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Keir Starmer Faces a New Wave of Critics.

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Labour conference set to approve new complaints process for antisemitism |  Jewish News

Paul Mason, “patience is running thin with Starmer.”

In the last weeks Starmer has lost a lot of good will from different sections of the Labour Party without any clear objectives of his own. This runs across many parts of the left, and centre-left, affecting those who had voted for him as Leader and had given the MPs for Holborn and St Pancras support during discouraging opinion polls and media comment. He has alienated the non-Corbyn left with the plan to go back to the days of the Electoral College run by the Aldermen of the Party and the embarrassing Contribution Society. He lost a lot of the soft left not backing PR. He has no clear line of the continuing disaster that is Brexit, nor has he demarcated himself from the ‘left’ and traditional Labour nationalist wing that backed leaving the EU.

Policies and debates at the Brighton Conference have yet to inspire. While some claim to see firm leadership in the proscription of marginal groupuscules and the peremptory expulsion of a wider swathe of critics, for good and, very often, much less clear reasons, other see a diversion. Starmer is only ‘in charge’ by virtue of office.

It would be a mistake, in these conditions, to call left critics of Starmer’s policies ‘Corbynistas’. They come from a variety of backgrounds. People on the centre and right of the party can be heard making comments about a lack of ‘oomph’, and a lack of direction. If a small number of factionalisiers, said to be friends of Peter Mandelson, are active, with friends in Apparat, and even, the CLPs, they have not the roots or depth to replace what was, not that long ago, Corbynism.

Is Corbyn still a living political presence. At present we can see many different lefts emerging, and different centres and rights. In any case Corbynism without Corbyn in charge never made much sense. Those mourning their loss were never going to be a force to change the world. Others, one doubted their long-term sincerity at the time. Now, you wonder what kind of left they were in the first place.

Look at the puff of the some of the ‘alt-media’ pro-Corbyn left these days..

Let us hope Bastani stays as long away from Labour politics as possible and goes into the family luxury ice-cream business.

This about a milliard times more important:

Keir Starmer would not have been elected as Labour leader if he had suggested publicly or privately that he intended to re-establish weighted votes for MPs in leadership elections, taking power away from regular members and ensuring future leadership contests would be less inclusive than the one he himself won. Labour party members would not have voted to abrogate their own rights. The triumphalism of some on the party’s right following the changes to the party’s rulebook will be greeted with resentment by thousands of party members.

One of the chroniclers of the disillusion of Starmer’s supporters is Paul Mason.

He is now explaining his evolving positon:

I find this prospect very unlikely.

This Blog stands with the weighed criticisms made by Paul Mason. Others are saying the same thing.

Corbyn can make, sometimes, relevant, critical statements on Labour’s present policies (the minimum wage for example). But Corbynism is dead. Two millennia there was one inspiring figure who is said to have returned from the dead. But while there were witnesses their testimony remains disputed. The MP for Islington North does not look a candidate to follow in his footsteps.

Written by Andrew Coates

September 28, 2021 at 2:36 pm

Chris Williamson Praises ‘Inspirational’ Joti Brar, Calls for Unions to Defund Labour…

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Joti Brar (@joti2gaza) | Twitter

“Great to share a platform with the inspirational @joti2” (left in photo)- Chris Williamson.

The passion between George Galloway and the micro-Stalinist Communist Party of Great Britain, (M-L) (the word is not abuse, the founder of the groupuscule, Harel Brar, is a proud member of the Stalin Society) has blossomed in the last few years. The ‘party’ essentially make up the cadre of the red-brown Workers Party of Britian.

Historians of the labour movement have written up the story.

Galloway and the CPGB-ML: notes on a romance.

the CPGB-ML are loyal foot soldiers of Galloway in the Workers Party of Britain (WPB), so it would be interesting to know what the Brars now think of this 2004 characterisation of their new leader. This relationship is not being squirrelled away by the WPB. Joti Brar is deputy leader of the WPB and according to its website: “The Communists [the new branding of the CPGB-ML] have a long history of working with George on various issues. In 2019, The Communists stood alone with George on many questions, not least the defence of the Brexit referendum result and opposition to Labour’s treachery on this question
 The Workers Party wants communists to play an active role, and we’re appealing to British workers, whether they have formerly been in the Brexit Party, UKIP, the Labour Party, a socialist organisation or none, to get involved with and build this party.”[2]

True love blossoms

George Galloway, the CPGB(ML) and 9/11.

John Rogan.

Bastions of US Imperialism Crumble –

“For the millions who never thought it would be possible to wreak vengeance on the all-powerful United States aggressors for the suffering inflicted on them and on those they loved, the success of the attacks on the most powerful symbols of US financial and military might has been a matter for great satisfaction and even joy.

Now it seems that another suitor of the CPGB (M-L) has appeared. Chris Williamson is courting the favours Jodi Brar, daughter of Harpal, now Vice Chair of the CPGB (M-L) and also Deputy Leader of Galloway’s ‘Workers Party’ of Britain.

“Great to share a platform with the inspirational @joti2gaza

The mutual love-in continues,

The CPGB-ML opposes Trotskyismsocial democracydemocratic socialism and what they term revisionist (including Khruschevite) parties. In 1995 former CPGB-ML chairman Harpal Brar published a book called Social Democracy: The Enemy Within.

More madness, they call it madness! from Joidi’s Joint,

Written by Andrew Coates

September 19, 2021 at 2:47 pm

French Greens Face Challenge from Historic Ecologist, Antoine Waechter, opposed to idea that ecologists are part of the “political landscape of the left.”

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Antoine Waechter, le 16 mai 2014.

72 Years Old and still Fighting Left-Wing Ecologists.

Today one of the historic figures of the French Green movement announced his own, unasked for, candidacy for the Presidency of the French Republic.

 The ecologist Antoine Waechter candidate for the presidential election.

The 72-year-old environmental engineer wishes through his candidacy “to affirm what constitutes the identity of ecological thought, beyond the right and the left“. (1)

Dubbed by some ‘the walking dead’ Waechter is somebody this Blog (which can recall his antics in the 1980s…) would happily qualify as the personification of everything wrong with Green “beyond left and right politics.” And a lot more. He is standing under the banner of the Mouvement Ă©cologiste indĂ©pendant (MEI).

This is the current line up of declared and potential Presidential candidates from the French Left. Some, such as Anasse Kazib from RĂ©volution ProlĂ©tarienne, will struggle to get the 500 nominations from elected figures (which include local councillors, right down to the small councils which in the UK would be known as ‘town’ councils which here have little power). There are, for example, 35,000 mayors in France.

As indicated below the Ecologists (EELV) and their allies, GĂ©nĂ©ration.sGĂ©nĂ©ration Ă©cologieCap Ă©cologie et le Mouvement des progressistes)  have yet to decide on their candidate. 112,000 people who have signed a statement of broad agreements and paid a nominal sum began voting in the first round today, the 16th of September. That will end on Sunday, the 19th. Without an outright winner there will be a second round between the 25th to the 28th of September. It is said that is timed to coincide with the German Federal elections (26th of September) in which their counterparts, BĂŒndnis 90/Die GrĂŒnen, were expected to do well.

Although the French Greens have debated democratic Constitutional Reforms, education, employees’ democracy in enterprises, and taxes for the wealthy and big companies, the bulk of their platform and proposal concerns issues such as climate change, ending nuclear power, and the protection of the environment and animals.

Waechter may call them left-wing but the front runner, Yannick Jadot has talked in the past  Â« pragmatisme Â», and une Ă©cologie au delĂ  du clivage gauche / droite (beyond the left-right divide). One could say that some of the candidats’ interest in ‘de-growth’ (dĂ©croissance), a steady-state or severely limited growth economy stands at odds with the socialist and Marxist approach to developing the productive forces in a durable and sustainable way. Eco-socialism is not on the agenda of the French Greens, they have no clear views on the socialisation of production and full equality There are equally issues which even the most radical Greens have only begun to tackle, like the use of private cars, which is a major cause of ecological damage.

Eagle-eyed readers will note Pierre Larrouturou listed, who from the micro-party, Nouvelle Donne (once close to the Parti Socialiste), who is standing in the initiative the ‘primaire populaire ‘, a self-organised effort at holding a primary for all the left. 83,000 people signed up.

Speaking on France-Inter this morning Christiana Taubira, who has been at the top of those said to win the primaire populaire, even “plebiscited” by it, said, that she does not want to “contribute to the splintering of the left” in an election the left “cannot afford to lose”. To avoid a further multiplication of campaigns on the left she did not wish to be the 7th or 8th left candidate. Taubira, she underlined, would still find her place in backing the left during the 2022 elections.


Nathalie ArthaudLOLutte OuvriĂšre December 2020
Anasse KazibRPRévolution ProlétarienneApril 2021
Philippe PoutouNPANouveau Parti anticapitalisteJune 2021
Jean-Luc MĂ©lenchonLFILa France insoumiseNovember 2020
Fabien RousselPCFcommunist designation
March 2021
Sandrine RousseauEELVecologist primaryOctober 2020
Éric PiolleEELVecologist primaryJune 2021
Yannick JadotEELVecologist primaryJune 2021
Delphine BathoGEecologist primaryJuly 2021
Jean-Marc GovernatoriCÉecologist primaryJuly 2021
Pierre LarrouturouNDpopular primaryJuly 2021
Anne HidalgoPSsocialist primarySeptember 2021
Stéphane Le FollPSsocialist primaryAugust 2021
Arnaud MontebourgDVGSelf-announcedSeptember 2021
Xavier BertrandDVDSelf-announced.March 2021
Jacline MouraudDVDSelf-announced.December 2020

(1) Antoine Waechter practically invented the “beyond the left and right” line in the 1980s. Making his intentions clearer – that is the phrase is directed against the left he often stated, ” «L’Ă©cologie n’est pas Ă  marier” marry, ally, that is with the radical left back in 1984. Left the main Green party, les Verts, in 1994 on the line that, “He considers ecology as a political project in its own right, distinct from the right and the left, but being able to ally with one as well as the other. Amongst many cases of his centrist/centre right politics Waechter backed the centre (right) François Bayrou for President in 2007.

Written by Andrew Coates

September 16, 2021 at 6:40 pm