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The Rise of Right Wing Identity Politics.

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May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Laurence Fox @LozzaFox 2d As your mayor, Children will be taught about the good Britain has done in the past, as well as the bad. And any institution which seeks to undermine our shared culture via critical social justice and critical race theory will lose their funding in London. A Union Jack will fly outside EVERY SCHOOL and INSTITUTION in London RECLAIM PARTY LAURENCEFO Your London. Your Freedom. Reclaim Your London. Your Freedom. Reclaim it. laurencefoxforlondon.co.uk 310 879 4,498"

“‘Identity politics allows the privileged to pretend to be oppressed’” Brendan O’Neill. (Spiked)

Identity politics have become the plaything of the right and an array of confusionnistes. Farewell Woke. Goodbye gender politics. Adieu, Intersexuality. The magnetism of the national neo-liberalism of the British Government, and ;the claims of National Sovereignty have worked their effects. The politics of the identity and, nation, and flag, right wing identity politics are everywhere. There’s even a ‘left’ version, claiming to speak for the ‘real’ working class, not the shifting cosmopolitans of the left,, and a variety of nationalist (SNP) and regionalist forms (Northern Independence Party, NIP).

Post Brexit you would have thought that Sovereigntist politics, left’ or right would have lost traction. But from the pages of Spiked to the launcher of GB News, it’s the right wing, the nationalist populists, who are leaders of the pack.

“Andrew Neil launches 24-hour news channel to rival BBC and Sky.”

Nowhere have the voices of the new identitairians been louder than in the London Mayoral Elections.

From the London mayor: The full list of candidates standing at the 2021 election

Piers Corbyn and the Let London Live movement demand an immediate end to all lockdowns and restrictions imposed on the people in the name of fighting a virus. 

If elected as Mayor of London Piers Corbyn calls on the people to “refuse to abide by coronavirus restrictions on freedom, life and liberty. I will instruct the police to stop enforcement of coronavirus rules and regulations in London. We will stand up as a beacon of hope to the people of the world.”

..the breakthrough for the pandemic industry had to wait for the next opportunity which came in 2020 with the SARS-COV-2 “pandemic”  which they had been preparing by means of simulations and catastrophe planning exercises, like an army prepares for war. …..It is not a conspiracy theory to say that there is no pandemic.

Confusionist, Conspiracist, one-time International Marxist Group activist, and, for term, a Labour Councillor in the 1990s: He has actually got on the ballot.

Piers Corbyn, Let London Live

Peter Gammons United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). There is no need to comment further

Social Democratic Party (SDP), canal historique, now a hard-line pro-Brexit groupuscule:

David Kurten Heritage Party: “a socially conservative political party in the UK, standing for free speech, traditional family values, national sovereignty & financial responsibility.”

This chap, already familiar to our readers:

And, naturally, old matey Fox:

To round it off there’s this, (Spiked) Julie Burchill.

Harry and Meghan can’t hold a candle to Prince Philip

He showed the self-obsessed duo what a life of public service really looks like.

Just as I could never vote Tory until it became clear that this was the only way to get Brexit done, so I could never stand up for the queen’s theme song until Harry and Meghan rocked up with their passion project – ‘The Grabdication’ as I coined it – to make it all about them.

Written by Andrew Coates

April 12, 2021 at 11:27 am

4 Responses

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  1. I can’t help seeing this rise in identity politics, whether ostensibly ‘left’ or avowedly ‘right’, as a symptom of the Americanisation of our political discourse. Social media and globalised web-based news coverage means that Britain is increasingly part of a single cultural Anglosphere, necessarily dominated by the US as the much larger and much richer English-speaking power. And so we import the US’s culture wars, and the modes of thinking which go with them, while imagining we are playing out our own politics. The right rebadges its version of Trumpery with Union Jacks, while the left imports individualist liberal wokery from the campus end of the Democratic Party and kids itself that this is socialist politics.


    April 12, 2021 at 11:54 am

  2. Polling shows Sadiq Khan could win London mayoral race in first round

    Although Khan is down two percentage points compared to the last poll, the Labour candidate is on 51% of votes compared to 29% for the Conservative candidate.

    Shaun Bailey has been strongly criticised for his Tory mayoral campaign, described as “comically bad” by The New Statesman. YouGov polling also shows Khan is way ahead of his Conservative rival, with at least a 20-point lead.

    Opinium polling shows Green candidate Siân Berry and Liberal Democrat candidate Luisa Porritt tied third on 8%, both up one point on the last poll, UKIP’s Peter Gammons on 1% and 2% selecting “another candidate”.


    Andrew Coates

    April 13, 2021 at 3:36 pm

  3. It’s a replay of 1939. Positive Christian Socialists who loved Hitler’s paintings of Madonna with Jesus battled with lay socialists who loved Stalin and despised Hitler’s paintings of Madonna with Jesus. The only thing they has in common was shared hatred of freedom, which they spurned as greed, plutocracy, stock-exchange jewry and laissez-faire egoism. May the whole lot be replaced by fallout!


    April 15, 2021 at 1:03 am

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