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George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain Exposed in the Weekly Worker: “most trusted political lieutenants…. ultra-Stalinists who believe that every accused old Bolshevik in the Moscow trials of the 1930s was guilty as charged.”

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Fionna O'Leary, 🕯🇪🇺 on Twitter: "Communist Party of Great Britain  -Marxist Leninist -endorses- THE BREXIT PARTY DO PLEASE GET THAT MESSAGE  OUT TO THE REGIONS. @JRogan3000 @brexit_sham @LibDemPress Why do I suddenly

CPGB-ML, The Cades of Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain Exposed in the Weekly Worker.

All spotters are aware of the world of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Left). This cult, ruled by a family dynasty, are M-L ultras who defend “Comrade Kim Jong Il’s lifelong contribution to the Korean revolution“, “The struggle waged by Stalin and the Bolsheviks” and the Chinese Communist Party, Greetings to the Communist Party of China on its 100th anniversary They called on their ‘cadres’ to vote for the Brexit Party in the 2019 European elections.

Recently they have got involved in setting up George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain, which present itself as a kind of Communist/Socialist Blue Labour, patriotic, right wing values, married to the remnants of the anti-imperialism of fools, economic nationalism or sovereigntist socialist economics. In short. red-brown confusionniste politics.

Yet despite information (some of it reproduced on this Blog) on the CPGB (M-L), on, to start with, the Brar royal family, and their long love affair with Galloway even the most hard -bitten gumshoes have failed to get the latest inside dope on the Workers Party of Britain. How does it operate? How does this group of cadres run things? It is unlikely that anybody from our part of the left would get to find out easily, but some quarters seem to be trusted enough to get information. Yet in this case a lengthy letter, a hands on personal account of the ne’er-do-wells and their operations is now in the public domain.

Hats off to the Weekly Worker for publishing the low-down on this.


Blocked by George

Given the recent extensive coverage in your paper of George Galloway and the Workers Party of Britain in relation to the Batley and Spen by-election and beyond, I thought your readers might be interested in my experience of the WPB, its leader, and his activist supporters in the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist).

In the autumn of 2019, I had been a member of the Communist Party of Britain for two years, was the branch secretary for the Merseyside branch and a member of the CPB’s Popular Sovereignty Commission (PopSovCom). In this latter capacity, I was involved with the, rather belated attempt to establish a new left Brexit grouping, to be called ‘Leave, Fight, Transform’. I was tasked with the leading role in setting up a public launch meeting in Liverpool.

I already had speakers in place for a meeting to take place at a well known local venue for socialist meetings. A representative from Counterfire would speak, a sympathetic leading figure in Young Labour, plus perhaps myself, and with one of our leading local trade union comrades to chair. This was all well and good, but I decided to be a little more bold and imaginative, and took it upon myself to contact George Galloway online, figuring that his presence would likely double, at least, the possible attendance. To my surprise and delight, in a late night messaging exchange, George agreed to appear.

The next day, also to my surprise, but much less to my delight, leading comrades on the CPB PopSovCom rejected Galloway as a speaker, on the grounds that his presence would upset many of our ‘left allies’. I relayed this news to George the next day, and he expressed disappointment. Looking back, perhaps he saw such a meeting as a route back into the left mainstream? Anyway, during our latest messaging exchange I remarked, “We need a new party, George.” To which he replied simply, “Yep.”

At this stage, before the 2019 election had been announced, I had no idea that such a party was on George’s radar, if indeed it was. I should also make it clear that I had long shared many of Galloway’s socially conservative views, and long believed that a mass alternative to Labour could only be established by a party that met the British working class where it is ideologically: that is, economically leftist, generally pro-Brexit and patriotic, supportive of the family, law and order – and uneasy, to say the least, about the increasing extremity and domination of the left by the proponents of identity politics.

I was well aware of the CPGB(M-L), and had met their forerunners back in my Socialist Labour Party days in the 1990s. I well remember a day school at Bolton Socialist Club, where certainly Ella Rule, and possibly Joti Brar and others, were present. It was after this meeting that most of those attending from Manchester decided that if the SLP was to be taken in the direction that the likes of Harpal Brar and Royston Bull wished to take it, it was time to exit. Those of us who soon resigned from the SLP included a member who would reappear in my life as a member of the executive committee of the CPB 20 years later.

By the time of my contact with George over the proposed Liverpool meeting, I was also one of a sizable number of CPB members who believed that a ‘Vote Labour everywhere’ line was indefensible, now that Labour had adopted a ‘second referendum’ policy on Brexit. Most of this oppositional group chose to bide their time and stay within the CPB, but I was already looking for alternatives. This included attending a few of the CPGB(M-L)’s ‘study sessions’ in Liverpool – an area where they had no real presence. I found these sessions to be dull in the extreme. I was not inspired to join them, though I remained on good terms, it seemed, with the members I met, including Joti.

When the general election was called and Galloway announced that he would stand in West Bromwich, initially against Tom Watson, with open CPGB(M-L) support, I was excited, and did the honourable thing in resigning from the CPB in order to campaign for Galloway.

All told, I made the relatively lengthy trip by train from Liverpool to West Brom to campaign with George and co on four occasions. It was an enjoyable experience, and the derisory vote that Galloway ultimately received came as a huge disappointment to me.

However, I was surprised to find that on the Saturday of my last visit, just after I had caught my train back to Liverpool, the Workers Party of Britain had been formally founded at a meeting to which neither I, an active campaigner for George on the ground, nor another Liverpool supporter, a woman who had taken on the responsibility for setting up the stall every single day, had been invited. This particular dedicated female comrade left in disgust immediately, before the general election result had even been announced.

As more news of this semi-secret meeting was leaked, I became increasingly dismayed. It seems that this meeting was to be regarded as a full congress, with no new one under the newly established party rules until December 2023. This ‘congress’ also ‘elected’ a leader (George, naturally and rightly), a deputy leader (Joti) and a 40-strong members’ council. Even worse was the fact that this council, which couldn’t be changed by the membership for another four years, reserved the right to coopt new members or to dismiss old members on whatever grounds it chose. It also got to decide which of the party rank and file would be classed as ‘active’ members and thus eligible for full voting rights. Unsurprisingly, this nascent party machine was, apart from Galloway, entirely dominated by members of the CPGB(M-L).

(Note, this is the typical democratic centralist structure of a Stalinist sect.)

Despite my strong misgivings about the way the WPB had been established and the lack of a real democratic structure, I still believed it was a project worth pursuing. I thus joined on day one. I spoke from the floor at the inaugural national rally in Birmingham in January 2020 and again at the Liverpool rally in March.

I actually quit in disgust a month or so later when it seemed that I was the only member during a Zoom meeting who was not called upon to speak/ask a question (which would have been on whether or not our proposed Independent Britain should retain an independent nuclear deterrent). However, I quickly decided that my decision to leave had been rather hasty. I had already formed the opinion that ultimately Galloway and his CPGB(M-L) backers would split, and still hoped to be inside the WPB when that split happened. With this in mind, I quickly attempted to re-establish my monthly direct debit with the party.

I found that my membership was blocked. The main reason given in an email was the informal criticisms over the lack of democratic structures and transparency that I had raised during my brief period of membership.

When, in the run up to the Batley and Spen by-election, I made generally favourable pro-WPB statements online, established friendly relations with some of their new recruits, and re-established contact with some members who, like me, had been involved from the beginning. I then tried again to reinstate my direct debit and was again blocked, without explanation. Two party members volunteered to speak at the members council on my behalf, but, as I heard nothing, I decided just before the election to take a chance and contact George directly online, reminding him of my early involvement, and expressing regret that I was not able to be a part of his current election campaign. His reaction was to block me.

Essentially, that was my involvement with the WPB over. I have never had much respect for the CPGB(M-L), but I did greatly respect George Galloway. No longer. His refusal to give full backing for the victimised Batley grammar school teacher tells us all we need to know about his principles. He was clearly quite happy to sacrifice the supposedly pro-free speech, pro-worker, anti-woke credentials of his party when he thought it might cost him Muslim votes.

How will it all end? Eventually, George and the CPGB(M-L) will fall out, as recent contributors to your paper have pointed out. There is no doubt that the WPB is building as a party, but growth within a larger organisation always poses problems for a sect like the CPGB(M-L). Put simply, they will win some raw recruits for their particular brand of simplified Stalinism, probably enough to call the whole venture a success once it is over, but it will not be enough to maintain control of the WPB, should it really begin to take off as a viable party.

How will George react when and if his most trusted political lieutenants are exposed as ultra-Stalinists who believe that every accused old Bolshevik in the Moscow trials of the 1930s was guilty as charged?

Despite his oft-quoted remark that “If you don’t run, they can’t chase you”, I believe that he will begin to run, faster and faster, to put as much distance between himself and his current leading comrades as possible.

Tony Green


Tony Green’s experience confirms what most of us had intuitively guessed.

Welcome to the (very large) Blocked by Galloway! society some time ago I was blocked, despite never having contacted him, or commented on his Tweets…. The only reason I know is that I was once looking for his latest mad tweets…

Written by Andrew Coates

July 30, 2021 at 12:06 pm

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  1. Who is Tony Green ? He seems to be a ‘red-browner’ par excellence, what with his take on social mores and Brexit. I am wondering if he is one of the Skwawkbox BTL pseudononymous menagerie, given his Merseyside roots ?

    David Walsh

    July 30, 2021 at 12:34 pm

  2. You could knock me down with a feather! Who would credit it?!

    Sue r

    July 30, 2021 at 1:54 pm

  3. Rather apt that he should be called Tony Green considering that he blatantly thinks Bullseye contestants were the “real” working class and, say, the man with a number one album and three songs in the Top 6 of the singles chart isn’t. It is, of course, instructive – even if faintly comically – that the Harpal Brar axis was too much *even for him*.

    More generally his use of the phrase “the British working class” when he means “older white working-class men in smaller towns”, an entirely different thing, and his use of the snarl word “identity politics” to sneer at the idea that Black British people are mostly working-class as well, do indeed give him away. But then even Coatesy has retweeted a Novara Media article dismissing the claims to socialism of the young, probably written by a Beatles fan who doesn’t see the irony …


    July 30, 2021 at 6:21 pm

    • Bro Green’s forecast of a CPB break-up; “The catalyst for implosion may simply be over election tactics, should another by-election be called soon. Will Galloway insist on being the candidate….?” was premature, given the news today that Apsana Begum has been cleared by the courts of possible career busting HB fraud. As a result, George Galloway can now stop looking for that elusive bed sit in Mile End with plenty of USB compatible modems. BTW I just lurrve the fact the CPB’s Popular Sovereignty Commission was named, in best Leninsky Prospekt house style, the PopSovCom…………

      David Walsh

      July 30, 2021 at 7:33 pm

      • Meanwhile the old red-brown front is in difficulty.

        Andrew Coates

        July 30, 2021 at 9:43 pm

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