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Nicaraguan Elections and Ortega’s last ‘anti-imperialist’ friends.

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The 'deep human rights crisis' hanging over Nicaragua's elections |  Elections News | Al Jazeera

Today ‘elections in Nicaragua are being held. There are lots of reports on this

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega will seek a fourth consecutive term in elections that have been widely condemned by rights groups and international observers.

Ortega, whose Sandinista Front party and allies control the congress and government institutions, will face a field of little-known candidates on Sunday, while opposition figures who represented the most significant challenge to the former revolutionary leader’s rule remain in prison.

Al Jazeera.

Nicaragua votes in elections panned as ‘parody’ by international observers

They’ve been called “a parody,” “a sham,” and “the worst possible conditions” for a vote, but Nicaragua’s general elections are going ahead on Sunday anyway. After an iron-fisted crackdown on opposition voices this year, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is widely expected to claim a fourth consecutive term at the polls this weekend, alongside his vice president and wife Rosario Murillo.

The vote is the first for Nicaragua since a wave of popular demonstrations in 2018 rattled the country, and the Ortega government is taking no chances, having spent the past months blocking political participation of potential rivals and closely controlling the electoral process.


Ortega has put his opponents in gaol.

A summary:

Breaking the ban on journalists from abroad who are not supporters of the Dictator a reporter for El Pais reports today from the Nicaraguan capital.

There have been protests in a number of countries, including the UK.

But there is the ‘alternative‘ view:

Yes, this is him:

“Steve Sweeney@SweeneySteve Morning Star International Editor. Founder of Media Workers for Palestine. Anti-imperialist. Reports on global liberation movements, press freedom & resistance.”

Written by Andrew Coates

November 7, 2021 at 12:02 pm

2 Responses

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  1. NB. Sweeney called me an “anonymous social media troll” when I pointed out that the regime was banning other foreign journalists. I would bet actual dosh that this fact doesn’t make it into his “coverage”. It is worth pointing out that there has been a left response to Ortega, the letter signed by hundreds of veterans from the 80s stands out. And there is near total silence actually defending Ortega. But no there is definitely not enough condemnation for acts that would draw condemnation in, say, Chile or Colombia.

  2. I am no Ortegista but there are plenty of “leftists” ready to line up behind Daniel. The “anti-Imperialism of Fools” still has many followers.

    According to John Perry (who I differ with greatly) the polls are widely divided:

    “Nevertheless, a series of opinion polls by M&R give Daniel Ortega a 60 percent share of the vote. However, a conflicting survey, by CID Gallup, claims his vote share has fallen from 33 percent in May to 19 percent now. M&R claims its survey is more reliable, covering more of the country, with 4,282 personal interviews while CID Gallup relies on cell phone calls for its 1,200 responses. This week M&R claimed that support for the government is increasing as the polls approach. Which survey is closer to being correct will be known shortly after Sunday’s election.”


    American Dream

    November 7, 2021 at 1:14 pm

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