of the Steiner system describes it as follows:

… the door of the First Class is by no means opened to all who knock. Somewhere between 10 to 30 per cent of General Society members probably also belong to this inner society, which, to outsiders, appears mysterious. At least two years’ affiliation to the General Society is a pre-condition for joining. Also, ‘inner responsibility’ for Anthroposophy has to be accepted. Rudolf Steiner, who was distressed at the state of Anthroposophy, founded the First Class in 1923 as a regenerating organ.

The First Class adapts Steiner’s meditative path for individuals; the latter is generally available in publications such as Occult Science And Knowledge of the Higher Worlds.

More here: 6 Facts You Need to Know About Steiner Education.

What I did not know, and which Jean-Baptiste Malet helpfully brings to a wide audience, is that Steiner had discovered that Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were reincarnations of two 8th/9th century feuding landowners, Engels the robber, and Marx the robbed. 

Karmic Relationships:
Esoteric Studies – Volume II

 Rudolf Steiner Archive 

These events also took place in the 8th–9th century — a little later, however, than the time of which we were just now speaking. It was before the formation of large States, in the days when events took place more within smaller circles of people.

In the region, then, which to-day we should call the north-east of France, lived a personality who was full of ambitions. He had a large estate and he governed it remarkably well, quite unusually systematically for the time in which he lived. He knew what he wanted; there was a strange mixture of adventurousness and conscious purpose in him. And he made expeditions, some of which were more and some less successful; he would gather soldiers and make predatory expeditions, minor campaigns carried out with a small troop of men with the object of plunder.


With such a band of men he once set out from north-east France. Now it happened that during his absence another personality, somewhat less of an adventurer than himself, but full of energy, took possession of all his land and property. — It sounds fictitious to-day, but such things actually happened in those days. — And when the owner returned home — he was all alone — he found another man in possession of his estate. In the situation that developed he was no match for the man who had seized his property. The new possessor was more powerful; he had more men, more soldiers. The rightful owner was no match for him.

In all these people who were now serfs where formerly they had been masters, a certain attitude of mind began to assert itself, an attitude of mind most derogatory to the principle of overlordship. On many a night in those well wooded parts, fires were burning, and round the fires these men came together and hatched all manner of plots against those who had taken possession of their property.

In point of fact, the dispossessed owner, who from being the master of a large estate had become a serf, more or less a slave, filled all the rest of his life — as much of it as he was not compelled to give to his work — with making plans for regaining his property. He hated the man who had seized it from him.

And then, when these two personalities passed through the gate of death, they experienced in the spiritual world between death and rebirth, all that souls have been able to experience since that time, shared in it all, and came again to earth in the 19th century. The man who had lost home and property and had become a kind of slave, appeared as Karl Marx, the founder of modern socialism. And the man who had seized his estate appeared as his friend Engels. The actions which had brought them into conflict were metamorphosed in the course of the long journey between death and a new birth into an impulse and urge to balance out and set right what they had done to one another.

Read what went on between Marx and Engels, observe the peculiar configuration of Marx’s mind, and remember at the same time what I have told you of the relationship between these two individuals in the 8th–9th century, and you will find a new light falling upon every sentence written by Marx and Engels. You will not be in danger of saying, in abstract fashion: This thing in history is due to this cause, and the other to the other cause. Rather will you see the human beings who carry over the past into another age, in such a way that although admittedly it appears in a somewhat different form, there is nevertheless a certain similarity.

And what else could be expected? In the 8th–9th century, when men sat together at night around a fire in the forest, they spoke in quite a different style from that customary in the 19th century, when Hegel had lived, when things were settled by dialectic. Try all the same to picture to yourselves the forest in north-eastern France in the 9th century. There sit the conspirators, cursing, railing in the language of the period. Translate it into the mathematical-dialectical mode of speech of the 19th century, and you have what comes to expression in Marx and Engels.

I hope that’s cleared a few things up..

Written by Andrew Coates

June 28, 2018 at 4:55 pm

Toff Priyamvada Gopal Throws a Wobbly Over Uppity King’s College Porters.

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‘Madam’ ne sied pas à son altesse, Dr Gopal.

Priyamvada Gopal is a person with a bit of a history.

Support for gender segregation in 2013, See, Gender Segregation and the Postmodern Politics of Despair.

Attack on Mary Beard earlier this year: Oxfam scandal sparks Twitter row between Cambridge academics.

Her latest escapade was not in long in getting into the media.

The Cambridge academic Priyamvada Gopal announced today that she will refuse to supervise any students at Kings’ College, due to what she described as “consistently racist profiling and aggression by Porters”.

The Cambridge Student.

This is apparently the substance of her charges.

She described one of her experiences at the college: “‘I repeatedly asked them to address me as ‘Dr Gopal’ and repeatedly failed to get them, including the aggressive Head Porter to whom I attempt to complain to address me as anything other than ‘madam.’”

Gopal apologised to students but pointed to similar testimonies from other members of the university from ethnic minorities. She said that a King’s student told her that “the issue of racial profiling and unconscious bias at the King’s gate is something we are aware of”.

The response from King’s College Visitor Service was described by the academic as a “classic nopology” – the head of the department stated “it has not been my experience”, according to Gopal.

The professor, who came to Cambridge in 2001, has been involved in several public controversies in recent months, including an argument with Mary Beard over the Oxfam scandal and a Daily Mail article depicting her as a “hate-filled don”.

She has also been an active user of Twitter as a platform for defending her beliefs, having 18,000 followers. In March, however, she announced she would tweet less as she feared “turning into an anti-troll”.

King’s College have said the following: “We have investigated the incident and found no wrongdoing on the part of our staff.

“Every visitor was asked to show their card during the course of that day, as the College was closed to everyone except King’s members.

“Non-members such as Dr Gopal were asked to take alternatives routes, around the College.”

“This was a matter of procedure, not discrimination.

Some might observe that Madam Gopal is the embodiment of conservative upper-class entitlement masquerading as the fight against oppression.

Apparently she has taken the following action ” I have finally decided on my behalf & of other people of colour.”



Written by Andrew Coates

June 20, 2018 at 12:19 pm