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East Anglian Trade Union Solidarity and Protests at the Cost of Living.

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 Ipswich saw a small Solidarity Rally.

At the ‘Solidarity’ Ipswich event outside the Town Hall trade unionists, including a Felixstowe docker and the UNITE negotiator at the port, spoke from the steps. The Chair of Ipswich Labour Party also gave her support. Postal workers were amongst the dozens of people there. The Leiston launcher of the ‘Toothless’ campaign for NHS Dentistry made an impassioned appeal. Socialist Appeal addressed the audience. The Suffolk People’s Assembly came from his mid-Suffolk village. Some people distributed leaflets for the nationally known Enough is Enough movement. The organiser of the Ipswich rally roused the audience against what he called government “hoodlums” and thanked people for attending and speaking.

Above: Via Unite Community.

Norwich: ‘Enough is enough’ rally fills streets of Norwich to protest against the cost of living

Hundreds of protestors have taken to the streets saying ‘Enough is enough’ to campaign against the cost of living crisis.

The group was founded by trade unions and community organisations, calling for fairer pay, a cut to energy bills and an end to food poverty and shoddy housing.

In Norwich there was a large turnout for the rally with signs saying ‘solidarity with the strikers’ and ‘freeze profits not people’.

Clive Lewis Norwich South MP.

There was a big march in Colchester.

Both the Colchester and Norwich marches were held under the name of Enough is Enough:

Written by Andrew Coates

October 1, 2022 at 5:06 pm

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