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Chris Williamson’s ‘Festival of Resistance’ is Underway.

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Packed out already!

Speakers represent a wide range of left opinons, from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), the Workers Party of Britain – Jodi Brar, The Monster Raving Greenstein Party, Jackie Walker, international support comes from the red-brown Grayzone (Max Blumthal and Ben Norton) Calos Garcia Hernandez (Funny Money Man, see note (1)), Vox Political, and so it goes.

Support in Swindon is growing apace:

Resist call itself a Movement for a People’s Party – not workers’ party one has to say.

Williamson has allied with this bloc in the past, before becoming enamoured with George Galloway and the Workers Party of Britain.

Where stands he now?


What is Resist’s line on this new development?

Bringing the left together

The leadership bodies of LAW (Labour Against the Witch-hunt), Labour in Exile Network (LEIN) and the Labour Left Alliance (LLA) are proposing that the three organisations should enter a closer working relationship. 

With two of LAW’s leaders at the Festival, and no doubt many, or at least a few LAW, LIEN and LLA supporters there, this weekend is an ideal occasion to discuss this important development.


(1)” Fiat socialism’ would enable an open and prosperous society governed by the principles of modern monetary theory (MMT). A society without unemployment or poverty, in which everybody had a decent job (either in the private sector, or in the public sector) allowing people to fulfil all their basic needs and coordinate their working and private life because of reasonable time schedules. A society in where public services, education and health access were of the highest quality, and in which the level of prices remain stable. This isn’t just a socialist pipedream. By using MMT as a lens to understand the monetary system, it’s a realistic possibility, but it requires the political will to jettison neoliberalism .Carlos García Hernández – Fiat Socialism and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

Written by Andrew Coates

October 16, 2021 at 11:19 am

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  1. “Williamson has allied with this bloc in the past, before becoming enamoured with George Galloway and the Workers Party of Britain.”

    The SWP were once hopeful about recruiting Williamson. He appeared at their (much scaled down) Marxism festival a few years ago in a joint debate with SWP leader Charles Kimber. Post Delta high profile leftists at Marxism are rare so the SWP would have considered this something of a coup (while high profile Labour people won’t appear at Marxisms they will appear with SWP front groups where they are deniability…..they just deny they are SWP front groups). Anyway Kimber proceeded to suck up to Williamson and state that anti Semitism in the Labour Party was a myth and non existent and Williamson was totally innocent of all charges. Williamson in his talk expounded the supposed virtues of Modern Monetary Theory stating that will Socialists control the Central Banks, can print Fiat currency and can afford everything !! The no doubt bemused SWP members in the audience and Kimber didn’t push back in any way.
    Williamson obviously didn’t join up with the SWP and that was really the last he was heard of in the Socialist Worker. Having set up a rival organization he been un-personed.


    October 16, 2021 at 4:12 pm

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