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As the Communist Party of Britain Launch Biggest Election Campaign for Decades, Communist Party in Glasgow campaign for council election despite not being registered.

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Tankies Gotta Tank.

Communists have launched their election campaign – and yet again its the biggest for forty years. Last May we stood more candidates than for forty years, including in areas not contested in generations. This May 2022, will be bigger still. And we have a strong case to make in England, Scotland and Wales.

Our message, ‘Communities fit for working class people!’ is bold, radical and just what local communities need. Facing the uncertainty of imperialist adventure and war abroad and economic crisis and a health crisis at home, it may be tempting for voters to turn their back on the booths. 

So the opening shot of our campaign is aimed at young people, to register to vote.


Daily Record.

Three Communist Party members launched campaigns to become councillors in Glasgow despite not having officially registered as candidates.

Johnnie Hunter, 28, set-up social media profiles to promote his bid to be elected as a member for the Canal ward in the north of the city when voters go to the polls in May.

But he promptly deleted the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages today after it was pointed out he was not named on the official list of candidates.

Hunter shared a campaign video on Wednesday in which he claimed Glasgow and the Canal ward "had been neglected, ignored, and cut by the Scottish Government and the SNP-controlled city council for decades".

“If you think that we need to build communities that are fit for working class people, and the lives that we deserve, vote Communist for Glasgow City Council on May 5,” he said.

The polling day mystery was pointed out by the respected election analysis website Ballot Box Scotland.

Responding to one of Hunter’s online campaign adverts, the account – run by Allan Faulds – asked: “Uh, lads? You know you need to submit nomination papers, right?”

The Communist Party had announced earlier this week that two other candidates would also be standing in Glasgow – but neither was mentioned on the official list published yesterday.

The CPB join the nasty nippers (Northern Independence Party, By-election Hartlepool, in total incompetence (Northern Independence Party struck from Hartlepool by-election after they fail to register in time).

Would you buy second-hand tank from this lot?

Written by Andrew Coates

April 1, 2022 at 8:02 pm

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  1. An inability to simultaneously fart and chew gum following the Big Man in the Kremlin for incompetence.


    April 2, 2022 at 3:08 pm

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