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“Starmer is the candidate for the Police, MI5 and the British State” – says Vice President of Labour Against the Witch-hunt.

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Ken Loach and Friends (Greenstein on the the far left).


Keir Starmer is the candidate that the Deep State & the British Establishment want you to vote for.

Tony Greenstein.

Starmer is the candidate of MI5 and the Political Police – he is Establishment down to his manicured fingers. ‘Sir’ Keir has pointed to his role in providing legal advice to striking miners and print workers.  This is true but it was a long time ago when he was a socialist. Today he is the darling of the Right.

Anyone who is fooled by this ‘lurch to the left’ is truly pathetic. Starmer is the candidate for the Police, MI5 and the British State that eviscerated Corbyn.  It was just one of Corbyn’s idiocies that when Starmer resigned in the chicken coup that he was let back in to wreak more havoc.

Mr Greenstein is the Vice-President of Labour Against the Witch-hunt and a frequent contributor to the Weekly Worker.

He has also contributed to Al-Jazeera’s web site.

LAW’s honorary presidents are Professor Moshé Machover and Ken Livingstone.

LAW’s sponsors include:

  • Ken Livingstone
  • Alexei Sayle, comedian
  • Professor Moshé Machover, Israeli socialist and founder of Matzpen
  • Ian Hodson, president of the Bakers Union
  • Ken Loach, film director
  • Noam Chomsky, author and activist.

If you had doubts before, Starmer is now the candidate to back!


Written by Andrew Coates

February 6, 2020 at 12:45 pm

14 Responses

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  1. As long as your not a homeless newspaper vendor or a Brazilian electrician travelling on the tube, you’ll be fine!

    Steven Johnston

    February 6, 2020 at 1:18 pm

  2. “What lies behind most of the talk about identity politics, “culture wars” etc is a refusal to recognise that the working class has long been in large part ethnic minorities, women and LGBT+ people and is now majority white-collar. These are at least as much Labour’s “heartland” constituents as retired white former manual workers.”

    Is Keir “call me mister” the “man” to recognise this?

    Steven Johnston

    February 6, 2020 at 1:27 pm

  3. I have no sympathy for tony green stein but his article contains hard facts about this Stramer guy ; are they all lies ..


    February 6, 2020 at 2:10 pm

  4. I’m very confused. Surely people such as Ken Livingstone, Alexi Sayle and Ken Loach are good guys whom we can trust, so it’s not looking too good for Starmer now that he has been exposed as representing the Deep State Establishment.


    February 6, 2020 at 4:24 pm

  5. I thought Corbyn was the right candidate?

    Steven Johnston

    February 6, 2020 at 4:56 pm

    • Corbyn was the right candidate.


      February 6, 2020 at 5:15 pm

  6. Let us begin with one of the first items.

    “Activists in his Holborn and St. Pancras constituency have spoken out in a letter to the Camden New Journal. Over 30 Labour Party members, including Stephen Kapos, a child survivor of the Hungarian Holocaust and the Budapest Ghetto and anti-racist campaigners Amanda Sebestyen and Jewish Socialist Group member Ruth Appleton …”

    The letter about events in Keir Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency (CLP) I must say I am surprised to find Amanda Sebestyen, on the list, since as far as I know she lives, in the kind of house you would not leave, nearer Highgate than Euston Station.

    These are, as far as I can tell, principally people who have campaigned for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and, above all many of them are linked to Jewish Voice for Labour.

    Jewish Voice for Labour: ” Jon Lansman, founder of Momentum, stated that JVL “is an organisation which is not just tiny but has no real connection with the Jewish community at all” and “It doesn’t represent the Jewish community in a way that JLM clearly does represent the Labour wing of the Jewish community.”

    Jewish Voice for Labour has been prominent in defending Jackie Walker (see picture at top of post, she is next to Ken Loach).

    It is highly probable that they clashed with Keir Starmer on this, and other issues related to ‘anti-Zionism’, with Keir Starmer.

    Andrew Coates

    February 6, 2020 at 5:06 pm

  7. But as far as I am aware the JLM is full of Rightwingers and Tories, as to be a member of JLM you don’t have to be a member of the Labour party or even Jewish! The Jewish Voice for Labour on the other hand represents Leftwing Jews and are therefore much more trustworthy.


    February 6, 2020 at 5:19 pm

  8. Trev, I know some of them, including a few of the best known, in some cases for decades.

    More than a few spent most of their lives outside Labour, very much outside the Labour Party including, people tell me, in groups like the SWP. Others, again people I know, have only made an issue of their Jewish background in the last decade, although they have backed the Palestinian cause for a long time.

    The Jewish Socialist Group, whose publication, Amanda has written for, has politics which I often agree with. Their journal Jewish Socialist is excellent, however it’s been largely unrecognised more widely until the last three or four years.

    But it has involved a very small number of people, and certainly not Tony Greenstein who loathes them like venom.

    I would not say they represent an important constituency amongst British Jewish people or, with some of them holding to “absolute anti-Zionism“, the only voice of left wing people from a Jewish background.

    The Jewish Labour movement, Poale Zion, is another strand, which I also strongly disagree with above all for their strident stand against our elected party leader up to and during the election.

    Andrew Coates

    February 6, 2020 at 5:34 pm

    • It’s all so confusing, I might not vote for anyone at this rate. On one hand there are Leftwing stalwarts like Paul Mason and Ricky Tomlinson backing Starmer, which partially convinced me, but now other Leftists such as Ken Loache, Ken Livingstone and Alexei Sayle saying Starmer is an Establishment stooge, which if true I definitely wouldn’t want him as Leader or PM as he would be likely to get elected but then not change anything, another Blair in effect. Corbyn by comparison was someone I definitely could support, but obviously the Establishment conspired to stop him, and so he didn’t get elected.


      February 6, 2020 at 6:11 pm

  9. Yves Coleman,

    it would take a long time to go into Starmer’s actions as head of the DPP.

    I am not competent to do so, but obviously it would not be difficult to find fault for somebody in that position (he was appointed by Labour).

    It is not a job I would do and many would question taking the position in the first place. But I do know people (that is people who I’ve spoken to about it, and not just on FB etc) who worked with him when he was a human rights barrister and speak extremely highly of him, including of his time in the DPP.

    “In July 2008, Attorney General Patricia Scotland named Starmer as the new Head of the Crown Prosecution Service and Director of Public Prosecutions; he took over from Ken Macdonald on 1 November 2008.[9] Macdonald, himself a former defence lawyer, publicly welcomed the appointment.[3]

    In July 2010, Starmer announced the decision not to prosecute the police officer Simon Harwood in relation to the death of Ian Tomlinson; this led to accusations by Tomlinson’s family of a police cover-up.[10] After a subsequent inquest found that Mr Tomlinson had been unlawfully killed, Starmer announced that Harwood would be prosecuted for manslaughter. The officer was acquitted in July 2012, but dismissed from the police that September.[11][12][13]

    In February 2012, Starmer announced that Energy Secretary Chris Huhne and his former wife, Vicky Pryce, would be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice. Huhne became the first Cabinet Minister in British history to be compelled to resign as a result of criminal proceedings.[14] Starmer had previously said in relation to the case that “[w]here there is sufficient evidence we do not shy away from prosecuting politicians”.[15]

    In the summer of 2012, journalist Nick Cohen published allegations that Starmer was personally responsible for allowing to proceed the prosecution of Paul Chamber in what became known as the “Twitter Joke Trial”. Chamber’s conviction of sending a message “of a menacing character” was quashed after a third appeal. The CPS denied that Starmer was behind the decision, saying that it was the responsibility of a Crown Court and was out of Starmer’s hands.[16]

    Starmer left office in November 2013, and was replaced by Alison Saunders.[17][18] Later that month, the Labour Party announced that Starmer would lead an enquiry into changing the law to give further protection to victims in cases of rape and child abuse.[19] On 28 December, he said to BBC News: “Well, I’m back in private practice; I’m rather enjoying having some free time, and I’m considering a number of options”.”

    In an area I do know a lot about/ about, welfare rights, (e section on Benefits Cheats) I am 100% sure that Greenstein’s allegations are simply untrue. Greenstein was part of the management of an Unemployed Workers’ centre in Brighton, which was embroilled in its own scandals.

    Greenstein is completely unreliable.

    Once (15 or more years ago…) he tried to get me to help organise a picket of a Conference of the TUC unemployed workers’ centres, during which he made similarly wild claims about trade unions’ actions against the out-of-work.

    Andrew Coates

    February 6, 2020 at 6:34 pm

  10. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/keir-starmer-universal-credit-labour-leadership-domestic-abuse-bill-violence-a9322206.html

    Keir Starmer demands overhaul of ‘deeply flawed’ universal credit to protect domestic abuse survivors
    Exclusive: Current system gives controlling partners ‘easy mechanism’ to commit financial abuse, warns Labour leadership contender

    Andrew Coates

    February 7, 2020 at 10:56 am

  11. But does he have the backing of the AWL?

    Steven Johnston

    February 7, 2020 at 1:24 pm

  12. Crank blog


    February 8, 2020 at 2:02 am

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