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Génération identitaire: French Government begins process to ban Far Right ‘Identity’ movement

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Far right: Darmanin initiated the dissolution of Generation Identity

Right-Wing Identity Politics.


France has begun a process to ban French far-right group Generation Identitaire, which is known to be hostile to migrants, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said.

Generation Identitaire has repeatedly tried to bar migrants from entering the country, conducting high-profile raids in the French Alps and the Pyrénées.

France seeking to ban far-right, anti-migrant group  National Post.

The Minister of the Interior had mentioned this procedure on January 26 after an anti-migrant operation in the  Pyrenees. About thirty militants were deployed between Luchon (Haute-Garonne) and the Spanish border. With cars screen printed with the words,  “Defend Europe”, they had settled at the Col du Portillon, some had gone on hikes using a drone to monitor the border. A preliminary investigation for “public provocation to racial hatred” had been opened. This investigation entrusted to the research brigade of the gendarmerie of Saint-Gaudens is justified by “remarks made on this banner very clearly anti-immigration and especially the reason why this banner was deployed”, explained the prosecutor of Saint- Gaudens (Haute-Garonne), Christophe Amunzateguy. A complaint from SOS Racisme was also received.

Le Parisian.

This ban, or in legal terms the ‘dissolution’ of a political group formed within French law on public associations, comes at a time when issues of identity have reached a new stage.

Liberal identity politics has, for some time, had a parallel on the right and the far-right.

In Britain this has largely taken the form of support for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. Within this push for national sovereignty and identity against the European Union included a strong cultural theme.

Research by Anthony Heath and Lindsay Richards indicates an

association between an English identity, a preference for a hard Brexit, and the red lines of restoring British sovereignty and the ability to make independent trade deals and ending free movement and budget contributions to the EU.

Nationalism, racism, and identity: what connects Englishness to a preference for hard Brexit? 2018

Pro-Brexit identity politics equally exists in the writings of a layer of ‘left wing’ pro-Brexit activists, such Paul Embery. The firefighter and Blue Labour supporter  defends the traditional working class, and, “old-fashioned concepts such as patriotism, self-discipline, conscience, religious belief, marriage…respect for tradition.” (Despised: Why the Modern Left Loathes the Working Class. 2020). It goes without saying that Embery is not favourable to immigration and free movement.

National populist identity politics are defended by Spiked guru Frank Furedi another militant pro-Brexiteer. Hungary, he wrote in November 2020, , has taken a brave stand against “West’s woke elites.”. The government of Viktor Orbán” voices sentiments and values that remain popular, and which resonate with millions of people throughout the world.”

..from the globalist standpoint of the Western cultural and political establishments, the values promoted by the Hungarian government are antithetical to ‘our worldview’. In the Hungarian government’s upholding of traditional values, many of which are associated with Christianity, or its defence of national sovereignty, the likes of the European Union or Big Tech see something archaic and threatening.

Hungary’s war on woke

Slightly further to the right are the ‘Identitaires‘. Their origins, largely French, go back to the early years of the new millenium. This grouping was “founded in 2003 by some former members of Unité Radicale and several other anti-Zionist and National Bolshevik sympathisers.”

But it is much better known in its present form.


Génération Identitaire (GI) was established in 2012 in France, stemming from a bigger movement called Les Identitaires (or previously Bloc Identitaire), and advocating for a new generation of active European citizens. The movement spread across the European continent and now has prominent affiliated groups in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Italy (e.g. Generation Identity, Identitäre Bewegung and Generazione Identitaria).

Génération Identitaire seeks to bring together young Europeans around a common cause: the defence of Europe. Defence… but against what? According to the activists of GI, the identity and the future of Europe are both in danger due the “Islamisation of Europe” and the “migrant invasion”.

The movement has already launched a protest against the ban.


Here are some of the first supporters of the call.

Ils ont pris position contre la dissolution de Génération Identitaire

Marine Le Pen (Présidente du Rassemblement National)
Jean Messiha (Président du cercle de réflexion Apollon)
André Bercoff (Animateur sur Sud Radio)
Robert Ménard (Maire de Béziers)

Written by Andrew Coates

February 14, 2021 at 12:14 pm

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