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Socialist Worker says Labour should, “not give into Right” and back Remain in the EU.

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Don’t Give Into Right and Oppose Brexit Says SWP.

Sometimes, happy days, not to say,  months, you forget that the SWP exists.

But the pro-Brexit far-left is still there.

They show no signs of regretting their furious campaign for the – Hard Right – Brexit.

It’s one of the best kept secrets in politics that the SWP have thriven and recruited in the mass people’s movement to take back control and support Brexit.

As they  said, ““The outcome of the referendum represents a revolt by millions of working class people against years of austerity and economic decline”. Socialists and the Leave vote—a (brief) reply to Sean Leahy

They added, ” how can things possibly get worse?”

As Johnson’s plans wreak havoc they say, “Nothing to so with us. We are revolutionary socialists and can’t share the blame for anything.”

Hobson chose for them, and they cannot be blamed for their choice, actions, or vote.

Tory plan for Brexit is a threat to ­two million EU migrants

Latest Socialist Worker.

Whether you voted for this or not we should all defend migrants’ rights writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans.

Anti-racists—whether they voted Racist Leave or Remain—have to fight to defend and extend freedom of movement.

(Note: some of this may have been slightly rewritten).

The same Socialist Worker has this:

Corbyn’s confusion over the European Union emboldens the right

Labour has been caught in a bind since the EU referendum in 2016. Many working class people—the people it looks to for votes—support leaving the EU.

But a vocal set of right wing Labour MPs want to push the party towards opposing Brexit.

They support the EU because they like its pro-privatisation, pro-austerity rules that look after big business.

They’re increasingly cheer-led by prominent left Labour supporters, and backed by the Labour Party’s membership.

The Labour left now largely sees backing Remain as the only progressive response to the Tories’ racist, right wing version of Brexit.

The SWP offers this advice to Labour,

The anti-austerity, radical-sounding message that worked so well for Labour in 2017 is at risk of being drowned out.

Where demonstrations and action on the streets against the Tories could have dominated, opposition has focused on parliamentary manoeuvres and inter-party wrangling.

This is the right’s terrain—the left is always weaker on it.

The bulk of Corbyn’s speech on Monday—attacking austerity and tax cuts for the rich, promising more for ordinary people—got almost ignored by the press.

The longer Corbyn spends giving into the right over the EU, the more he allows them to set the agenda and sideline left wing politics.

People may have noticed that the article says “The Labour left now largely sees backing Remain as the only progressive response to the Tories’ racist, right wing version of Brexit.”

Some might observe that they are claiming that we are “cheering”  on the right.

In the heat of the struggle, in the exuberant mobilisations to “take back control” and back Brexit, the SWP can perhaps be forgiven their annoyance at the pro-remain left.

Nobody could possibly accuse them of stinking opportunism in seizing on this effect of their vote and claiming that they opposed it all along:


Written by Andrew Coates

August 21, 2019 at 12:10 pm

4 Responses

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  1. Apart from being some serious analysis of the politically dominant fractions of capital and their Tory and Brexit Party friends behind Brexit, (“There is a coalition of interests that needs to break down the rules-based multilateral global order that was built during the previous 30 years”) Paul Mason recognises the importance of the Suffolk proletariat,

    “Instead of being a tool for protecting the interests of British capitalism, the Tory party has, over the 30 year period of neoliberalism, become the tool for protecting oligarchic global capital in Britain: it represents the Saudi monarchy more than it represents Suffolk.”

    Andrew Coates

    August 21, 2019 at 4:27 pm

  2. Where were you guys when Austria repudiated the Anschluss and left poor, defeated, nationalSOCIALIST Germany crying at the altar?


    August 21, 2019 at 10:10 pm

  3. “Tory plan for Brexit is a threat to two million EU migrants” says SWP.

    This headline could easily be edited to “Brexit is a threat to two million EU migrants”.

    The SWP is trying to have its own “cake and eat it” Brexit. You can’t back Brexit and shut your eyes to its core anti-migrant message which is leading to the taking away of the right to live and work in the UK for three million EU citizens. Now they will have to reapply to continue staying here should Brexit finally go through.

    Will the SWP now oppose Brexit knowing this? Nope, of course not.

    The SWP would like us to believe that their version of Brexit would continue to support “free movement”. That wasn’t on the ballot paper.

    Instead, the consequence of the Brexit that the SWP has backed is to put the fate of three million people in the hands of a “hostile environment” Tory Government.

    A modern day “Red Referendum 1931” where the Communists thought they could support and repackage a Nazi-led attempt to bring down the Social Democrat Govt in Prussia.

    John Rogan

    August 23, 2019 at 1:01 pm

  4. Well said, John Rogan!

    Jim Denham

    August 23, 2019 at 2:19 pm

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