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Communist Party of Ireland has Massive Split.

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Form of entryism” at centre of split.

The Communist Party of Ireland (CPIIrishPáirtí Cumannach na hÉireann) is an all-Ireland Marxist–Leninist party, founded in 1933. The party is a member of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties.

The claim to Marxism-Leninism is already leading to splits.

From tip top Gumshoe Jim. (my middle name, a coincidence, I think not!)

Important information for International readers and subscribers to Unity.

As you are a regular subscriber or international reader of Unity the Northern Area of the CPI is duty bound to inform you of important events that have resulted in serious adverse consequences for the entire Communist Party of Ireland. Earlier this year the CPI’s Youth Movement, the Connolly Youth Movement (CYM) held a special Ard Fheis (Congress) at which they voted to sever their links with the CPI.

The decision was carried with 73% in favour. This was the result of accusations by the NEC of the CPI that the Youth Movement was practicing a form of entryism under the influence of an ultra – leftist leadership. The southern area and subsequently the NEC had imposed a ban on CYM members who wished to hold joint membership with the CPI. We should stress the Northern Area of the Party’s relationship with the CYM had remained harmonious throughout the intensifying conflict with a section the NEC of the Party.Concurrently the NEC itself was increasingly divided, with northern members in particular concerned that serious breaches of the constitution, political programme and democratic centralism were taking place.

The Northern Area Committee expressed these concerns in a series of letters to the NEC requesting they be discussed. These were dismissed as groundless, and the NAC told to withdraw their concerns and allegations peremptorily. As the conflict grew deeper the Northern Area indicated we could no longer accept these decisions and the direction in which the NEC majority was taking the Party.

Added to this a new method of re-registration was introduced without full discussion or consultation and comrades were advised failure to adhere to this would mean they would no longer be members of the CPI. All but two of the northern comrades chose to re-register according to the procedure in place for the previous 50 years, in line with the constitution and were subsequently considered to have expelled themselves form the CPI. In addition, we in the Northern Area have been constantly named as partitionist and reformist.

While the decision of the CYM to sever its links with the CPI is in the public domain neither the NEC nor the NAC has at the time of writing made public what has happened – although this is unlikely to remain the situation. However, given the fact it is currently not in the public domain we feel we should not release the detailed documentation on what has transpired, both on the NEC’s criticism of the NAC and northern members generally and our responses.We appreciate this makes it difficult for you to have an informed opinion but hope you will appreciate our aim is not to solicit your support for our position at present, but to inform you of the current situation.

We would also ask you to treat this letter as confidential until and if the issue is in the public domain.We do feel however, as Unity has been removed from the CPI website and in view of the current crisis that as a subscriber to the paper or international reader you are entitled to be informed of the situation. We can assure you that Unity will continue to reflect the work of comrades in the northern area for the party and in the people’s organizations in accordance with the constitution, programme and democratic practices of the Communist Party of Ireland. We hope you will continue to be a reader of the paper and or subscribe to it. We can provide you with a fuller explanation of what has happened in due course if you so wish. We all hope these serious difficulties can be fully addressed and eventually overcome, but it would be disingenuous to suggest this will happen in the near future.Northern Area Committee and northern members of the of the CPI.

Comment: These micro Marxist-Leninist Parties are barking;

Written by Andrew Coates

June 2, 2021 at 8:08 pm

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