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Northern Independence Party: ‘left’ and Green politics in a few counties.

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Durham Miners Gala

Claims Whole Labour Movement Heritage for Socialism in a Few Counties.

Labour is facing a ‘three-way threat’ in Hartlepool, with a new Northern Independence Party mopping up support among younger people, according to reports.

London Economic.


  1. To build a better, fairer and freer North for all.
  2. To campaign for a referendum on the independence of the North, to be decided by the people of the North.
  3. A green industrial rebirth.

The Northern Independence Party is a democratic socialist party, who are committed to uplifting the voices of our members. We were founded in 2020 to combat the injustice of the north/south divide. We stand opposed to all forms of ideology based on hatred and bigotry.

Backed by anti Labour Conspiracist site Novaa Media.

Odo Proudfoot was the cousin of Bilbo Baggins. Odo was born in TA 2904 (SR 1304). His parents were Bodo Proudfoot and Linda (Baggins) Proudfoot – aunt of Bilbo. He had a son named Olo to an unnamed wife and a mischievous grandson Sancho Proudfoot.

Odo Proudfoot was a guest at Bilbo’s Farewell Birthday Party on September 22, 1401 (3001). He became annoyed when Bilbo used the incorrect plural of his family name: Proudfoots instead of the correct Proudfeet. When Bilbo disappeared using his Magic Ring, Odo took his feet off the table and stamped on the ground.

Odo Proudfoot died in TA 3005 (SR 1405) of the Third Age.

We would welcome more information on this illustrious dynasty and the present politics of this group, above all, on their line about Brexit.

Written by Andrew Coates

March 25, 2021 at 2:08 pm

Paris Commune Daily/La Commune au jour le jour.

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A welcome initiative;






 l’Association des Amies et Amis de la Commune de Paris 1871.

In May, when the Versailles troops were at the gates of Paris, the town hall of 14 th arrondissent organised a  free vaccination campaign against smallpox.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune, our association wanted to mark this event by offering you the free download of an Android Smartphone application.

This application invites you for a communal walk in the Père Lachaise cemetery.

App to download for visiting sites:


May be an image of text that says "Orange 15:56 82% Parcours communard Blue Lion Guides PEGI 3 i Installer TABLEDESMATIERS La Commune de Paris 4CLERAY,EUGENE Histoire lela Commune À propos de l'appli Les tombes des communards au cimetière du Père Lachaise histoire, biographies Enseignement Noter cette application Donnez votre avis aux utilisateurs"



Written by Andrew Coates

February 21, 2021 at 4:04 pm

Paris Commune, the 150th Anniversary.

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MR Online | The Cry of the People: The Commune in Image [Le cri du peuple: la commune en image]

Le Cri du peuple. Jacques Tardi.

2001, the graphic adaptation of the libertarian novel  about the Commune of Paris by Jean VautrinThe Cry of the People.*  The project was to be completed in three volumes, but Tardi eventually decided to devote the fourth and last volume, which just appeared, to the unbearable repression by the Versailles troops during the bloody week (la semaine sanglante).

The Cry of the People: The Commune in Images [Le cri du peuple: la commune en image]

This Blog highly recommends all of Tardi’s bandes dessinées. This series (having seen the first three)  is very memorable.

Paris Perspective #3: ‘Parisian Exceptionalism’ 150 years after the Commune

Radio France International.


2021 marks the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune. Some look upon the Commune as a great leap forward for democratic rights, to others it’s a failed anarchist experiment that proves that “mob rule can’t rule”. And to others still, just an unfortunate oil-stain on the fabric of France’s recent history. In this edition of Paris Perspective, we try to better understand the events that took place in the French capital from March to June 1871 in a modern context.

From the declaration of war on Prussia in July 1870 up to the brutal repression of the Communards in June 1871, the events of what Victor Hugo called “The Terrible Year” resonate to this day in the French capital’s on-going story, and are among the most tragic in the history of France in the nineteenth century……


Faisons Vivre La Commune!


“Vive la Commune!”: Belgian exhibition celebrating the 150th birthday of the Paris Commune


This exhibition, “Vive la Commune!” will take place in Brussels and Liège in Belgium during the 72 days of the Commune, from March 18 to May 28 2021. It will be composed of photographic images taken by Karim Brikci-Nigassa of places important to the history of the Paris Commune. Manu Scordia and Thibaut Dramaix will interpret these images by trying to reconstruct the historical events through drawings in the photographs. Historical, social and political explanations will be written by Sixtine van Outryve. This combination aims to put visitors into the atmosphere of the Paris Commune and make them discover or rediscover an important episode in the working class and social history of our region.

Written by Andrew Coates

February 1, 2021 at 12:41 pm