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Skwawkbox devotes itself to attacks on Labour.

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Skwawkbox Publicises ‘Strike’ Against Labour Campaigning.

Breaking. Exclusive.


The Skwawkbox alt-news site is now running anti-Labour stories on a daily basis.

But Lo! A rapprochement with Britain’s most famous Vegan (after Morrisey) is on the cards.

The SKWAWKBOX Retweeted

Walker has a new fan.

Tiring perhaps of his latest man-crush, Tony Greenstein, Williamson is head over heels in love with Skwawky.

Monday night saw a hard-hitting discussion between Ian Hodson of the Bakers’ union (BFAWU) and the Fire Brigades Union’s (FBU) Matt Wrack on Socialist Telly’s ‘Skwawk Talk’ programme.

And in an explosive section of the programme, Bakers’ president Hodson indicated that the union’s affiliation with the Labour party may not last much longer, such is the dissatisfaction of union members with the Labour party’s direction and policies under Keir Starmer.

BFAWU has been consulting with its members since January and Hodson said that the results so far show that only 9% of its members think that the Labour party is serving their interests or values:

The comments on Skwawkbox are from a world in itself.

What a disgrace the labour party has become these mp’s don’t represent the working class anymore maybe the Israelis can fund new labour or TB and chums but i doubt it , Fuck labour.

As a factional tool Steve Walker’s site continues its fight for one side in UNITE>

Exclusive: PULS secretary backs Beckett – and accuses United Left of gerrymandering selection and misusing Scottish member data

Written by Andrew Coates

February 17, 2021 at 5:50 pm

2 Responses

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  1. But deep in the normally impenetrable world that Skwawkbox’s camp followers inhabit, stirrings not altogether to the site proprietors liking are showing. In a piece a few days ago which purported to show, risibly, that Beckett will walk the UNITE contest (based on a risible “metric” of counting up tweets and retweets) a number of anti HB comments emerged rather like the echo of the shouting at the back of the crowd in Nicolae Ceausescu’s last public outing. One; uexpurgated is below;

    “Skwawwkbox’s beloved , constantly promoted as a true radical, millionaire ex law firm owner, Union bureaucrat Howard Beckett, is another insider McCluskey crony, of the same empty rhetoric mould . His purely rhetorical recent radical verbiage is purely there to win over the proportionately large (in a laughably tiny turnout) Left vote – and will certainly NOT result in real world action if he wins . So the democratically selected Left candidate is Steve Turner – NOT Howard Beckett. But Skwawkbox, which Beckett was instrumental in financially supporting during that libel case , potentially a bankrupting lost case , slavishly backs Howard Beckett as a return favour – with no platform provided for the actual Left candidate – or explanation of why he is ‘unsuitable’. This is cronyism too, Skwawkbox – and you are splitting the Left Vote , not Steve Turner . So the ghastly Right wing con man , Coyle, wins ? What a tragedy.”

    There were others but they have been pulled, and mysteriously the comments were “closed” from above. The latest post, giving the rather Trumpian arguments about how and why Beckett in fact “won” the United Left vote wasn’t going to be held to ransom by irritated, seditious post respondents, and thus does not allow for comments at all. It’s a rough job having to do the Kremlin Tomb line up SP on Skwawkbox, but someone has to do it…….

    david walsh

    February 17, 2021 at 7:16 pm

    • It is quite incredible David.

      I mean I have just been at a Webinar, in French, about the future of the alter-globalisation movements, with contributions from Latin American Spanish and and Portuguese speakers (it was not necessarily a joy to listen to their French) , « Où en sont l’altermondialisme et le FSM après le Forum social mondial virtuel du 23 au 29 janvier 2021 ? ».

      Veuillez cliquer sur cette URL pour vous joindre.

      They talked about stuff like Brazil, climat campaigns, the future of the party-model, and what’s left of the Occupy etc anti-globalisation moment.

      Skwawky’s concerns make this all look provincial in comparison.

      Andrew Coates

      February 17, 2021 at 8:14 pm

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