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As Energising Labour Campaign Takes Off, Side-Show Chris Williamson to Stand.

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Chris Williamson

Side-Show Williamson “deserves to lose his seat in Parliament. HOPE not hate will help make that happen.

As Labour’s election campaign gets underway lets not exaggerate the difficulties with fringe characters like Ian Austin, or the personal decision of Tom Watson not to stand in the coming poll.

This is good news for internationalists,

Other good news.

Bye Bye Chris Williamson.

Chris Williamson banned from standing as Labour candidate in general election

Chris Williamson has been banned from standing for Labour at the general election.

Or perhaps au revoir.

In the letter Williamson protests against Labour Party efforts to “normalise Zionism”,

In a post which covers everything from Zionism, to Zionism, the Vice Chair of Labour Against the Witch-hunt, Tony Greenstein says,

Socialists Should Support the Decision of Chris Williamson to Stand as an Independent Socialist

Chris was the target of a vindictive witchhunt because of his support for democracy in the Labour Party. All socialists should support his standing as an independent socialist candidate and I wish him well in his endeavours and hope to be able to go up and campaign for him personally.

Anti-racists are already mobilising against Williamson:

Hope Not Hate says,

Now that Chris Williamson has indicated that he intends to stand as an independent candidate, HOPE not hate will campaign to ensure that the people of Derby are fully aware of his harmful and dangerous views. We are confident that both he and his gutter politics will be rejected at the ballot box.

It’s worth repeating exactly what his track record is.

  • He has routinely downplayed the seriousness of antisemitism, calling it ‘bullshit’ and ‘a smear’.
  • He has publicly supported those who have already been removed from the party for antisemitism, such as Ken Livingstone, who falsely claimed that Hitler was a Zionist, and disgraced party activist Jackie Walker. He chose to stand alongside them, most recently at Labour Party Conference in September during the Labour Against the Witchhunt fringe event.
  • He promoted a petition in support of Gilad Atzmon, a man who has denounced ‘the Holocaust religion’ and who suggested that there is a Zionist plan for world domination.
  • Williamson reasserted his support for Pete Willsman after a recording surfaced of Willsman ranting about Rabbis and that antisemitism in the Party has been fabricated by Israel, an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Not only this, he campaigned for the reinstatement of Marc Wadsworth who attacked Ruth Smeeth MP at the launch of the Chakrabarti report for ‘working hand in hand with the press’.
  • He booked a room in parliament to host a screening of the film ‘Witch Hunt’, an antisemitic conspiracy theorist documentary that downplays and dismisses the issues of antisemitism in the Labour party.
  • He has continually baited Jewish people, including tweeting in support of disgraced Assadist and antisemite Vanessa Bealey, and tweeting support for Scott Nelson, who was removed from the Labour party for tweeting that Tesco and Marks and Spencers were ‘Jewish companies’ that had ‘Jewish blood’.
  • In his letter resigning from the Labour Party, he accused the Israeli government of being to blame for accusations of antisemitism, alleging that the Jewish Labour Movement and Britain First were also behind the crisis.

Rumours are emerging that Galloway and Williamson are in talks for an alliance:

6 Responses

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  1. Outrage as NEC blocks Chris Williamson
    The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has refused to endorse Chris Williamson as the Labour Party candidate for Derby North. This move is intended to destroy his career as a Labour MP.

    The LRC has consistently supported Chris against the false accusations of antisemitism levelled against him. The fact is that he has been a doughty supporter of Jeremy’s Corbyn’s leadership. That is his real ‘crime’.

    To review the falsity of the case against Chris in more detail, with all the inconsistencies and lies concocted against him, see our previous coverage, including here:


    Those who have persecuted him are Corbyn’s opponents within and outside the Labour Party. They wish to see Jeremy’s leadership weakened, and if possible Jeremy removed as leader. Typical of them is Margaret Hodge, who called Corbyn “a f***ing anti-Semite” in front of the TV cameras. Recently she pledged, “I’m not going to give up until Jeremy Corbyn ceases to be leader of the Labour Party.” Naturally she is gloating at the decision.

    This cowardly choice will not put off the pack of wolves baying about ‘Labour antisemitism’. It will embolden them, and could do immense harm to Labour in the middle of an election campaign.

    Fiona Sharpe, spokesperson of the misnamed Labour Against Antisemitism (LAAS), has claimed Labour’s action against Mr Williamson was “too late in coming and totally inadequate… “Mr Williamson should have been expelled from the Labour Party years ago.” In other words their appetite increases with eating. They’ll be after us still more on account of the NEC’s perceived weakness. LAAS declares that, ‘Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to be Prime Minister and that the Labour Party is unfit to be in government’.

    The bizarre and inconsistent stance of the NEC amounts to Labour shooting itself in the foot in the middle of the campaign. The sneaky way the decision has been published, when every Labour loyalist sees their utmost priority to get the vote out against this hated Tory government, is incredibly stupid and counterproductive.

    Labour supporters will be wondering, as they put their feet up after a day’s canvassing or leafleting, whether we really have a left-controlled NEC. Who voted for this decision?

    The NEC judgements on the day is also incredibly flaky. They also rejected Roger Godsiff, a self-confessed homophobe, as an official candidate. Fair enough. Such views have no place in the labour movement. But they still haven’t decided on whether to back Keith Vaz. Electors in Leicester East are entitled to as what is going on. We have dealt with the Vaz case here:


    This is a bad day for Labour Party democracy and for the future of our Party. Members should express their anger in every way they can.


    Andrew Coates

    November 7, 2019 at 6:39 pm

  2. Anyone who doubts that Williamson is an antisemite, and *absolute* anti-Zionist (ie not just a critic of Jewish nationalism and Israel, but someone who believes Jewish nationalism to be uniquely evil and denies Israel’s very right to exist in any shape or form) and a conspiracy theorist, should read his letter of resignation from Labour:

    To: Jennie Formby

    Dear Jennie


    After almost forty-four years of loyal service it is with a heavy heart that I now resign my membership of the Labour Party and declare my intention to stand as an independent candidate for Derby North.

    I am dismayed that Labour Party officials have enabled and executed what I believe to be a witch hunt against hundreds of socialists loyal to Jeremy Corbyn and his transformative, socialist, anti-imperialist worldview. Many of the victims of this witch hunt have been Jewish socialists, whose anti-Zionism is anathema to the apartheid apologists apparently influencing Labour foreign and domestic policy.

    At the forefront of this witch hunt is the Governance and Legal Unit (GLU), which was found to have acted unlawfully by re-suspending me in July 2019. The GLU is clearly unfit for purpose and should be dismantled.
    Perhaps the most tragic element of this witch hunt is that, unbeknownst to many loyal members, it has been led by those who shroud themselves in the banner of socialism.

    But it appears that you and others share my belief that the antisemitism smears against Labour Party activists, candidates and MPs are unfounded. Two weeks before you took the decision to suspend me in February, we met in Parliament and you revealed that the real reason for the Parliamentary Labour Party’s (PLP) venom against me was my advocacy for Open Selection, a primary system that would allow grassroots members to decide who should stand for Parliament before every election.

    And yet Labour Party officials have capitulated to the Jewish Labour Movement – formerly known as Po’ale Zion – an organisation revived in 2015 at the same time as the State of Israel launched a diplomatic strategy to delegitimise Palestinian activism on the Left and normalise Zionism in our movement.

    As I made clear to the NEC in April, this witch hunt primarily serves the objectives of the far-right activists – including members of Britain First and the Jewish Defence League – who led the campaign for the Labour Party to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism and its examples.

    I will invite all those who see the threat posed by this capitulation to join me as we build an independent movement that is genuinely socialist and anti-imperialist. We will fighty a vigorous campaign in Derby North and beyond – based on social justice, democracy and internationalism.


    Chris Williamson
    c.c: Jeremy Corbyn

    Jim Denham

    November 8, 2019 at 10:21 am

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  4. Maybe Williamson and Galloway will be joined by Godsiff “in a real working-class party after the election”?

    Jim Denham

    November 8, 2019 at 2:59 pm

  5. Godsiff really is a piece of work, so he would fit in whatever his politics and their politics of the moment are….

    Andrew Coates

    November 8, 2019 at 5:08 pm

  6. Andrew Coates

    November 8, 2019 at 6:26 pm

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