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George Galloway (Alliance 4 Unity) Warns of Green Parties who “collude with the ruling class.”

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Galloway Warns Against Greens, “Across Europe, Green parties invariably collude with the ruling class against workers’ interests. “

Old friends of George Galloway, like this Blog, have been concerned about the dapper gent these last months.

An unbecoming obsession with Zoe Ball and remarks that many consider beneath a man of Galloway’s stature, mark his Tweets today.

Jealousy, the Green-eyed monster, they suggest, is behind his new support for Defund the BBC.

But there’s still some hard politics, hard talking from the former leader of Respect, close friend of left-wing bigwigs like Lindsey German and John Rees, and, more recently a comrade in arms of Nigel Farage.

Everybody’s favourite man in Fedora re-tweets the Chinese Embassy in NIgeria and  China studies  wiz-kid John Ross on the achievements of a world beating human rights pioneer state.



Galloway has allies on the issue all over the place.


He even finds the time  for some advice to Muslim protesters so outraged at Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses that they called for his murder.


But, apart from his sideshow work in Scotland-Alliance for Unity, it’s Galloway’s leadership of the newest star on the left, the Workers Party of Britain that has brought the

He and his comrades ae now advising the world on the danger represented by Extinction Rebellion and Green Parties.

Workers Party member Tess Delaney on how XR is diverting the energy and enthusiasm of its activists into ultimately futile actions.

The clue is in the fact that to run this set-up takes lots of dolla. The big businesses and corporations are the ones with all the dolla, so they’ll be the ones setting this up and becoming the heroes, with green versions of their logos stretching as far as the eye can see.

However, in this late stage capitalist society in which we find ourselves, everything that is done will be to provide a smokescreen to make us all be quiet and ignore all the other stuff.


The ONLY way to solve this is for the people to be in charge. You are many; they are few. What you gonna do? There is only one big fight worth having. Stop wasting time.



The Alliance 4 Unity, led by G.Galloway, by contrast operates in the interests of the workers.


Indeed: The Alliance for Unity party was formed in July by George Galloway and Conservative Jamie Blackett.

Cllr Linda Holt – who left the Conservative party and went independent last year – announced that she will be standing for a list seat representing Mid Scotland and Fife.


George Galloway says he’ll work with Tories at Holyrood election to stop SNP breaking up Britain

These are the kind of people they attract:

George Galloway’s Alliance 4 Unity candidate outed as vile racist who loved tweet calling George Floyd ‘black lowlife pile of s**t’

Here is Galloway struggling with the workers against the Ruling Class:





Morning Star: “What’s not to like?”in Boris Brexit Plans.

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Man waving Union Jack on 31 January 2020, the day the UK left the EU

Festival of Brexit Planned for 2022.

Will ‘Lexit’ Left join to “celebrate our nation’s diversity and talent, and mark this moment of national renewal with a once-in-a-generation celebration”? 

One of the first things you learn on the left, if you bother to listen, is the difference between the “responsible” left and, the left which refuses to take responsibility – for anything.

That is between those who think they will be in a position to carry out their ideas in existing government structures, national or local, and those for whom this is something secondary, if they consider the prospect at all.

Democratic socialists take seriously the conservative sociologist Max Weber’s criticism of those who subordinate politics to an “ethics of conviction”, ultimate goals such as socialism. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the principle that we should be brought to answer for the “(foreseeable) consequences of one’s actions” haunts anybody who sets out trying to transform society wholescale or introduce any reform. (Politik als Beruf. 1919) Amongst other aspects of this essay Weber talked of those who lived for politics, making this their life, and those who live off politics, as a source of income. Those engaged in paid full-time party apparatuses, it is not hard to see, are likely to have conflicts with those looking towards the distant political horizon.

The Brexit “revolution” is a shadow of the revolutionary upheavals that Weber faced in Europe after the Great War. He was willfully blind to those, like Rosa Luxemburg, engaged in insurrectionary challenges to the German state, kept in sight the immediate effects of revolutionary actions and defended democratic institutions, “freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently” “Without general elections, without unrestricted freedom of press and assembly, without a free struggle of opinion, life dies out in every public institution, becomes a mere semblance of life, in which only the bureaucracy remains as the active element.” (cited Page 62.  Paul le Blanc. The Living Flame, Haymarket 2019). Everybody, she believed, the “whole mass of the people” should be engaged in politics, living it themselves. Luxemburg perhaps indicates that those who stake everything on an ultimate goal can also try to keep the results of their immediate actions at the forefront.

At present we are living through the Brexit process, a project successfully engineered by the hard right, the European Reform Group, backed by the outriders of UKIP and (subsequently) the Brexit Party, and being put into place  by a purged pro-Brexit Conservative Party. It would not be overstating things to see a drift towards a politics of ultimate ends at work. Law? “Yes, this does break international law, in a very specific and limited way”. National populism, and national neoliberalism, are more important that legal agreements.

Thanks to Lewis, however, we don’t have to do the delicate dance of balancing the government’s line against its dissenters. Whether this new bill tramples over huge sections of the Withdrawal Agreement or offers “minor clarifications” to areas that have not been finalised in the joint committee on the Northern Irish protocol, it breaks international law.

Of course it does: the government is seeking to overwrite an international agreement that was made as an insurance policy in the event of no further agreement. It has decided unilaterally to “clarify” matters that are the subject of a bilateral agreement and subject to further clarification only through a specifically-designed bilateral joint committee. But instead of days and weeks arguing about whether this is technically lawful,a cabinet minister has provided us with the gift of a frank answer, and one that will go down in history, to be repeated back at this government and at the UK by other countries for decades to come.



Others have noticed a different side to the emerging new stand.

A few days ago this appeared in the Spectator,

Nick Tyrone Is Boris pushing for a socialist Brexit?

One of the main things that’s holding up an UK-EU trade deal is the demand that the UK sticks to current state aid rules. Boris and Frost are refusing to budge. They want the freedom to do whatever they wish with state aid in post-Brexit Britain

When you get rid of state aid rules, horrible things can happen, particularly from a centre-right perspective. Eliminating all laws surrounding the use of state aid is one of the first acts a new socialist regime would likely carry out as it would allow them to nationalise on the cheap, among other nefarious things. The government can buy one energy company, then lower prices astronomically in order to make the competition go bust. After that, they own the only energy company in the country; nationalisation the easy way.

He continues,

First and foremost, why does the government think a post-transition Brexit will be so dire that whole industries will have to be propped up – even if we get a trade deal with the EU?

Secondly, this seems to be a real unwinding of Margaret Thatcher’s legacy. She went to great effort to stop the UK government propping up failing industries with taxpayers’ money – and now Boris Johnson is doing something that only makes real sense if he wants to create a whole tranche of companies that can only survive through the charity of state largesse. I mean, if the Tories want to undo Thatcherism at its deepest roots, fine; all I ask is that conservatives who value Thatcher’s legacy think long and hard about the dismantling of a significant part of it by a Tory government.

Third and finally, wanting to move state aid rules significantly to the left represents a crossing of the Rubicon – in what way are the Conservatives the party of free markets if this is their priority? If the answer to that is ‘the red wall’, I will retort with the following, further queries: what was the point of defeating Corbyn only to ape Corbynism in such a vital way? Was getting Brexit done more important than the reason you wanted Brexit in the first place? If the free market isn’t the answer to making Brexit work, what does the Conservative party think the free market is the answer to any longer? Freed from the clutches of EU state aid policy, we might be about to find out the answers to these questions.

The pro-Brexit left are not just devoted to the (achieved) goal of leaving the European Union, by crook and hooked into backing the hard right project. They are formidable mythomanes. They ignore the existence of the radical left pro-European, Another Europe is Possible, the “innocents” which opposed Brexit. They ignore the views of the majority of Labour members who voted for a Second Referendum in party resolutions (only to have their ambitions thwarted in back-room manoeuvres).

With the help of those who live ‘off’ politics, key advisers inside Corbyn’s office in Labour Party, and trade union functionaires the Lexit left have promoted the idea that once free of European Union rule, and in command of a truly ‘sovereign’ nation-state they can do what they like in the face of capital, markets, international or domestic. Anything is possible,  the British road to socialism, worker controlled limits on immigration, recreating the labour movement of the 1970s, turning the ocean into lemonade (actually I stole that idea from Cde Charles Fourier). Every means can be justified to get this ultimate goal in place.

The ends are nigh, and the Morning Star today is amongst the first to observe the silver lining (forecast by Nick Throne) in the latest Brexit negotiations.

Our future is either a high wage, high value planned economy — or none at all

“GET Brexit done” was an election-winning slogan for Boris Johnson, and it sank Labour’s bid to make its progressive industrial and social agenda the centrepiece of the election.

One can skip the extended whine about anti-Brexit forces financed by international monopoly  capitalism and the rest and go to this

Where Labour might gain some traction, find a way of talking to its lost voters in the industrial heartland and open up an already existing fissure in the ruling class — and possibly find an echo among Tory MPs whose material interests are bound up in British manufacturing — lies in voicing a comprehensive industrial development policy.

Yesterday the Financial Times carried a piece in which the guy who, seven years ago, set up Britain’s state-owned development bank called on the government to provide more support for crucial industries and regional growth.

This is what is emerging.

Massive state aid to support industrial development where the government becomes a key investor in precisely those parts of the economy that require substantial capital investment, draw upon and enhance pools of highly skilled labour and result in a high-value technologically advanced economy. What’s not to like?

Like a pup rejoicing in the return of an absent master they jump up and down,

It evokes the rousing verse in Red Fly the Banners Oh, sung at many a union conference: “Five for the years of (Stalin’s) Five Year Plan, and four for the four years taken.”

A word of caution, while they digest this treat.

No-one thinks that a Tory government pledging state aid to buttress capitalist industry is building the foundation of a socialist economy. But even the most insipid of Labour’s present leadership surely can see the utility of a real-life effort to modernise Britain’s industry in the face of a marked reluctance by private capital to do so except whenever the returns rival City speculation and bond dealing.

Real-life could not get better!

The Boris Bolsheviks get back to business….

But Michel Barnier’s brief includes compelling acceptance by Britain’s negotiators of the single-market rules that circumscribe state aid to industry as part of a deal.

In other words, all is still to play,

Perhaps the Morning Star could help by giving the Tories some stiffness in their lip….

Others take a very different view:

Here is the statement,


Boris Johnson has issued an ultimatum if no deal is reached by October 15th, he will walk away from Brexit talks and the UK will leave without a deal. It is simply impossible to know if the government intends to go through with No Deal, or if this a stunt which will allow them to claim some marginal concession before they sign an agreement

A No Deal Brexit would be a calamity for workers, migrants, the environment, human rights and food standards – but so would Boris Johnson’s deal. Now is not the time to remain silent. The future of the UK, Europe and the planet itself depends on the ability of the left to mobilise an internationalist response to Trumpism, Brexit and the new nationalist right.

Another Europe is Possible is proud to have campaigned against Brexit and the politics it represents since the referendum of 2016. Now, everything we said about Brexit is coming true: it is a project aimed at building borders, blaming the vulnerable and deregulating the economy.

The Tory Brexit agenda is intended, with or without a deal, to bring about:

  • The end of free movement and the biggest expansion of border controls in many decades
  • An unprecedented attack on the rights of workers
  • The downgrading of environmental standards
  • A trade deal with the US that could open up the NHS to irreversible privatisation and downgrade our food and consumer standards
  • The UK’s withdrawal from some European human rights conventions
  • A fundamental threat to the economic and political stability of the island of Ireland
  • The creation of deregulated geographical zones (or “free ports”)
  • A race to the bottom on tax and regulation to attract multinational corporations

No Deal will sharpen these threats. The Tories won’t abolish state aid rules to enact some progressive agenda. Their reasons are very different: to engage in crony capitalism and hand tax breaks to big companies.

We call on everyone on the left to mobilise against the government’s Brexit agenda – regardless of how you voted in 2016. Those who fought against the Brexit project in recent years must also now wake up and break their silence.

Another Europe, supported by allies across progressive political parties, trade unions and civil society, has put forward our demands on the Brexit process: The Alternative Mandate. We know that it is unlikely that we will be successful in winning many of these in the next few years, but it is vital that we make noise about what the government is doing, fight it for every inch of our rights, and keep alive a progressive alternative that can be realised in the future.

This autumn, we will be mobilising a new campaign, to bring the left and the remains of the anti-Brexit movement back to life – to fight against a US trade deal and for the rights of migrants and workers, where we could yet push the government back.



Well established rumour has it that the Communist Party of Britain and its independent organ, the Morning Star (wholly owned by the Co-Op) will take part in this event:

The organisers of a £120m national festival to be staged in 2022 have put out a call for creative minds to come up with “daring, new and popular” ideas to bring the UK together after Brexit.




CND/Stop the War Coalition ‘Peace’ Forum to be Addressed by Defender of Chinese detention of Uighurs

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No Cold War, “Organising worldwide against the US-led New Cold War on China”.

This is the latest cause for the ‘anti-imperialist’ wing of the ‘Peace’ movement.

A New Cold War against China is against the interests of humanity

We note the increasingly aggressive statements and actions being taken by the US government in regard to China. These constitute a threat to world peace and are an obstacle to humanity successfully dealing with extremely serious common issues which confront it such as climate change, control of pandemics, racist discrimination and economic development.

We therefore believe that any New Cold War would run entirely counter to the interests of humanity. Instead we stand in favour of maximum global cooperation in order to tackle the enormous challenges we face as a species.

WIth its aim to defend not just China’s people, but the Chinese regime, the Peace Forum’s initiatives are already beginning to look like a reenactment of the worst aspects of the 1950s World Peace Council, with a much thinned out audience.

To say that this group has a sectarian and neo-Stalinist agenda opposed to internationalism and the democratic traditions of the labour and socialist movement, and the aspirations of the world’s progressives,  would be to downplay just how repugnant the new front is.

Here is their attack on our American comrades:

The former leader of the International Marxist Group, and present-day supporter of socialism with Chinese Communist Party  characteristics, John Ross is excited at their latest initiative.

The defender of China’s outstanding human rights record is right to be exhilarated at Victor Gao’s presence.

This is not a concentration camp’: Analyst Victor Gao on China’s Uighur prisons

High-ranking Chinese analyst Victor Gao defends the detention of an estimated 1 million Uighurs in the Chinese province of Xinjiang on DW’s Conflict Zone, by saying China is dealing with extremism and separatism.


Here is his Wiki entry:

Victor Zhikai Gao (born 1962) (Chinese高志凯pinyinGāo Zhìkǎi) is a Chinese international relations expert and translator.[1][2] He is a Director of the China National Association of International Studies[3] and an Executive Director of Beijing Private Equity Association. He is best known for his position as the late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping‘s translator…..

Here are other speakers, who are also unlikely to be known to the wider public.

Here is Jodi Evans.

Margaret KImberley is also quite an internationalist.

She found time from her busy schedule to re-tweet this:


Julie Tang is a patriot.

China’s national anthem means peace and unity

Here is Chris Matlhako.

This seems to be one of his principal international interests.

 Abdallah El Harif of the Moroccan النهج الديمقراطي‎,  la Voie démocratique, a radical left group, seems a decent person working in very very hard conditions.

He holds strong views on the threats to China.

He is cited in this article by fellow speaker at the Forum, Vijay Prashad ,stuffed with citations from Mao-Tse-Tung) by another of the speakers at the ‘Peace Forum’.

Abdallah El Harif, a leader of Democratic Way (Morocco), spoke to me this week about CoronaShock.

China was able to defeat the virus because the government took quick, efficient, and appropriate measures. They mobilised resources because they considered human lives as their priority. The strong Chinese public health system – which is oriented to serve the people – played a key role. China and Cuba taught us about solidarity and internationalism as they sent medical teams around the world to fight the virus.

We are now witnessing the consolidation of a bipolar system. There is the US pole, which is rooted in military force, the imposition of the dollar as the world currency, the US control of the organisation of the global economy and finance, and so on. On the other side, the rising pole is represented by China, which is based on a strong, sovereign, and yet open economy. The Chinese do not have military ambitions, and they do not launch wars against other people; they respect international law and strike commercial – not imperialist – deals with other countries. The US pole sees the deterioration of its hegemony, and so it is lashing out at China. The aims of a government such as Trump’s is to divert domestic opinion from its own crimes in dealing with the pandemic by putting the blame on China.

Maroc : « Démystifier les mensonges sur “l’exception marocaine”, la “transition démocratique”, “la monarchie éclairée” et autres balivernes… » (2016. NPA)

Ollie Vargas is a supporter of the former Bolivian leader Evola Morales.

Vargas has strong opinions about Trotskyists.

Ludo De Brabander is a Belgium peace activist and Dutch speaker. Those who speak that language may be able to tell us more about him.

Here is Code Pink:

Black Alliance for Peace: China, Militarism and Bipartisan Games.

Trump shut down the Chinese consulate in Houston as both parties are in fierce competition to demonstrate their toughness on China. Neither party can explain to the people why China is such a threat today. Just a few months ago, Russia was the main threat.

That is why the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) takes the unequivocal and unambiguous position that we will never allow the U.S. state and its ideological henchmen to push us into opposition against any external enemy. We say, “no to a new cold war with China,” no to militarism, no to domestic repression, and no to the continued neglect of millions of workers and poor people in the United Stat

Kate Hudson (CND) and Lindsey German (Stop the War Coalition, Counterfire) will already be well known to this Blog’s readers. Many will be disappointed that Veteran Rally Speaker Tariq Ali is not billed.

No to War, No to Nato, do not seem to have updated their site or tweets to include this important event.

But, backed by people with such moral authority the world’s burgeoning movement to defend the Chinese state from accusations of violent oppression against the Uighurs, oppression of other minorities, and the suppression of democratic and labour rights, from Hong Kong onwards, the International Peace Forum is sure to have an impact.

There is another view:


Written by Andrew Coates

September 8, 2020 at 11:24 am