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Jean-Marie Le Pen in new Hate Trial.

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PLANTU Officiel på Twitter: "JEAN-MARIE-LE PEN EN 1988: dessin publié dans  Le Monde en septembre 1988. http://t.co/b4tRhyWdnZ"

When Le Pen called the Nazi Gas Chambers a “Detail of History”.

This is a report from France 24.

The 93-year-old founder of France’s main far-right party, Jean-Marie Le Pen, goes on trial Wednesday over allegations of once again inciting racial hatred, this time with comments targeting a Jewish pop singer.

He already has a string of hate speech convictions that eventually became too much for his daughter Marine Le Pen, who expelled him from the National Front‘s leadership in 2015 in a bid to achieve mainstream respectability.

Le Pen senior, however, has continued to relish the outrage prompted by his statements regarding Jews, Muslims, black people and immigrants.

The latest trial stems from a 2014 video on the party’s website in which Le Pen railed against artists who denounced his extremist stances, including Madonna and the French tennis star-turned-singer Yannick Noah.

Asked about the French singer and actor Patrick Bruel, Le Pen referred to his Jewish origins with a pun evoking the Holocaust – “I’m not surprised. Listen, next time we’ll do a whole oven batch!”

The taunt sparked a torrent of indignation including from leaders of his own party, with Marine Le Pen criticising what she called a “political error”.

Jean-Marie claimed the comments carried no anti-Semitic connotations “except for my political enemies or imbeciles”.

He does not intend to appear in person at the trial in Paris, where he is charged with inciting anti-Semitic hatred, according to associates.

“This case is based only on part of a phrase taken out of context,” said his lawyer Frederic Joachim, who will seek to have the charge dismissed.

The trial was delayed for years while Le Pen claimed immunity from prosecution as an MEP, a seat he won in 1984 and held until 2019.

But fellow lawmakers stripped his legal protections over the case in 2016.

Le Pen, his daughter and others from the party – now rebranded the National Rally (Rassemblement National, RN)  – are also facing financial misconduct charges over subsidies earmarked for paying their EU parliamentary aides.

Tense atmosphere at the trial of Jean-Marie Le Pen for his comments on “the batch”e (la fournée) literally “batch” but in also a reference to things put in an oven – le four).

Le Monde.

This is undoubtedly the last trial of Jean-Marie Le Pen. The elderly founder of the National Front had planned to come but, at 93 and after a painful weekend, he wrote to the court to apologise. He was being prosecuted, once again, for “provocation to racial hatred”, for a sentence pronounced on June 6… 2014 about Patrick Bruel: “It doesn’t surprise me, listen, we’ll do a ‘ batch” (la fournée) next time” , which had aroused outrage.

The Court’s judgement will be made public on the 29to of October.

Le Pen, apart from his qualities as an old style far-right rabble rouser, is quite an Orateur in his own right. One minute he is speaking elevated, formal, almost literary French (he studied to be a lawyer). The next he switches to colloquial, inevitably vulgar, language. The former leader of the Front National is both a mini-Mussolini (this Blogger has seen him address a crowd of followers at the statue of Jeanne d’Arc, rue de Rivoli, Paris on the 1st of May), and a café loudmouth.

Continuing his provocations, even as the trial is underway Le Pen has called for

the establishment of “camps” intended for the confinement of “drug addicts” and “traffickers” . Asked by his old fellow traveller , Lorrain de Saint-Affrique, and the secretary general of the Jeanne Committees, Alexandre Simonnot, Jean-Marie Le Pen commented on the new,s as is his wont, n this 630th logbook largely devoted to Marseille, where Emmanuel Macron is on the move. A city plagued by drug trafficking that the former boss of the FN links directly to immigration and to this “migratory flood ” that Alexandre Simonnot invoked. This he claimed, is the fault of the “laxity” of the “red judges” but also of the “lack of means of coercion and in particular of the detention of convicted or prosecuted ”….he stopped then continued, :“People in any case who call into question public order and who should be removed to protect the the public.”

Faced with the issue of the time needed and the cost of building more prisons Le Pen suggested a quicker solution, “des camps. Des camps de rétention. Holding camps.

Written by Andrew Coates

September 3, 2021 at 2:04 pm

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