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Labour Leadership: Alan Simpson Attacks “Corridor Cabal”around Corbyn. Desperate Long-Bailey Supporters Lash Out at “Pabloites”.

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Alan Simpson, “Labour’s deeper problems lie more in the cadre of senior advisers surrounding Corbyn. None should be allowed within a million miles of Labour’s rebuilding.”

This news hit Long-Bailey Backers hard.

Jeremy Corbyn’s local Labour party backs Keir Starmer for leadership

Members in Islington North narrowly nominate him over Rebecca Long-Bailey.

Momentum Chief John Lansman took to Twitter.

Meanwhile Alan Simpson, a respected veteran of the left (all of us have heard and seen Alan in many meetings since the 1990s) launched into an attack on the Stalinist factionists who ran Labour’s election campaign.

The background is in a post on his blog in January.

Après le déluge January the 9th.

Corbyn inherited a PLP that wanted to lynch him and (to their credit) an office determined to stop them. Sadly, it also created a siege/control mentality that was never able to reach outwards. McDonnell brought in Lord Kerslake to oversee Treasury reform plans. No parallel Commissions ever got through the LOTO net. No national/international figures were ever brought in to raise Jeremy’s policy/leadership profile. No one who’d ever arm-wrestled in climate negotiations, trade deals or peace diplomacy came in to lead Labour’s transformation planning.

Instead, ‘corridor control’ came to dominate. Factionalism overtook radicalism. At the most senior levels, people who’d never negotiated anything more than an extended tea-break were left in charge of the policy sifting process. The most repeated Shadow Ministerial complaint was about delays in getting radical policy proposals through the LOTO soup. Sue Hayman saw a string of her Environment proposals get lost in this Never-never-land. Two years on, Alan Whitehead still awaits approval for publication of his Local Energy book (on radical decentralisation). Andy MacDonald’s pledge to set annual carbon budgets for every part of the transport sector never became the platform for transformative changes in aviation and shipping policy. His proposed ‘pendulum shift’ of funding from private to public transport infrastructures went the same way. Germany’s 10% cut in rail fares shows how popular such radical changes can be.

Corbyn’s ‘cabal’ of top aides sabotaged election campaign, says Labour leader’s close friend

Exclusive: Adviser says ‘people who’d never negotiated anything more than an extended tea-break were left in charge’, reports Rob Merrick

A close friend and adviser of Jeremy Corbyn has revealed how a “corridor cabal” of his top aides sabotaged Labour’s election campaign, blaming them for the party’s catastrophic defeat.

The explosive post-mortem heaps responsibility on the key allies – director of communications, Seumas Milne; chief of staff, Karie Murphy; and Andrew Murray, a veteran communist – for organisational chaos and for “suffocating” the leader himself.

It carries huge weight because it was written by left-winger Alan Simpson, a former Socialist Campaign Group MP and flatmate of Mr Corbyn, who returned to frontline politics to advise him on sustainable economics.

In stark contrast, Mr Simpson accuses the leader’s closest aides of “catastrophic misjudgement and ill-focused organisation” and an “obsession” with controlling both the leader and his message.

“Jeremy will inevitably carry much of the blame,” reads Mr Simpson’s submission to an independent review into the election disaster.

“But Labour’s deeper problems lie more in the cadre of senior advisers surrounding Corbyn. None should be allowed within a million miles of Labour’s rebuilding.

“People who’d never negotiated anything more than an extended tea-break were left in charge of the policy sifting process.”

Even Mr Corbyn’s acknowledged strength – his “campaigning zeal” – was turned into a negative by his office’s “siege mentality”, it argues.

“Goodness knows how many rail miles Jeremy clocked up, but it never became the ‘leadership’ peg the public were looking for,” Mr Simpson wrote.

Speaking to The Independent, Mr Simpson said, of the team led by Mr Milne, Ms Murphy and Mr Murray: “This faction took control of everything that came through Jeremy’s office – they ended up not protecting him, but suffocating him.”

The former MP for Nottingham South has impeccable pro-Corbyn credentials as an opponent of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and, in the 1990s, of Tony Blair’s abolition of Clause IV.

His verdict, which he sent to the review being carried out by Ed Miliband and others in the Labour Together group, also castigates the leader’s team for such failures as:

  • Pursuing the election in December instead of leaving the prime minister to “wallow in the Brexit mess” until the spring or summer of 2020. “The trouble is that many of those closest to Corbyn always looked as if they wanted Brexit anyway,” Mr Simpson wrote;
  • Failing to bring in well-known outside figures with fresh ideas – as David Cameron successfully did – to boost public support for policy shifts;
  • Blocking an eye-catching proposal to shift funding from private to public transport – “Germany’s 10 per cent cut in rail fares shows how popular such radical changes can be”;
  • Blocking radical proposals on the environment and on ‘greening’ energy through decentralised distribution.

Electing Keir Starmer as Labour leader is a step towards removing the influence of this anti-internationalist clique and its hold on Labour policies.

No wonder Long-Bailey, the “continuity candidate” for the cabal is trying this diversion.



Written by Andrew Coates

February 9, 2020 at 11:56 am

5 Responses

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  1. The Cabal still hard at work:

    Keir Starmer campaign denies hacking claim in Labour leadership row.

    Team say inquiry only began after it raised concerns about data use of rival Rebecca Long-Bailey.

    The Labour leadership contest has erupted into a bitter row after the frontrunner’s campaign team were forced to vehemently deny claims they had hacked into party membership data.

    Keir Starmer’s team called the allegation, made in official letters from Labour, “utter, utter nonsense”, saying the inquiry only began after they raised concerns about the data use of another candidate, Rebecca Long-Bailey.

    Allies of the shadow Brexit secretary said the investigation and the way it was leaked showed that elements in Labour wanted to hamper his chances and help Long-Bailey, who is seen as the preferred candidate of the left of the party which still dominates its day-to-day running.


    Andrew Coates

    February 9, 2020 at 1:48 pm

    • Labour source tells PolHome: “This is a politically-motivated attack trying to use the resources and standing of the national party to affect the result of the Labour leadership.”

      Andrew Coates

      February 9, 2020 at 1:52 pm

  2. In the former Colony the Libertarian Party has a similar problem. For every one of us there are 96 aggressive looters who vote, gorging on graft and guzzling down the blood of innocents outside US borders–like Victorian England. So of course now that logistics curve-fitting has shown us on track to replace half the Kleptocracy (older altruistic collectivists doubtless recall it as The Accumulation) the parasitical Beast would be stupid indeed to let us continue to increase vote share by 80% per year. An Antichoice mystic has been installed as Dictator-for-Life over the LP platform committee. Since our 328% vote increase of 2016, similar infiltrators have added planks to protect clinic-shooters from the death penalty–and all but deputize them to dish it out as a sort of posse comitatus of warriors-for-the-babies. Uninspected importation of Saracen berserkers in suicide vests driving herds of mad cows before them is now in the platform since edits to our 2016 migration plank. Fake debates entice useful idiots from Reason magazine into kill boxes before Antifa-packed audiences. The result is that Biden’s policy shooting kinds over plant leaves is lacquered with a layer of ersatz respectability. A painfully boring candidate “debate” was just “won” by a village whack job wearing a rubber on its head and calling itself “Vermin.” A trumpista-communist Hitler-Stalin pact to occupy and dismember a cell of rowdy liberals raising awkward questions couldn’t possibly look any different!


    February 9, 2020 at 2:17 pm

  3. […] Adapted by JD from a post by Andrew Coates at his blog Tendance Coatesy […]

  4. Who cares? The Labour party are finished.

    Steven Johnston

    February 10, 2020 at 10:08 am

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