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Morning Star Publishes Demand for Irish to stop Whingeing, follow British lead and leave the European Union.

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 A United Ireland will be “under Franco-German military control while flying an EU flag.”

Kevin  McCorry, “leading member of the People’s Movement, who defend and enhance Irish democracy and sovereignty and the primacy of Bunreacht na hÉireann and its institutions over EU supranational institutions and treaties. They inform and develop the knowledge and awareness of people on EU matters.” (Hat-Tips to FB Friends)

Written in a different way one would say they (a small group by any standards) are virulently anti-EU, defend Irish neutrality and are very wary about the EU’s rules allowing freedom of movement: People’s Movement.


Ireland should follow Britain out of the EU — or it will come under effective Franco-German control while flying an EU flag, writes KEVIN McCORRY

Underneath this picture one can read.

A KEY reason for the hostility of the EU and the Irish government to Brexit and their intransigence on the artificially created problem of the Irish “backstop” is fear that if a real Brexit occurs — with Britain outside the EU customs union, single market and European Court of Justice jurisdiction — the Republic of Ireland will inevitably follow.

Continued EU membership by either the UK or the Republic of Ireland is in no way necessary to underpin the North-South co-operation within Ireland and the East-West co-operation between Ireland and Britain that the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) provides for.

To suggest otherwise is false. Naturally both states must honour their commitments under the agreement.

Given that one of the states has opted to leave the EU — something which is not prohibited by the GFA — continued good relations between the two close neighbours demand, even at this late stage, that the other must either do the same or enter into a bilateral agreement with the state leaving the EU to ensure the continuance of an open border.

It’s all the fault of the Irish,

So far Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s uncritical commitment to “Team EU” has made him utterly disdainful of any move in that direction.

Varadkar has consistently refused to listen to rational arguments on the “backstop.” The Irish Establishment has gone too far down the Eurofederalist road to turn back now.

if there are new Irish border problems arising at this time, they do not stem from Britain’s democratic decision to leave the EU, but from the Irish government’s desire to remain in it, even though it is not in the Irish people’s interest to continue as citizens of the EU federal state-in-the-making, for they are already citizens of an Irish state…..


If the Republic stays in the EU following Britain’s departure, a united Ireland at some future date would mean that the whole island would come under effective Franco-German military control while flying an EU flag.


The new Mass Line will surely go down well in the Republic and amongst Remain voters in the North.

Though the Communist Party of Ireland’s front organisation likes it,

This reminds the reader of the earlier efforts of the Pro-Brexit ‘left’ to work out their politics in Ireland,

The stupidity of their position is no more obvious than in relation to the sticking point of the Brexit negotiations – the claim that there can be Brexit and no hard border in Ireland.  Theresa May has claimed that the UK can leave the EU and its Single Market and yet maintain the current frictionless arrangements.  But this is impossible, and she is running out of time to either reverse her position on the Single Market or dump us into a no deal.

In the first eventuality there would be no strong reason to seek an exit from the EU in the first place, and in the second scenario there will be what’s called a ‘hard’ border.  The supporters of Lexit in Ireland, People before Profit, have announced that they are “ready to oppose a hard border” and “will advocate mass civil disobedience against the imposition of a hard border . . .”

So just what form should or would this civil disobedience take?  And how would it be more than just a token protest and actually be effective?

Will, for example,  PbP seek to persuade lorry drivers to refuse to submit papers on the border that validate their imported or exported load?  Will they picket workplaces of hauliers, ports, factories and warehouses telling the workers not to process export or import paperwork?  Will this be done both North and South for those exporting and importing into the North?

Sráid Marx

People before Profit and preventing a Brexit hard border

That fantasy could be put down to leftist folk politics.

Now the new Lexit Line is fuck the Republic!

Written by Andrew Coates

September 13, 2019 at 11:11 am

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  1. Kevin McCorry, as is pointed out, is a member of “People’s Movement” – an Irish Eurosceptic movement.

    The People’s Movement was a member of TEAM (a pan-European anti EU alliance who now seem to be defunct) who included among their members UKIP and the Thatcherite think tank the Bruges Group.

    This article effectively says the British State should impose the hardest of hard Brexits on (Remain majority) Northern Ireland and (overwhelmingly pro EU) Ireland. It is obviously in line with the WTO “People’s Brexit” that the CPB/Morning Star promotes.

    I look forward to the Star coming out for a United Ireland under the Crown as a solution to a hard border in Ireland. After all, that is the logical end point of this article.


    John Rogan

    September 21, 2019 at 10:51 am

    • Thanks for that John.

      Andrew Coates

      September 21, 2019 at 11:38 am

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