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Morning Star Despairs that Lexit, Labour Leave, and the Red-Brown front, the Full Brexit, are seen as “irrelevant fantasy”.

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Lexit and its Side..

The Morning Star frets today

How should Labour respond to Tory Brexit policies?


That the Conservatives will use Brexit in whatever way they can to intensify their assault on working people is not surprising. Their party will exploit any circumstance to that end.

Labour’s dilemma is how to respond. The fact that the Conservatives are currently in government, and therefore responsible for delivering Brexit, is used by left supporters of Remain to argue that Brexit itself must be opposed.

The “exit left” backed by organisations such as Lexit, the Full Brexit or Labour Leave is rejected as an irrelevant fantasy on the grounds that the left will not be in the driving seat on our way out.

Pressure is building on Labour to change its current position — to respect the result of the referendum, to fight for a general election and negotiate a Leave deal that protects workers’ rights and to keep the option of a public vote on the table — and adopt a more openly Remain stance (support for a second referendum on any deal, and advance commitment to campaign to Remain in said referendum — the latter point showing that the “People’s Vote” advocates assume that the vote should include a Remain option).

This appears to signal that “pressure” is winning…

If the policy has been a “slow car crash,” as shadow chancellor John McDonnell is said to have described it, this could be down to its constant contradiction by Labour MPs, feeding a narrative of confusion that does not arise from the policy itself.

Further, Labour suffers because it has largely refused to stress the positive potential of leaving the EU in terms of our right to determine economic policy free of EU regulations, opening up a range of options on public ownership and planned economic development that are currently inhibited by EU law.

As a result, respecting the vote appears to mean agreeing reluctantly to deliver a policy its leadership think is wrong. That the Tories are suffering just as much from giving this impression doesn’t mean it is an inspiring or election-winning stance.

The pro-Leave left needs to raise its game in articulating a positive vision for leaving the EU that Labour’s left leadership can champion.

As the Conservatives were in power during the Referendum, as the Conservatories support the narrow result, as the dominant faction in the Tories is pro-Brexit, it is hard to see what is meant by the phrase “use Brexit in whatever way they can”. Brexit is a hard right project “used” by the hard right, presumably.

Many on the left and in Labour have long stated that  there is more to the world capitalist economy than “EU law”. This legislation does not inhibit its progressive programme: world markets, finance and British capitalism do.  Left British economic policy needs allies, and they exist, on the European left. Cut adrift from substantial legislative ties with these forces (that is, in the EU) a  Labour government would face the WTO, and Trump, alone.

It is the inability to stand up to a Johnson-led Brexit with a clear alternative that has weakened the party’s public stand.

The Morning Star obviously thinks that it is nay-sayers in Labour who have sapped the obviously entirely clear Lexit position of a Brexit in the interests of the working class.

Except that the even more obvious point is that were Corbyn to agree with Brexit proceeding there is absolutely no space for their happy plans for a “positive vision”.

Where that dream still lived on until recently other figures have also sunk into a slough of despond.

The Red Brown Front, the Full Brexit, which brings together supporters and candidates for the Brexit Party, like James Heartfield, Communist Party of Britain members,  Labour leavers, odd-balls like Larry O’Nutter (better known under his pen-name of Larry O’Hara), Family Faith and Community Blue Labour, and gave a platform to the notorious Eddie “hatred of the liberal left ” Dempsey, is also at the end of its tether.

In today’s culture of fear they have fallen back on therapeutic culture.

This article appeared today:

Democracy and the Left: A Marriage of Convenience? by Michael Crowley.

Crowley who contributes to the Brexit Party backing Spiked recently whinged this to the on-line vehicle of Sun columnist Brendan O’Neill (Remoaner MPs’ charge to take No Deal Brexit off the table is a Grieve-ous act to wreck democrac)

no shop is more closed to those who support Brexit than the arts.

Now Crowley comes forth with this eructation:

Crowley notes “The majority of the left favour ignoringthe biggest democratic mandate in UK history in order to keep the country locked into an institution that is de-democratising Europe”,

We should situate the left’s attitude to Brexit in the wider context of its no platforming of speakers, its increasing censorship, its compulsion to regulate, and its tendency to casually defame opponents as racist or worse. The left has adopted a new kind of Stalinist handbook, where Leave supporters are described as far right, even fair game for assault. This not only betrays an intellectual laziness, but also expresses their self-appointed status as society’s moral and political arbitrators: their ethical commitments should trump democracy.


Jeremy Corbyn, a protégé of Benn, now seems set to cut a Faustian pact, sacrificing democracy to attain power. But history will judge a prime minster who betrays Brexit more harshly than one that sees it through – for they will have done a grave injury to democracy, an idea that will outlast the crumbling left-right divide.

Crowley moans that for the left, “many working-class voters were naïve, stupid, easily taken in by the tabloids.

Showing his age he states, “The Harry Enfield character “Loads a’ Money”, a cashed-up plasterer, personified the problem for them.”

Looking at his Wad the Spiked contributor reminisces about a left born from, “a desire for democracy. This desire has roots that long pre-date the modern left, surfacing as early as 1647 with the Levellers at the Putney debates. “

The “crumbling left-right divide”, “Class has been replaced by identity – the red flag by a rainbow.”

This pile of piffle, “Stalinist handbook”  – do we detect the sound of thrown milkshakes trumpeting the Gulag? – suggests the evolution of The Full Brexit.

We feel your pain.



3 Responses

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  1. The Morning Stat’s editorial is, indeed, desperate. I especially love “The “exit left” backed by organisations such as Lexit, the Full Brexit or Labour Leave is rejected as an irrelevant fantasy on the grounds that the left will not be in the driving seat on our way out” … err, yes, comrades, how is such dismissal wrong?

    I note that the editorial rather coyly fails to mention the CPB’s position on Brexit: backing no-deal on WTO terms.

    Jim Denham

    July 3, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    • Would you trust somebody to get you where you want when they’re not in the “driving seat”?

      Andrew Coates

      July 3, 2019 at 12:30 pm

  2. “In these circumstances, Labour’s original tactic — to emphasise the economic issues that unite the working poor across Leave and Remain-voting areas, and avoid a culture war over Brexit — can no longer work. Sticking to it caused the collapse of Labour’s support in the local elections and the European elections. If left unchanged, this dead strategy will for certain deny the party a general election victory.

    “Corbyn knows this but has wasted weeks refusing to draw the obvious conclusion. Long before the European elections, his advisers were shown detailed polling evidence that the party would suffer mass defections to the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and left nationalist parties: they chose to ignore it, describing worries about the loss of Remain votes as “psychosis”.

    They refused, for ten crucial days, to implement a shadow cabinet decision to end Brexit talks with the Tories. Then, when Labour lost half its seats in the European parliament, they sprang into action to brief against Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer, who had called for a change of strategy.”

    “Now the line is changing. Corbyn is committed to a referendum “on any Brexit deal” (despite rallying people to vote against exactly this at the May National Executive Committee meeting). But the price has been weeks of public disunity. ”

    “Its important to recognise that Unite’s position is only a mild version of something much more misguided. Socialist Worker has called the People’s Vote march “an anti-democratic outrage”. John Rees, of Counterfire, claimed that the PV demonstration was a “mild (as yet) variant” of a “mass fascist or populist right wing movement”. Eddie Dempsey, an RMT member of the Full Brexit campaign, said that Tommy Robinson’s supporters were “right to hate the liberal left” for its support for Remain. When the black Labour frontbencher Clive Lewis criticised Dempsey for these words, he was expelled from the RMT’s group in parliament (which still includes both Hoey and Godsiff). In short, a small but influential part of the left is already on the other side of the culture war.”


    Andrew Coates

    July 3, 2019 at 5:27 pm

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