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Sovereigntism: “Not Left, Right or Centre” George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain Stands Candidate in Canterbury District Council By-Election.

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The Workers' Party of Britain – The Workers' Party of Britain – Rebuild and  Transform Britain

British Sovereigntist ‘Left’.

Sovereigntist politics have made a big mark in French politics. Issues relating to claims about the importance of political, economic, and cultural independence of France are not only more explicitly discussed but make the political headlines beyond controversies as important as, say, Brexit is in the UK.

The news from France today is that Arnaud Montebourg, a former Socialist Minister and pessimistic reformer inspired by nation-state based versions of “anti-globalisation” (démondialisation) centred upon protectionist ideas, has not given up his Presidential bid. A sovereigntist, who sometimes still claims to be on the left, Montebourg got into trouble over this:

The quondam ‘left wing firebrand’ and one-time Minister of the Economy, Industrial Renewal and Digital Affairs (2012 – 2014) , announced his candidacy at the start of September. Better known these days for his Honey – he markets it under the highly amusing label of Bleu, Blanc Ruche (Bee-Hive) – this venture has got the backing of ultra-sovereigntist and another one-time Socialist, Jean-Pierre Chevènement and the remnants of the ‘Che’s Citizen and Republican Movement (MRC), the anti-Charlie Hebdo essayist and protectionist Emmanuel Todd, and (somebody of whom one would have hoped better Thomas Guénolé, whose unhappy experience of working at close quarters with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, La Chute de la Maison Mélenchon : Une machine dictatoriale vue de l’intérieur (2019) has been referred to on the present site. The objective was to gather together “sovereigntists”, that is those from all political backgrounds, who put French national sovereign power first, foremost, and at the top of priorities. Made in France has become the axis of his economic policy.

By no coincidence whatsoever that was the Chevènement Presidential programme (the MRC was then called the Mouvement des citoyens (MDC) in 2002 (5,3% of the vote). His approach was to appeal beyond left and right, to the Republic (“au-dessus de la droite et de la gauche, il y a la République”) . The campaign got the backing of, amongst others, this unenviable list,  Régis Debray, Max Gallo,  Emmanuel Macron and  Florian Philippot (later to be Marine le Pen’s henchman, now leader of his own far-right outfit, Les Patriotes).

L’Engagement is the name of the outfit working for Montebourg. It addresses those who want to “take back control of our lives” (reprendre le contrôle de nos vies) wrest the state from the hands of a minority and get it to work for the general interest ( le retour d’un État au service de l’intérêt général, libéré de l’emprise d’une minorité). A New France based on “la souveraineté populaire et l’indépendance économique.”

An important part of the campaign is a robust approach to immigrants and integration. Those living in France, he has said, must “learn French, respect the laws, accept the values ​​of French society, like secularism, and should work, and have their own resources ”.

Monty, as nobody calls him, got in a mess a couple of days ago with this call “, he proposed to block “all transfers” of money from immigrants , and evoked “the 11 billion that goes through Western Union” , to put pressure on countries that refuse to take back their nationals expelled from France. Wokists all all sides did not hesitate to point out that Marine Le Pen had already had that idea. It also looks as if preventing immigrants in France from sending money to family or friends, was not only illiberal but most certainty illegal under French and European law. Montebourg has back-peddled, “ C’était une erreur, cette mesure ne sera pas dans mon programme. » An error, a measure which will not be in his programme.

 0,2 % of those surveyed have expressed a favourable opinion of the candidate’s ‘robust’ views on immigration. But it is said that they have expanded his audience on Twitter, (Présidentielle 2022 : avec ses propos sur l’immigration, Montebourg élargit son audience… sur Twitter)

Beyond Left and Right Sovereigntist politics, with patriotism, protectionism and lots of state control, looks as if it’s found an expression in the UK….

Introducing the Workers Party

LEADER: George Galloway :: Deputy leader: Joti Brar

Our country needs the state to guide the economic life of the country in such a way as to promote work, to respect the dignity of labour, and to serve the working people. All adults have a duty to work in a useful fashion, according to their talents and abilities, and society has an equal duty to ensure that useful employment is available to all, part-time or full-time according to the domestic, health and life constraints of the worker.

The Workers Party positively embraces Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Britain needs to be free of the EU regulations that would restrict our fiscal and monetary policy and prevent Britain from taking public ownership of key utilities and transport infrastructure.

 If we are to be free to direct the affairs of our country to meet the needs of working-class people, we must be able to have something to say on the free movement of capital out of our country as well as the free movement of labour into it. Under a socialist system, the control of our borders, both physical and financial, will be a guarantee not only of the rights of our workers to good labour rights and rates of pay, but will restrict the ability of capital to pack up and leave for greener pastures, abandoning our workers and decimating British industry.

We reject a future of parasitism where the British people, through the operation of the City of London, degenerate into an unemployed feckless rump living off cheap imported food and the plastic-electronic consumables of global capitalist anarchy.

One has to admit that the Workers Party of Britain does have some rather ‘specific’ views on national independence:

Workers Party Britain-Kent Retweeted

11 Responses

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  1. The Chris and George hat show does look oddly like a still from Peaky Blinders….However the other big news from the fedorad one has finally been arsed to put in a plea to the Election Courts re Batley & Spen. This is seemingly in response to a story in Guido Fawkes (of all places) alleging that Labour MP’s were phone banking from within the Commons ? The clinching, incontrovertible proof from Guido ? Some undated, uncaptioned pictures of said MP’s, er, holding phones. It will be interesting to see how GG gets on with that one…..

    David Walsh

    November 14, 2021 at 1:59 pm

  2. What a wanker!

    Jim Denham

    November 14, 2021 at 3:25 pm

  3. Off topic but a rather good article on the oppression of the Uyghurs in this week’s Socialist Worker arguing for their rights. It’s rare that SW writes about this subject and their is a longer piece in the ISJ about why Socialists should support the Uyghurs national rights as an oppressed group. We should conclude then that the SWP supports national independence for Uyghurs in their own homeland separate from China (if the SWP doesn’t then it should make that clear).
    Socialist Worker also recently featured a few articles on Taiwan (even rarer that it discusses this subject). It takes a Third Campist position as you would expect but declares at the end in a jarring segment that “Taiwan is clearly part of China” !! So no National independence for them (according to the SWP) even though it’s been a de facto nation since 1949. This is totally inconsistent with their thinking on the Uyghurs and presumably the Tibetans and muddled thinking. This actually prompted a follow up letter of complaint in the Socialist Worker arguing for Taiwanese National rights. It hasn’t been replied to as yet by SW which is telling in itself.


    November 14, 2021 at 3:37 pm

  4. Couldn’t see clearly, but was that a sighting of the old, old chestnut – an ‘instant’ bespoke SWP poster for the occasion ? On days like these, the SWP are the late afternoon bane of the life of the City of Westminster street cleaning department.

    David Walsh

    November 14, 2021 at 6:14 pm

  5. And just going back to the by-election in Whitstable (Gorringe) this is a rare three member 3 labour ward on the city council. For some reason this time the Lib Dems are not going to stand in a fit of pique about the indignities of FPTP in the local elections there. Looking at the figures for the last contest (2019) Labour had a near 1900’s SPD style disciplined voting bloc of 1400 or so. If George’s on the Juche warriors make a dent i that, all they will do is bequeath the seat to the Tories – or for George – the ultimate horror of a ‘fully woke’ Green result (and the 2019 standard bearer for them that year was a guy called Jolyon Loch Trimmingham).

    David Walsh

    November 14, 2021 at 6:32 pm

    • My knowledge of Canterbury is pretty limited, non-existant truth be told.

      This Whitstable/Gorrell place is, deep research reveals, by the sea. Other features, “the place to go if you like quirky shops, oysters, and the English seaside. Find out what you can do in the town … Visit bohemian Whitstable.”


      The Workers Party of Britain seems to be doing well in such locations:

      Andrew Coates

      November 14, 2021 at 7:27 pm

  6. Andrew Coates

    November 15, 2021 at 8:28 am

  7. Would it be fair to describe Galloway and/or Williamson as Strasserites?

    Jim Denham

    November 15, 2021 at 9:51 am

  8. No. Galloway is a Gallowayite. He always has been, and always will be.


    November 15, 2021 at 11:43 am

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