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French Left, a ‘Pact of Mutual Respect’ for the 2022 Presidential Elections.

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Réunion de la gauche : Jadot et les socialistes tentent une OPA sur l'union  | L'Humanité

Left Pact of Mutual Respect.

About twenty representatives of the main French left-wing parties gathered this Saturday in Paris at the call of the ecologist Yannick Jadot (Europe Ecologie les Verts, EELV). They will meet again in a month to discuss their proposals for the 2020 presidential election. They included the socialists Anne Hidalgo and Olivier Faure, the Communist (PCF) Ian Brossat, Sandrine Rousseau (EELV National Secretary) Éric Coquerel (la France insoumise LFI), Pôle écologiste ( principally, Générations, Génération écologie,) – Julien Bayou, Éric Piolle, Benoît Hamon (former Socialist Presidential candidate in 2017, Corinne Lepage ,  Raphaël Glucksmann, of Place publique, the Parti radical de gauche, and a small group of former supporters of President Macron,  the Nouveaux Démocrates.

The Communist daily, L’Humanité, states today,

Présidentielle 2022. Réunion de la gauche : une salle, deux ambiances

A pact of “mutual respect” was concluded between the progressive forces, meeting on Saturday. But the eagerness of the ecologist Yannick Jadot and the Socialist Party to move forward on the basis of a common candidacy has aroused tensions.

PCF spokesperson Ian Brossat came to say that the left “would collectively benefit from focusing on issues that preoccupy the working classes, such as employment or deindustrialisation”. He also affirmed that it is necessary to work for an on working for the legislative elections which is not conditional on agreement for the presidential contest” . The representative of the La France insoumise (Mélenchon’s Rally/Movement I, Eric Coquerel, himself has presented “tracks on the sharing of wealth, labour time” promoted “the idea of the VI th  Republic” and the need to conduct “joint mobilizations “.He even offered to organize the next meeting at the headquarters of his movement. What the audience rejected, preferring to remain on neutral ground. Leftist radical Guillaume Lacroix raised the issue of secularism, and Anne Hidalgo wished for a truce on the subject to focus more on social issues. And, as expected, Yannick Jadot (Greens) proposed a “government contract”, approved by Olivier Faure (Parti Socialist) . In short, everyone arrived with their agenda already written, and wished to share this with the others present.

Le Monde is more upbeat, while underlining that differences on the left remain strong.

Réunion des gauches : les lignes d’accord et de désaccord se précisent

 twenty or so party leaders also decided to organize “joint responses” to major government reforms: unemployment insurance , pensions, (in reaction to Macron’s planned ‘reforms’ climate change legislation and the President’s law on ‘global security’ (banning people photographing the police images and increasing surveillance – widely seen as a threat to civil liberates and which met public protest). They also agreed that, if everyone develops their own separate programme for 2022, it will be necessary to discuss them. A new meeting will therefore take place at the end of May in order to discuss each other’s proposals. Associative platforms and citizen initiatives such as “Never again” or “2022 in common” will be invited to this new meeting and public debates are being considered.

The principal message, Le Monde and other news sources state, is that there are serious moves afoot to reach agreement between the Ecologists (EELV) and the Socialists (PS) ” l’unité retrouvée entre écologistes et socialistes”. La socialiste Anne Hidalgo(Mayor of Paris) comme Yannick Jadot ont souhaité que s’enclenche dès samedi un nouveau cycle de discussions pour les partisans d’une candidature commune du noyau PS-EELV. (new round of negotiations between the PS-EELV axis). This willingness to work together amongst top figures of two parties is not necessarily shared by all the leadership or members.

La France insoumise have declared that they are satisfied with the meeting but that they will not accept unity with other parties if the result is a muddle, only working together results in clarity. They will not accept a programme that compromises with the neo-liberal authoritarian system, Their ambitions centre on Mélenchon’s Candidacy for President, and making a pact of non-agreession. Other differences incube that Mélenchon continues to declare that he wishes to renegotiate a series of European Treaties, a view opposed by much of the left present on Saturday.

Strategically the LFI is said to base its campaigning as a ‘ pôle de radicalité’  attracting workers the excluded, and those who have abstained from voting in the past, while the Greens and Socialists aim to win over former voters for Macon’s La République en Marche. A few Greens continue to believe that the LFI can work with a broader, “arc humaniste’ (Présidentielle: derrière l’union gauches-écolos, le périmètre en question)

Further to the left sadly there does not seem to be much mutual respect inside the Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste (NPA) .

The National Political Council of the NPA met this Sunday, April 4. During the day, among other things, we exchanged about the upcoming electoral deadlines, and we collectively determined an overall calendar of discussions concerning the presidential election.

In the wake of this meeting, Anasse Kazib, member of the NPA and of the “CCR-Permanent Revolution” announced, on social networks, his “pre-candidacy” for the presidential election of 2022. This announcement, which was actually scheduled since several days, was therefore made outside any decision-making framework of the organization.

This was the response from the factionalists:


A propos d’un communiqué du NPA sur les Présidentielles

A statement was issued on behalf of the NPA leadership to challenge the fact that Anasse Kazib presented his presidential pre-candidacy at the National Political Council on April 4. This press release is both false and illegitimate. Below is the focus of Permanent Revolution.

Written by Andrew Coates

April 19, 2021 at 4:38 pm

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  1. The Guardian has now noticed these matters, and has decided to give the French left a bit of a wigging (some wry smiles if this is noticed in France, given our left’s own issues, I feel). Here’s their august editorial; https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/apr/20/the-guardian-view-on-the-french-left-dangerously-divided-and-dysfunctional

    David Walsh

    April 20, 2021 at 11:48 pm

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