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Jeff Monson, Pugilist, to Speak at Tankie Fest of the Year.

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US Red-Brown ‘Anti-imperialist’ Front.

Full marks to Michael P, Ace Spotter.

Friends & Comrades,

The International Institute for the Study of Empire & Revolution (IISER) has appointed a five-person Provisional Leadership Committee.

This committee is working together to create the organizational foundation for a successful and influential anti-imperialist think tank.

Please stay tuned.

In Solidarity,

The IISER Provisional Leadership Committee.

Speaker, David Courter:

Speaker, Christopher Helai.

Editor’s note: Christopher Helali is the international secretary of the Party of Communists USA and a PhD candidate in philosophy and China Government Scholar for Sino-U.S. Cultural Communication at Tongji University.

China, a strong upholder of peace and stability under CPC leadership. July 2022.

“The CPC over the course of 101 years has proven that it is capable of providing the leadership and resources to continue to build a better world for all. .”

This lot organised as the ‘Provisional Leadership Committee’, who may provisionally described as utter filth, seem to have madman pugilist Jeff Monson in their tow.

May 2022. The American MMA fighter who became a Russian wartime propagandist.

Last month, the All-Russia People’s Front—a political coalition started by Russian President Vladimir Putin—posted several videos featuring American MMA fighter Jeff Monson.

Entitled “Top Truth: Donbass,” the videos saw Monson regurgitate Kremlin disinformation regarding Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. Dressed in a simple brown v-neck shirt, the former UFC title challenger claimed that Russia was not interested in occupying Ukraine and that its only intention is to rid the country of fascism.

“I have friends in Europe who think Russia is the bad guy or Russia is the aggressor that is trying to attack Ukraine, take over Ukraine, occupy Ukraine, which is absolute nonsense,” Monson said on the video, which was published on the coalition’s Telegram channel. “Russia doesn’t have the desire nor the economic or military capacity to hold a country that doesn’t want to be held. They are trying to help the people of Donbas and are trying to rid Ukraine of Nazis and fascism.”

Jeffrey William Monson (born January 18th 1971) is an American-Russian mixed martial artist who competes primarily in the Heavyweight division.


Monson is an anarcho-communist. He presently hosts a multi-platform (TV/social media) political and social commentary program on RT called, Monson TV.[5]

In 2015, Monson sought Russian citizenship, citing that he felt “Russian in spirit.”[28] He was granted Russian citizenship in 2018 by President Vladimir Putin.[29]

In April 2016, Monson expressed his desire to join the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in a video appeal to the party and praised socialism as “the only way as a human species that we’re going to survive.”[30] Soon after, he was invited to meet Communist Party of the Russian Federation leader Gennady Zyuganov in his office in the State Duma, where they discussed the future of communism in Russia and globally.[31] Monson later led a procession across Red Square into Lenin’s Mausoleum together with Zyuganov dedicated to the anniversary of Vladimir Lenin‘s birth.[32] He was appointed as a special representative for international cooperation by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation‘s Sport Club in June 2016.[33]

Monson was the subject of a party political advertisement released in the run-up to the 2016 State Duma Elections.[34]

Jeff Monson and Ambassador of Zimbabwe to the Russian Federation Mike Nicholas Sango in Moscow.

In an interview, Monson stated his political views as follows: “I am an anarchist, someone who would like to do away with all class hierarchy in society and the institutions that promote this inequality.”[35]

In solidarity, Monson is also a member of the Industrial Workers of the World.[36]

On September 11, 2016, Monson announced on Twitter that he had become a citizen of the Luhansk People’s Republic to support local people who suffered in the War in Ukraine.[3] He was made an honorary citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia in October 2016 for “supporting nations striving for self-determination.”[4]

On September 9, 2018, Monson was elected to the City’s Duma (local city parliament) of Krasnogorsk, a city located near Moscow. Monson won the mandate as a candidate on the list of the ruling party “United Russia,” which nominated him without membership in the party. In order to be able to carry out the mandate, Monson had to give up his American citizenship in accordance with Russian law.[37][38]

Monson has expressed explicit support of 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

All we have is tubby former Boxer John Wight, fellow multipolarist, Morning Star Stalwart, one time RT chap, supporter of the CCP, and author of this classic of the workers’ movement, Metrosexuals, “Four men, successful professionals in Edinburgh in the run up to the 2008 crash, are obsessed with shopping, achieving the perfect body, and sex.”


Written by Andrew Coates

December 9, 2022 at 12:39 pm

3 Responses

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  1. “The ultra-nationalist faction of the US ruling class will likely win the midterms” – except that it didn’t in any meaningful way at all.

    But then there are people of similar politics to these who actually *sympathise* with that ultra-nationalist faction …


    December 9, 2022 at 2:12 pm

  2. So a man whose job is to be punched in the head on a regular basis holds stupid views? Perhaps not surprising.


    December 9, 2022 at 9:54 pm

    • Jim Denham posted this on Boxing a few years ago which stuck in my mind,

      James P. Cannon on why boxing should be banned.

      The following excerpts are from Cannon’s articles “Murder in the Garden” and “A Dead Man’s Decision,” They first appeared in The Militant on September 17 and 24, 1951, respectively, and are published in Notebook of an Agitator (Pathfinder Press). The two articles have been edited and combined together, into what is published below:


      Murder in the Garden … A Dead Man’s Decision
      By James P. Cannon

      This begins as a straight news story with the who, what, where and when right up at the front. The why and the wherefore come later, after the bare facts are set down in proper order. The who in this story is, or rather was, Georgie Flores, 20-year-old Brooklyn welterweight. He was knocked out in the semi-final bout with Roger Donoghue at Madison Square Garden August 29. He collapsed in his dressing room a few minutes after the knockout and died in the hospital five days later without ever recovering consciousness. Georgie leaves a wife, Elaine, 18 years old, who was at his bedside when he died, and a month-old baby son who hasn’t heard about it yet.

      Other technical information, as reported by the experts at the ringside: The fatal blow was a sharp left hook which floored the young boxer just 46 seconds after the opening of the eighth and final round of the bout. His head hit the canvas hard and he was counted out by the referee as he lay flat. Cause of death, as reported by the medical experts at the hospital, was a brain hemorrhage resulting from a torn blood vessel. Two operations were unsuccessful. His last hours were spent in an iron lung.

      Georgie Flores didn’t die of old age or incurable illness, and there was no suspicion of suicide. He was killed. Murdered, if you want the truth unvarnished. And he was not the first to die that way. Sudden death is an occupational hazard in the prize-fight business. Six boxers have been killed in the U.S. already this year, if you count only those who died more or less immediately, as a result of blows in the ring. The score would be much higher if you include those who were badly hurt and had their life expectancy sharply cut down in this grisly business, which is sometimes described by fools or cynics as “the sport” or “the game.” This sort of thing goes on all the time. As a rule, the killing of a prize fighter doesn’t rate more than a few paragraphs in the news, a few floral offerings from the fight mob, and a small purse scraped up for the widow…

      Dead men tell no tales; but sometimes, as is well known, the memory of what they did, or the way they died, exerts an authority over the living and affects their actions and decisions. The continuing influence of great men needs no argument. And once in a while, in exceptional circumstances, the lowly, too, speak from the grave. Even the lowliest of the lowly. Georgie Flores, the young boxer who was killed in the ring at Madison Square Garden just recently, cast a long shadow over the Turpin-Robinson fight for the middleweight championship at the Polo Grounds last Wednesday, and most probably determined the outcome of this million-dollar affair.

      Turpin was on the ropes, but not out, when the referee stopped the fight with only eight seconds to go in the tenth round of the scheduled 15-round bout, and gave the decision to Robinson on a technical knockout. But it is highly doubtful if Robinson was the winner on actual merit. The fight was scored even up to the tenth round. Robinson was bleeding like a stuck pig from an eye cut; and Turpin, with the stamina of youth in his favor, figured to recuperate during the intermission between rounds and take charge from there on. Turpin and his manager protested the referee’s action on these grounds, and subsequent evidence seemed to bear out their contention. Turpin, according to all reports, was fresher and stronger than Robinson in the immediate aftermath of the fight….

      Georgie Flores’ tragic and most untimely death was just another nine-day sensation. That’s all. It lasted just about long enough to influence the decision in the Turpin-Robinson bout. The echoes of the uproar are already fading away. The jitters have yielded to the sedative of time – it didn’t take long – and the boxing business is just about back to normal, back to business as usual. All that the hullabaloo produced, while it lasted, were a few proposals for better supervision of boxing bouts in the future; for some more elaborate rules and regulations; for what Governor Dewey, in his humane wisdom, called “precautions” which might keep boxers from getting hurt when they get hit.

      It is a commentary on the times and the social environment out of which the boxing business rises like a poisonous flower from a dunghill, that nobody came forward with the simple demand to outlaw prize fighting, as it was outlawed in most of the states of this country up till the turn of the century.

      Cock-fighting is illegal; it is considered inhumane to put a couple of roosters into the pit and incite them to spur each other until one of them keels over. It is also against the law to put bulldogs into the pit to fight for a side bet. But our civilization – which is on the march, to be sure -has not yet advanced to the point where law and public opinion forbid men, who have nothing against each other, to fight for money and the amusement of paying spectators. Such spectacles are a part of our highly touted way of life.

      The “precautions,” advocated during the brief excitement over the killing of Georgie Flores, simmered down to a few piddling suggestions that fighters not be overmatched; that they be required to train properly and enter the ring in good condition; that the boxers’ gloves and the ring canvas be padded a little more; and that each boxer’s head be thoroughly examined by X-ray before each bout to see if he had suffered a previous brain injury. “Boxing can be made a safe sport,” said Dr. Frank R. Ferlaino to Milton Gross, sports writer for the New York Post, “if these regulations are observed.” The doctor, of course, is talking through his hat.

      The precautions, which are supposed to take care of everything, in reality take care of nothing. When you get inside those ropes your head is a target for self-propelled missiles known as fists, and there is no way of making that safe. As the soldier said, when he was asked why he ran away from the front lines: “You can get hurt up there.” Blows over the head never did anybody any good. And if anybody ever got any fun out of it, he hasn’t been heard from yet. The “sport” in prize fighting is strictly for the spectators and the managers and promoters.

      The incomparable Joe Louis himself testified to this in a notable statement at a newsreeled press conference when he renounced his title to turn promoter. A reporter asked: “Which do you think you like best, Joe, fighting or promoting?”

      Joe, a man of few words, answered: “I like promoting.”

      “Why is that, can you explain it?”

      “Sure,” said Joe. “They can’t hit you when you’re promotin’.”

      Those words belong in the Book of Proverbs.


      Andrew Coates

      December 9, 2022 at 10:47 pm

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