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“Get Brexit sorted” or Milne’s ” break” with EU structures ?

People are gearing up and campaigning for Labour.

The prospect of a Rees-Mogg Johnson government is clarifying activists’ minds, and there are signs that some of the electors have begun to shift to Labour.

But Brexit is not going away.

This is today’s news, (BBC)

Labour’s promise to “get Brexit sorted” within six months of winning power has been dismissed as “fairy tale politics” by the Conservatives in the first clash of the election campaign on the issue.

Jeremy Corbyn is vowing to get a better deal within three months and then give the public the final say of whether to leave or remain in another referendum.

He will claim Boris Johnson’s own deal will lead to “Thatcherism on steroids”.

But the Tories said Labour’s plan would result in “paralysing uncertainty”.

However, the Tories’ commitment to negotiate a new free trade deal with the EU in just over a year is also coming under scrutiny.

It took seven years for the EU to conclude a free trade deal with Canada, an agreement which many Brexiteers see as a template for the UK. Any deal would need to be agreed by all 27 remaining EU states before it could come into force.

But in a speech in the Essex city of Harlow, a target seat for Labour, Mr Corbyn will accuse Mr Johnson of seeking to “hijack Brexit to sell out the NHS” to US firms in a future trade deal.

The PM’s agreement with the EU could see an extra £500m a week spent on buying medicines, he will claim, as well as leading to a “race to the bottom” on workers’ rights and product standards.

The BBC’s Reality Check correspondent Chris Morris said the £500m figure was a theoretical worst-case scenario in which the prices of all medicines used in the NHS were the same as the prices of those medicines in the US.

However, he said in practice that was highly unlikely – although there was no question US pharmaceutical companies would lobby aggressively for greater access to the NHS, and the ability to set higher prices.

Brexit remains an issue of contention within the Labour Party.

The expression “hijack” an already hard-right project sounds hollow.

‘Get Brexit Done’ sounds a lot like, let’s continue the hard right project.

These statements indicate that it’s not just that the Labour leader has until today refrained from tackling the issue head-on.

Or that those who disagreed have been told to shut up, a “string leadership” stand no doubt advised by communications warlords.

Or, again, another line is, don’t mention Brexit!

The pro-Brexit Morning Star gives space to this view,

Forget about ‘Remain’, it’s time to campaign

Remainers need to leave the damaging Brexit debate now and become part of the mass-canvassing phenomenon, writes CHELLEY RYAN.

“Changing the Conversation” to “talk of many things” is not going to work.

There are claims that other anti-internationalist figures in the Party are promoting a pro-Brexit stand.

The Independent reports on last night’s Channel Four programme.

Jeremy Corbyn made an “allotment pact” with his top ministers to agree that Labour would back Remain, but was overruled by his most senior adviser, according to claims in a new documentary.

The Labour leader reportedly met with allies John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, and Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, at his north London allotment during the summer and agreed that the party should move to a position opposing Brexit.

However, the plot was scuppered by Seumas Milne, Mr Corbyn’s director of strategy and communications, according to a Channel 4 Dispatches programme to be aired on Monday night.

Labour said it did not recognise the reports. A spokesperson said: “Labour denies these claims, as the programme makes clear.”

According to Dispatches, the meeting took place after Mr McDonnell and Ms Abbott asked Mr Corbyn for a “serious chat” about Brexit away from Westminster.

The meeting at the allotment reportedly ended with the three agreeing that Labour would “unequivocally” back Remain and that Mr Corbyn would write a newspaper article announcing the change.

Dispatches claimed that the article had been written and ready to publish but that, at the last minute, Mr Milne persuaded Mr Corbyn to ditch the plan.

The Independent continues,

The party’s Brexit position has been at the centre of a long-running row between senior members of the shadow cabinet and Mr Corbyn’s closest advisers, including Mr Milne and the Labour leader’s former chief of staff, Karie Murphy, who is now overseeing the party’s election campaign.

Mr Corbyn’s senior aides are widely reported to have urged him not to agree to many MPs’ and members’ demands for the party to fully oppose Brexit.

The latest revelation came as Mr Corbyn urged his top team to unite behind the party’s current position, which is that a Labour government would seek to renegotiate the Brexit deal within six months and then put it to the people in a referendum, with Remain as the other option.

There are those who point, in more detail than Dispatches, to the origins of Milne’s heavily anti-EU politics in his days as an activist for the Straight Left faction that emerged in the 1980s in-fighting inside the Communist Party of Great Britain.

In less than direct terms the ex-‘tanky’ argued for a left anti-EU strategy in 2015, “the case for radical change in Europe – and a break with its anti-democratic, corporate-controlled structures – is not abandoned to the right. ” (The case for radical change in Europe can’t be left to the nationalist right

That ‘break’ is then, not a matter of policies, but of “structures” the institutions of the EU.

To put it bluntly, to Leave.

Milne’s  ‘anti-imperialism’ blames just about everything  on the West sees genocidal groups like Daesh as “products” of imperialist intervention.

Milne could explain religious hatred and the murder of our comrades at Charlie Hebdo in 2015 as “a blowback from intervention”.  Labour’s adviser ignobly stated, “without the war waged by western powers, including France, to bring to heel and reoccupy the Arab and Muslim world, last week’s attacks clearly wouldn’t have taken place.

In line with this kind of skewed judgement in 2011 Milne could favourably describe the  right-wing pro-business Islamist party in Tunisia as a “progressive Islamist party An-Nahda (Ennahdha)” (Guardian). It was, after all, for a ” platform of pluralist democracy, social justice and national independence. ” That is…independent of the West.

Milne took a pro-Putin line on the Ukrainian conflict, seeing the complex political battles in terms of the ‘West’ versus the rest. (Guardian 2014)

The external struggle to dominate Ukraine has put fascists in power and brought the country to the brink of conflict

Neo-Nazis in office is a first in post-war Europe. But this is the unelected government now backed by the US and EU. And in a contemptuous rebuff to the ordinary Ukrainians who protested against corruption and hoped for real change, the new administration has appointed two billionaire oligarchs – one who runs his business from Switzerland – to be the new governors of the eastern cities of Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk.

This is how he saw Putin’s government and their actions,