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Protests Against Coronavirus “False Alarm”, Berlin, Poland and London.

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British Protest Against Masks, Vaccines and Tests.

Spiked, the magazine of Baroness Claire Regina Fox, has been at the forefront of complaints against restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic.

These are  just a couple of the latest of a long series of their articles.

I’m worried about all the people who think science is on their side and their attempts to ‘save lives’ are worth the cost of making those lives around them miserable.

The‌ ‌real‌ ‌maskholes

‘The lockdown has caused a humanitarian tragedy’

Barrister Francis Hoar explains why the lockdown may have been unlawful.

Germany: 18 officers injured dispersing Berlin rally against coronavirus curbs

Deutsche Welle.

Berlin police said that 18 of its officers were injured, while three were hospitalized in dispersing some 20,000 people protesting against anti-pandemic measures. Many participants dismissed the coronavirus as a “false alarm.”

At least 18 police officers were reportedly injured in Berlin on Saturday as they tried to break up a large gathering of people demonstrating against coronavirus restrictions, including the face mask requirement.

Three of the officers were being treated in hospital, Berlin police said on Twitter. It had deployed 1,100 officers to monitor the rally and disperse the crowd.

As German officials warn of soaring infection numbers, the protesters remain defiant. “The virus of freedom has reached Berlin,” said one of the organisers, Michael Ballweg.


The politics of the event was clearly on view.


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, crowd and outdoor, text that says "STOP TOTALITARYZMOM"


Britain, largely ignored demonstration.

Guess who’s in that video clip…


The Palestinian flag,  the far-right tenor of  their targets (Bill Gates, Soros) and the  ‘libertarian’  tinge of the ‘patriotic Free People Alliance, indicates the political confusionism of the movement.

Perhaps, with their influence in British Politics, Spiked could publicise the British protests.




Written by Andrew Coates

August 2, 2020 at 11:24 am

23 Responses

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  1. Spiked and co are nutters. That does not mean, however, that the policy of lockdown itself is not insane. A scattergraph of countries that have or haven’t had lockdowns shows no correlation between lockdowns and effective limitations of deaths and serious illness. Belgium which had an early and strict lockdown has had a high mortality rate, Sweden, which has had no lockdown, has a mortality rate about half that in Britain, and has effectively eliminated any new deaths. Because it has had no lockown, unlike Britain, Spain and elsewhere, it faces no likely upsurge in deaths from the lifting of such lockdowns.

    Britain, and other countries that imposed these ineffecgive lockdowns now seem to be coming around to the strategy they should have adopted from the beginning of isolating the 20% of the population actually at serious risk from it. If they had done that from the start they would have avoided the 40,000 deaths of old people in Britain, mostly already locked down in care homes, and would also have avoided the huge damage they have inflicted on the economy, which will cause large scale ill-health and death in the coming years.

    Still that effect is minor compared to the devastating effect globally of the insane lockdown policy, which Oxfam has concluded will throw an additional 500 million people into poverty. Globally, far more people are likely to die from malnutrition, and other ill-health related problems from the economic calamity that the government imposed lockdowns have caused than COVID19 was ever likely to cause, especially had it been dealt with rationally by isolating the 20% of the population actually at risk. In fact, the 650,000 that have died globally is a tiny fraction of the 45 million the team at Imperial predicted, though that kind of catastrophism seems to be the hallmark of their previous predictions too.


    August 2, 2020 at 2:28 pm

    • Dangerous, potentially murderous, right-wing nonsense! It’s Boris Johnson’s ‘herd immunity’ quackery. Big Business hates lockdowns as they then can not squeeze profits out of workers.

      COVID-19 kills not just 20% of elderly people. It kills newborn babies and teenagers as well. It is not ‘just a flu’ like Bolsonaro claims.

      ‘Mild’ COVID-19 is not mild. People who did not even go to hospitals, and were declared ‘cured’ now, months later, have permanent lung and heart damage and cannot walk properly:


      Sweden’s laissez-faire Russian roulette with lives resulted in far more deaths than in surrounding countries Denmark, Norway and Finland, The Swedish authorities have admitted their strategy was wrong and killed extra people,


      August 2, 2020 at 2:46 pm

      • Total nonsense. Just because big business hates lockdowns is no reason why workers or socialists should love them! As Trotsky said learn to think. We do not create our positions by simply putting a plus everyone that our opponents place a minus!

        Herd immunity is not quackery, but a long held scientific concept for preventing deaths from viruses and bacteria. It is the principle developed by Jenner that led to the development of vaccines. Those that oppose “herd immunity”, therefore, put themselves in the same camp as the wackos of the anti-vacc brigade!

        As for deaths, the facts are quite clear. As the Imperial College Team even identified based on their analysis of the Chinese data, the elderly are more than 1000 times more at risk of death and serious illness than the young. The ONS data for Britain confirms it.

        They note,

        “The majority of deaths involving COVID-19 have been among people aged 65 years and over (45,812 out of 51,264).”

        Their data shows just 5 people aged under 14 having died from COVID19. Even up to age 44 there are only 550 deaths, and all these can be attributed to people who had other underlying medical conditions that compromised their immune response. Those who suffer severe illness come from the same cohorts as those that die.

        As the scattergraph shown in this article article shows there is no correlation between lockdown and effectiveness in reducing COVID19 mortality rates.

        Sweden’s mortality rate is much lower than that in Britain, and it has more or less eliminated any new deaths from the virus without lockdowns. The latest data also shows that its economy has been less affected than others in Europe.

        Its not the bourgeoisie that is going to suffer from the mass unemployment caused by the insane lockdowns, but workers, particularly the most deprived workers. But, if you think that the motivation should be stopping capital being able to make profits rather than positively advancing the interests of workers, I can see why that death and destruction being imposed on hundreds of millions of workers across the globe as a result of the lockdown is of no concern to you!


        August 3, 2020 at 12:45 pm

        • So, you believe Boris Johnson’s murderous quackery on ‘herd immunity’. You prefer playing Russian roulette with human lives.

          You should, of course, compare Sweden to the other Scandinavian countries around it. Not to Tory ruled much denser populated Britain.

          Apologies by Swedish authorities for killing people with their laissez-faire mismanagement:


          While children get Kawasaki’s disease from prematurely criminally reopened schools, massively infecting their teachers, parents, grandparents, etc.

          While workers, the big majority of them under 65, strike and absentee themselves all over the world in order not to have to go to unsafe workplaces which may kill them.

          The solution, of course, is that capitalists have to pay the workers for being safely at home. ‘Paying them for doing nothing’, ‘free stuff’ as the likes of Trump, Bolsonaro and you, say, horrified,

          Already in the 1970s, anarchist punk band Crass sang, very correctly:

          Do they owe us a living? Of course they do! Of course they fucking do!


          August 3, 2020 at 3:03 pm

          • Crass song Do they owe us a living:


            August 3, 2020 at 3:04 pm

          • None of this is a rationally argued response. Its simply slogan mongering, and dog-whistles. If you think that capitalists have to pay workers then you clearly understand nothing about Marx’s analysis of value production, or what money is.

            Capitalists and capitalist governments can pay you as much as you like in paper or gold, but if the workers have produced nothing to buy with that paper or gold, then you will die, and before that, the paper and gold will become worthless, as it chases after this non-existent supplies of necessaries, causing hyperinflation.

            Its a staggering level of ignorance, and I’m afraid not worth my time bothering to respond to.


            August 3, 2020 at 3:15 pm

            • The workers have produced so much surplus value over the past centuries that now the capitalists can very easily afford to ‘pay them for doing nothing’, full wages, until it is 100%, not 90% but 100%, safe at work.

              The workers at Tesla cars, owned by billionaire and ‘just a flu’ liar Elon Musk, say that their murderous boss should be in jail:



              And, as Andrew’s blog post points out, anti-lockdown demonstrators and trolls like you are either nazis or people stupid enough to believe nazi propaganda.

              The ‘freedom’ they advocate is the freedom to infect others.


              August 3, 2020 at 3:26 pm

              • I really don’t know why I am bothering one last time to bother responding, because you display a staggering degree of ignorance of basic understanding of Marxist economics, or even just rationality that its a waste of my time. No wonder you quoted from Anarchists, because the level of misconceptions are a repetition of the petty-bpourgeois Utopianism of Proudhon, which as Marx says, are, therefore, also reactionary, as it the consequence of your argument. For that reason I won’t be bothering to reply further after this comment. I suggest you take the opportunity to do some reading of basic Marxist theory, rather than sallying forth with the nonsense you have purveyed here.

                First of all you put forward the basic bourgeois lie that capitalist pay workers wages, whereas a fundamental aspect of Marx’s analysis is that workers produce their own wages. Of course, you can’t admit that, because it would mean you would be faced with the obvious contradiction that if the workers are not working because of your government imposed lockdown, then obviously the workers could not be producing their own wages, either in terms of their value, or in terms of the actual use values that the workers must consume to live!

                Instead, you give us the bourgeois lie that it is capitalists who pay workers wages, and that the actual goods and services that workers need to live can somehow appear by magic from thin air without workers being n work to produce them. On this last point you don’t even need to understand Marxist economic theory, but simple common sense would do. As Marx points out to Kugelmann in explaining the Law of Value, even a child knows that unless a nation undertakes labour, it would soon be destroyed! But, no you suffer from a typical bourgeois commodity fetishism and money illusion, and think its only a matter of handing over bits of printed paper!

                You then say, workers have produced more than enough surplus value over the years. Yet more staggering ignorance. You seem to think that all this surplus value has then somehow been stored up in the form of money, but if it had what good would it be? You can’t eat banknotes or gold! Or, perhaps you think its been stored up as means of consumption, of food, clothes and so on. Again bourgeois ideology that it is the capitalists who provide the workers wages, rather than that the workers continually produce their own wages by the performance of their labour! Even some of the first workers who thought about this and write about it such as Thomas Hodgkinson, in the 19th century, understood what the reality was, that the bread eaten by the workers each day had been produced by other workers, earlier in that day.

                You do not seem to understand the central thesis of Marx that capital produces surplus value not to produce money, but to be able to accumulate that surplus value as additional capital, in the form of more factories, more machines, the production of more raw materials and so on. So, how do you propose that all of this produced and accumulated surplus value be then consumed by workers, when it now has the form of non-consumable commodities. You can’t eat a factory or a machine, or a metre of linen, or a kilo of cotton!

                As for the rest of your “comment” its again just ignorant sloganeering, amalgam, and dog whistling as an alternative to providing any rational response to the facts. Its the typical method of the troll, which is what I suspect you are, and again why I will not bother to respond to the crap you write further.


                August 4, 2020 at 10:15 am

  2. On the reality in respect of emergent Kawasaki disease the ECDC says it represents very low risk, and the Royal College of Paediatricians says,

    “Most children do not become seriously ill with COVID-19. Less than 1.5 % of all admissions to hospital with the virus are of people under 20, with even fewer of these requiring admission to an intensive care unit. But doctors have seen a small number of children and teenagers with an unusual condition which seems to be linked to the virus.

    Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome temporally associated with COVID-19 (called PIMS-TS or PIMS for short) is very rare and most children with the condition will not be seriously affected. In a very few cases it can be serious and even life-threatening.”

    In Britain, out of all the millions of people that have been infected with COVID19 there has been just 100 cases of PMIS. In the US, only 2 in 100,000 are affected. Again even amongst the very small numbers suffering PMIS, the number suffering serious ill-health is smaller still, and the number suffering death smaller still. Moreover, kawasaki system has been around for much longer COVID19.


    August 4, 2020 at 12:00 pm

  3. Someone doing a necessary refutal to the Trumpist-Bolsonarist ‘just a flu’ propaganda, also in comment boxes here, for sending workers like unarmed soldiers into infected businesses. is Dr Siouxsie Wiles. Eg:

    Putting the entire state under stage four restrictions, rather than just Melbourne, would give Victoria the best chance of success, writes Siouxsie Wiles.



    August 4, 2020 at 7:57 pm

  4. Stupid ‘I am a bigger Marxist than you’ games are useless.

    They are proof that the person engaging in it has missed the most important thing that Marx ever said.

    Marx said: ‘I am not a Marxist’. Contrary to some people in Stalinist Russia quoting Marx again and again, and some sons of rich Englishmen doing likewise.

    The reference to Proudhon is also useless. In the music video, the band Crass does not quote Proudhon. I am unaware of any other time they supposedly did that.

    I worked on an assembly line. I participated in a wildcat strike when a colleague was unfairly sacked. We did not quote Marx. We went on strike. Like workers do at assembly lines all over the world now as they don’t want to die from COVID-19 for billionaires’ profits. And if they survive, there is a big chance that their lungs, their hearts and their brains will be permanently damaged.

    I know enough about Marx to know where he would stand in the present lethal coronavirus pandemic. Pence, Vice President of Donald Trump in the USA, said to workers: Show up at work. Do your job.;

    Marx would NOT stand with Pence. He would stand with the striking workers in the businesses of murderous billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. He would stand with the slaughterhouse workers getting sick and dying in droves. He would stand with teachers not wanting to become infected and staying at home. He would stand with professional footballers and tennis players not wanting to play Russian roulette with their own lives and the lives of their families.

    ‘Boffy’ apparently considers these workers to be ‘cowards’ who should instead gamble with their lives like mercenary soldiers. He would applaud if bosses would stop paying workers who say: I am not going to any unsafe workplace.

    As for comparing Sweden and Britain, that is not a comparison between lockdown and non-lockdown. It is comparison between non-lockdown (which killed especially elderly Swedish people, contrary to the Boris-Johnsonesque-Dominic Cummings ‘herd immunity’ lies) and a British pseudo-lockdown which came much too late, left out non-essential industries like luxury goods and most construction and was lifted much too soon.

    There was no lockdown in Britain, compared to Israel (until Netanyahu ‘reopened the economy’ prematurely), Vietnam (not a single death, until the recent restarting of tourism), etc.

    LIlian Marijnissen, leader of the Dutch Socialist Party, and doctors say: the contagion should be brought down to zero. Else, people will keep dying. Only at a zero level can there be the possibility of reopening safely.


    August 4, 2020 at 8:33 pm

    • I have not intervened in this row, although I respect Boffy as a Marxist, and whose reminder of the “progressive”” civilising”” role of capital as an internationalising force in developing the productive forces, alongside its horrors, is important.

      Articles on the less progressive economic effects on the pandemic, constraints on the elasticity of reproduction, and inflationary consequences of the fiscal measures, are important.

      But when Boffy states that, “Government imposed social lockdowns are a cure that is far worse than the disease. They have caused economies, across the globe, to suffer the worst economic slowdown in 300 years.” (https://boffyblog.blogspot.com/2020/08/lockdown-cure-thats-worse-than-disease.html)
      he not demonstrated any real account of the causal mechanisms at work.

      The necessary condition that has created the need to act in this way is the existence of the pandemic. The sufficient conditions are also based on its existence, although we may or may not agree with whether governments have acted sufficiently to deal with the outbreaks or the way the lockdowns have been put into place. But there is no way out of any of these conditions, any strategy to deal with the pandemic will mean an economic slowdown, including no lockdown – at the moment the disease itself is the primary causal mechanism creating economic effects, although we would have to look at the wider conditions, the mechanisms in the mode of production, and social formations, that make such crises possible.

      petrel41 is 100% right – if not more – and puts the case that the right way of implementing lockdowns can lessen risks and bad effects, not least on human beings.

      As he does this better than I could I leave it at that, except to note that many Marxists do not agree that Covid-19 is in any case the “underlying cause” of the present economic slowdown,

      “However, while Covid-19 may trigger a global slowdown, it is not the underlying cause. The world system was already extremely sickly before Covid-19 hit.82 The roots of this lie in a long period of depressed profitability and the methods used to drag the economy out of the recession of 2008-9.”

      Socialism in a time of pandemics

      Joseph Choonara


      So the mechanisms found in the present regime of accumulation, the social formations, and the state forms of regulation, in this “long period of depressed profitability” are triggered by the material reality of a pandemic, a medical cause in its own right.

      The virus is a material threat in its own right.

      Andrew Coates

      August 4, 2020 at 9:32 pm

      • I agree that, even if there would have been no COVID-19, there would have been an economic crisis about now.

        If the ‘reopening of the economy’ (WHOSE economy???) continues, then it will not just cause massive death and illness, but in the long run, also much damage to the capitalist economy. If you kill or maim half of your workforce by forcing them to show up in unsafe meatpacking or car-making buildings or construction sites, then that will be bad for your long-time profits. But still, that premature ‘reopening’ continues; as short-sightedness is built into present-day monopoly capitalism.


        August 4, 2020 at 11:08 pm

    • “Marx said: ‘I am not a Marxist’.”

      That statement alone shows that you do not understand Marx, because you clearly do not understand the context in which he said it a against Guesdist “revolutionary phrasemongering”, which is pretty much what you do!

      Reference to Proudhon and Crass, again simply idiotic. It is the ideas of Proudhon that lies behind much Anatchist nonsense, and the kind of petty-bourgeois economic Utopianism the lyrics you quoted represent.

      But, enough. You clearly don’t know your arse from your elbow, and further discourse is pointless.


      August 5, 2020 at 11:25 am

      • He said it not just against Guesdists, but against dogmatism in general. Against the idea that Marx’ writings are a kind of infallible Bible. ‘De omnibus dubitando’. Marx wrote it. Boffy does not do it.

        Another punk band, not Crass, but the Undertones from Derry, sang this:


        August 5, 2020 at 1:53 pm

        • If you are in a whole you really should learn to stop digging, because every comment you make simply exposes your ignorance more vividly. Marx’s comment was directed against the Guesdists not in relation to “dogmatism” and treating his writings as a Bible, but against the fact that the Guesdists argued against reforms within the confines of capitalism, and instead engaged in “revolutionary phrasemongering” of ultimatist demands.

          Its one thing to be ignorant, quite another to wear your ignorance as a badge of honour!

          Marx would have nothing in common with you, and your petty-bourgeois anarchism, and Utopianism against which he spent a good time arguing as in The Poverty of Philosophy. He certainly would have nothing in common with your approach of parading your ignorance for public display, of your disregard for simple facts, and your use of sloganeering and phrasemongering, along with your repeated use of simple lies and amalgams such as your claim that workers are cowards that I have nowhere come even close to saying, or that I stand with capitalists, and so on, which amounts to nothing more than the use of dog-whistles in place of rational argument, which it appears you are completely incapable of presenting.

          Quite honestly, you are simply a troll, and that is definitively my last response to you, as I have learned not to feed the trolls.


          August 5, 2020 at 3:29 pm

          • I have the feeling of having a ‘debate’ with a robot, speaking again and again in boilerplate rigid formulas, including time after time that this is the last time he that will reply. The robot seems to malfunction, as an intact robot after saying that this is the last time would actually stop replying.

            A ‘robot’ who apparently, unlike me, has never participated in a wildcat strike by assembly line workers. Such strikes, Karl Marx noted, are worth more than paper with political slogans on it.

            I can stand a little dogmatism, as it does not really bother me. It bothers the person suffering from it.

            But it bothers me that a self-styled Marxist is on the side of Donald Trump, Bolsonaro, Dominic Cummings, Spiked online, the Murdoch press and billionaire Elon Musk in spreading ‘coronavirus is just a flu’ conspiracy theories and advocating ‘reopening’ of unsafe workplaces. Instead of being where you should be: on the side of the workers striking or being absentees to save their lives. On the side of doctors like Dr Siouxsie Wiles. But maybe you are on the side of the sexist science denialists, who send her hate mail because supposedly a woman who dyes her hair pink and spells her name, while being born as ‘Suzie’ as Siouxsie, supposedly ‘cannot be a real scientist’. Now, you probably don’t know who the original woman spelling her name as Siouxsie is.

            You denialism may kill people. You may give people heart damage, lung damage, etc. for the rest of their lives. If you would say that the pandemic is just a conspiracy by green lizards from Mars, it would not surprise me.

            Lancet warns of massive resurgence of coronavirus after UK school reopening


            And no, I am not any sort of ICFI Trotskyist, so discussing the World Socialist Web Site apart from this article is useless.


            August 5, 2020 at 4:08 pm

  5. “The necessary condition that has created the need to act in this way is the existence of the pandemic.”

    Clearly, not true, because Sweden has also suffered from the same global pandemic, but has not imposed a lockdown. Lockdowns are a political decision, a political choice, not a necessity. Sweden’s economy has contracted by just 8.6%, whereas the UK economy shrank by around 24%, the US by 34%, and similar large contractions have been seen across Europe, and elsewhere that lockdowns were implemented. So, the severe economic chaos caused in those countries that imposed lockdowns as a deliberate political choice can be contrasted with the much smaller economic effects in Sweden which did not. And, those effects will extend way beyond this year, way beyond the time that COVID19 is likely to have any significant effects.

    “But there is no way out of any of these conditions, any strategy to deal with the pandemic will mean an economic slowdown, including no lockdown – at the moment the disease itself is the primary causal mechanism creating economic effects”

    No its not, as again the comparison between the slowdown in Sweden and the slowdown in the rest of Europe demonstrates. Indeed, the 8.6% slowdown in Sweden is itself primarily the result of the effects of the slow down in the economies of other EU countries with which Sweden trades. Would COVID19 have an economic effect, undoubtedly, because any strategy for dealing with it involves increased costs, for example to provide adequate PPE, to use resources to enable the 20% at risk to self isolate, and so on, which thereby reduces productivity, and profits thereby slowing capital accumulation and employment. But, the large part of the 20% at risk are the elderly who are not in work, and so the reductions in GDP, i.e. the reduction in new labour undertaken, and new value created would be significantly limited, as indeed Sweden demonstrates. Moreover, such a strategy means that all of the astronomically excessive borrowing to cover furlough schemes would not have been required, and the consequences of that for economies have not yet even begun to be felt. All of the money printing to cover that borrowing, which is leading to at least high levels of inflation if not hyperinflation would not have been necessary.

    A sensible strategy to enable the 20% to self isolate, shield or whatever term you prefer need not have resulted in any actual slowdown, but only a reduction in the level of growth. But, even a modest slowdown would have been far preferable to the disastrous economic damage hat has been inflicted. And, I’m sorry Andrew, but you simply can’t separate this from the question of the progressive role of capital, and the motivations of many of those that sought lockdowns for the kinds of reasons that petty-bourgeois socialists and Anarchists like Petrel clearly have as their motivation. These catastrophists actually want the kind of economic chaos that the lockdown brings, because they want social breakdowns to occur. They naively confuse “anti-capitalism” with socialism thinking its enough to criticise the evils of capitalism and that a collapse somehow then equates to a better situation, or even some mystical transformation to Socialism, whereas all experience shows that it will lead to devastation for workers, and the institution of a fierce reaction. All of these petty-bourgeois socialists and Anarchists are breakers not builders, their ideas lead to disaster for workers, and they are thoroughly reactionary, as Marx describes.

    Quoting Choonara only weakens your case in that respect, because he is precisely one of those catastrophists, who, like Michael Roberts have been predicting the next recession for the last decade, each year, based on their religious belief, with no foundation in Marx that crises of overproduction are caused by the LTRPF, when in fact, Marx says the opposite, and that it is the means by which capitalism resolves crises of overproduction!

    If you want to see why economies have been sluggish after 2010, simply look at all of the deliberate political policies of austerity, look at the use of QE to inflate asset prices, and to use government policy to divert money into financial and property speculation and away from the real economy, look at the policy of Brexit, and of Trump’s trade war, designed deliberately to slow global trade and economic growth, in order to keep interest rates down and inflate asset prices. None of that is down to underlying economic realities, or the LTRPF, and in fact, in many many spheres, rates of profit are at high levels, which in other times would have spurred much larger levels of capital accumulation were it not for the encouragement of speculation in search of capital gains.

    And, elsewhere in the world, that underlying economic reality has manifested itself in continued economic growth, for example in Africa, where 6 out of the top ten countries for economic growth can be found, and where growth in those economies has averaged 10% plus for the last 20 years. The reality remains that the world economy entered a new long wave upswing in 1999, and its is still in place, merely hibernated as a result of deliberate political decisions after 2010, to slow down growth in an attempt to reflate and keep inflated asset prices. Ironically, the consequences of the deliberate political decisions of lockdown will now blow that strategy out of the water. Asset pries will crash on a scale far greater than 2008, and as they do so, real investment will resume, and the long wave will impose itself stronger than ever.

    Once again the petty-bourgeois socialists, and catastrophists will be proved wrong, and Marx will be proved right.


    August 5, 2020 at 3:32 pm

  6. No problem. I will not reply further, including to your further lie that I have never participated in a wild cat strike, despite the fact you know absolutely nothing about me!!! Par for your course. Bye, bye troll.


    August 5, 2020 at 4:13 pm

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