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Brexit: Autumn of Anguish as Shortages Grow.

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As Autumn Comes Brexit Backers Squirm.

London, Burning by Anthony Quinn (2021) is a novel about the final years of the 1970s, the end of an era. The principal threads are about Vicky Tress a young policewoman who gets involved with the Bent Coppers scandal, . Hannah Strode a youthful reporter, Callum Conlan is an Irish academic and writer who gets accused of involvement with the IRA, and Freddie Selves a theatre producer putting on a musical based on the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. Thatcher’s (fictional) shadow home secretary, ‘Anthony Middleton’, gives the book an even serious political player edge. Quinn lays on period atmosphere with a trowel, the Bomb Squad, Punk, and (this is a distant memory…) Silk Cut from cigarette machines in pubs. As Margaret Thatcher’s fortunes rise, the fin-de-régime, Labour government of James Callaghan is shaken by an endless series of strikes, the Winter of Discontent.

Following strikes by refuse workers Callum “was becoming so used to the ight of uncollected rubbish in the street” that he barely notice it. He couldn’t remember when the bin men had gone on strike. London had always seemed to him untidy and litter-strewn; but this something else, a towering rubbish dump that choked the pavements and stank to high heaven.”

The Winter of Discontent (1978 -9) was also marked by a Lorry Drivers’ Strike,

In Kingston upon Hull, striking hauliers were able to blockade the city’s two main roads effectively enough to control what goods were allowed into and out of the city, and companies made their case to their own nominal employees to get past the barricades. Newspaper headlines likened the situation to a siege, and the Battle of Stalingrad; fears that food supplies would also be impacted fuelled panic buying. Such coverage often exaggerated the reach of the strikers, which served both their interest and their employers’.[33] It also helped the Conservatives disseminate “Stepping Stones”‘ arguments about unionism out of control to the public; letters to the editor across the country reflected a growing public anger with the unions

Lorry drivers are again at the centre of the news…..

Bin collection within 24 local councils has been disrupted due to self-isolation rules and a lack of workers to drive the lorries.

Local government leaders have called on the home secretary Priti Patel to relax immigration rules for heavy goods vehicle drivers to ease the disruption.


Will this Autumn of Anguish be followed by a new Winter of Discontent?

UK faces two year ‘perfect storm’ of Brexit and Covi and…

d staff shortages

LBC.  EJ Ward.

A “perfect storm” of Brexit and Covid staff shortages which could last for two more years, a leading business group warned last night.

A “perfect storm” caused by Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic has left businesses battling shortages of lorry drivers, waiters, chefs and construction workers, according to the Confederation of British Industry, which represents 190,000 companies.

Director general Tony Danker warned that the “acute” skills shortages will extend into yet more industries and may not resolve themselves until 2023.

Hundreds of thousands of overseas workers, who left Britain during the pandemic, have stayed abroad while others left in the wake of stricter immigration rules following Brexit

Arch-Confusionniste Paul Embery is not shaken:

Brexit-bashing tweet ruthlessly mocked after ‘middle-class’ food shortages claim ‘Bonkers’

Brexit Denialists out today:

Written by Andrew Coates

September 6, 2021 at 2:00 pm

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