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David Miller: Bristol University Launches Formal Investigation

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Leading Miller Supporter….

Jewish News:

Bristol University has launched an investigation into a professor who called Jewish students “pawns of a racist regime engaged in ethnic cleansing”.

The institution has come in for severe criticism from communal organisations for not taking action against the academic. After the announcement, Jewish students said the probe was launched “far too late”.


The BBC reports,

An investigation has been launched over comments made about Israel by a University of Bristol professor.

Prof David Miller accused the country of wanting to “impose [its] will all over the world”, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

Dozens called for action claiming the comments were “inciting hatred against Jewish students”.

In a statement the university said it recognised the “deep concern” the comments had caused.

“We can confirm that the university has already initiated an investigation into this matter.

“The investigation is being carried out in accordance with the university’s internal process,” adding the process was “confidential”.

The problem many people have is that far from just defending Miller’s right to express an opinion, his defenders are hell bent on defending his ‘academic’ work based on this account of ‘Zionists’ and Agents of Israel operate in the UK.


In particular they’ve done this through inter-faith work, pretending that Jews and Muslims working together will be an apolitical way of countering racial misunderstandings. No, it’s a Trojan horse for normalizing Zionism in the Muslim community.

Chicken Soup,

We saw it in [the] East London Mosque, for example, where the East London Mosque, unknowingly, held this project of making chicken soup with the Jewish and Muslim communities coming together. This is an Israeli-backed project to normalize Zionism within the Muslim community. And they’re doing that at the same time as they were doing the attack on Corbyn and the continued attack on the left to normalize Zionism on the Left.

You said they were successful – and I think we can debate the extent to which they were successful – but they did manage to peel off a certain section of the left. And we saw that in the beginning – we didn’t maybe realise [that] at the time – with what happened to Jackie [Walker] who was in the calls? just now, who was peeled off from Momentum and then elements of Momentum peeled off.

So, even elements of Momentum became turned by a kind of left-Zionism, by elements of the [Jewish Labour Movement], partly no doubt to do with the pro-Zionists in the AWL, the Alliance for Workers Liberty, pro-Zionist left. (I believe ‘Trotskyist’ is the appropriate term for them as well.) And so that, I think, is a real issue. And the Israeli Government, of course, have been involved in this from the beginning.



This chap won’t be around to defend him at present.

May be an image of 1 person, standing and text

INDEFINITELY POSTPONED: Zionism: past, present – and future? with Tony Greenstein

This, from the above ‘pro-Zionist’ left,  the AWL, looks a better way to approach some of these issues:

Cathy Nuget.


On the IHRA, universal adoption on such an unclear basis may produce a febrile atmosphere where both a backlash against campaigning for Palestinian rights and anti-Zionist witch hunts are possible.

Many Jewish students and staff will want the IHRA text adopted, not least because universities can do much better at tackling bullying, harassment and abuse. We have to campaign for more resources to support students and staff who are victims of abuse. We need clearer and more effective university codes of conducts — ones which allow students and staff to seek redress without recrimination.

There are real problems with free speech at UK universities. They are not as the government defines them. The marketisation of universities has seen the suppression of postering, paper-selling and leafleting, students being subject to surveillance through Prevent, and the use of police against students on campuses.

A broad freedom of speech and organisation for all should be guaranteed, other than for clear-cut fascists and where there is immediately dangerous incitement.

Student unions and activists tend now to argue for administrative bans on reactionary speakers, when a better response is denouncing and organising protests against them. There has been some raising of “no-platforming” from a tactic to a principle of too-wide application.

That has depoliticised student politics. We want political challenges and protests against the views we disagree with to be the norm. Debate from students in all contexts — in lectures and seminars as well — with rules for respectful conduct of debate without fear of recrimination, should always be what we aim for.


Written by Andrew Coates

March 17, 2021 at 4:47 pm

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  1. Judge releases Brighton activist Tony Greenstein on bail

    A judge has released Brighton anti-zionist Tony Greenstein on bail after he was held in prison on a charge of having “an article with intent to destroy property”.


    Following an appearance at Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court, the 67-year-old was remanded in custody.”

    Greenstein currently also faces a separate trial in Sussex later this year on charges of harassing Labour Party members in Brighton.

    He is accused of carrying out a campaign of harassment over almost five months last year which involved sending seven “abusive, insulting and offensive” emails which also included veiled threats to employees.

    He denied the charges when he appeared at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 4 March and was bailed by the bench.


    Andrew Coates

    March 17, 2021 at 9:26 pm

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