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Morning Star Publishes “A second referendum would be Labour’s route to Syrizafication” .

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Communist Party of Britain’s Morning Star Attacks Labour’s John McDonnell.

The first wails and groans from the Lexiters are appearing.

Unable, yet, to attack Corbyn, the Boycott Labour in the European Elections CPB organ, the Morning Star has just tweeted this:

From the Red-Brown Front (CPB, Labour Leave, Blue Labour and the Brexit Party) of European Lefy, 

Peter Ramsay is a Professor of Law at the London School of Economics. He supports The Full Brexit network.

A second referendum would be Labour’s route to Syrizafication

JOHN McDONNELL said on Sunday that Labour had to “get on with” changing its Brexit policy to one of backing a second referendum. This had to be done “sooner rather than later,” he told the BBC. ..the drift of the Labour Party towards an official position that supports a second referendum is bad news for democracy. It may also prove to be an electoral disaster for the Labour Party. It will certainly make Tony Blair’s political divorce of the party from Labour’s working-class traditions irreversible.


In any case, whatever the likely electoral outcomes, the crucial point is that supporting a second referendum is the wrong position. As many in the Labour leadership know their programme cannot be implemented within the EU. Moreover working-class and poorer voters were much more likely than middle-class voters to vote for Brexit, and for good reason. They voted against a political system that had ignored their interests for far too long. For Labour to go over officially to the side of elite resistance to Brexit will send a clear message that the demands of working-class voters are less important than those of the middle class or of big business.

McDonnell chose to push publicly for a more militantly pro-EU stance on Sunday, the very same day that Greece’s Syriza government got turfed out of office by the Greek electorate. Syriza too abandoned its early radical promises and spent years doing the EU’s dirty work instead. For Corbyn’s Labour Party, backing the second referendum opens the road to Syrizafication.

The Morning Star also tweets this attack on the Greek left from one of George Galloway”s former key supporters.




2 Responses

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  1. Letter to Morning Star (bet they don’t publish it):


    I note that the M Star of July 9 carries an attack on John McDonnell’s espousal of a second referendum and a Remain position for Labour. The piece is by one Peter Ramsey, Professor of Law at the London School of Economics. The Prof is also a supporter of the ‘Full Brexit’ website, where he (together with fellow academic Dr Chris Bickerton) have a piece on Ireland, attacking the backstop.

    In this earlier piece, entitled ‘The Irish Border: Passing Brexit’s Acid Test of Sovereignty’, Ramsey and Bickerton complain of “an unwillingness on the part of the UK to exercise its sovereignty in Northern Ireland.”

    Towards the end of their article, Ramsey and Bickerton say: “Behind the intransigence of Michel Barnier and Leo Varadkar we find potential threats from diehard republican grouplets, effectively recruited as the armed wing of the European Union. In London, we find a British political class that has been willing to send its armies on bloody adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, but is unwilling to face down even the slightest hint of violence closer to home to ensure that a democratic decision over the constitutional future of the UK can be implemented.”

    This extraordinary comment can only be understood as a call for military intervention in Ireland.

    These two British imperialists wrote a similar piece in the Irish Times, which elicited the following comment from a reader: “The authors laughably describe themselves as left wing on ‘thefullbrexit.com’ even as they pursue a policy of ‘socialism in one country’ (Stalin) and align themselves with Donald Trump and Putin in trying to destroy the EU – the USA’s and Russia’s only viable competitor in Europe and the world”.

    The Morning Star really needs to be more careful about who it allies with in its obsessional campaign for Brexit.


    Jim Denham

    Jim Denham

    July 10, 2019 at 3:32 pm

  2. It is refreshing to see someone else confronted with the need for a “none of the above” option. In Brazil there are only socialist parties (as in 1930s Germany), but lots of them. In the US there is a growing Libertarian party. The closest we’ve come to success in reforming the ballot in the former Colonies was reported back about 1976, when “none of the above” was placed at the TOP of the list!


    July 12, 2019 at 12:59 am

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