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The Limpet Leninists, Corbyn, his Advisers and Brexit.

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CLPD and Brexit Bolsheviks Try to Fight off Internationalist Challenge to Labour Fence-sitting.

It looks like Boris Johnson and the Hard Brexiteers will soon be running the country.

There is  lot of discussion on the left as to whether Corbyn will change the walking disaster that is his Brexit Policy.

There are those who suggest that this is not the best we can hope for.


The problem is that this lot truly believe in Brexit.

Corbyn supporters can waffle all they like, propose motions like the CLPB for “unity” around the pro-Brexit forces in Labour, and go on for ever about other Tory policies, but Brexit is the issue that runs through every single political debate in the country.

The prospect of Brexit making “austerity”, smashing and churning up people’s lives and rights, eroding collectivist politics in a frantic rush to trade on WTO rules, is what counts.

But that’s not what the inner circle really believe.

Comrade Jim Denham has a piece in Shiraz – for the CPB read an important influence on the thinking of Corbyn’s team. 

Is Brexit really a “working class” cause?

Communist Party of Britain (CPB) general secretary Robert Griffiths had a piece in the Morning Star of 31 May entitled “Time for Labour to stand unequivocally by the working class”. He claims that the way to do that is for Labour to back Brexit. Brexit is a working-class cause.


The editor of the newly-revived Tribune, (Note by TC, owned by US Jacobin publisher, pro-Brexit Bhaskar Sunkara) Ronan Burtenshaw, goes some distance in the same direction as the Morning Star. His piece in the latest Tribune is entitled “Hold the Line”. A “negotiated Customs Union and further developing a Norway model” will provide Labour with “grounds on which some form of renewed social democracy might be won in Britain.”

Ignoring left-wing campaigns like Labour for a Socialist Europe and Another Europe is Possible, Burtenshaw tries to make out that “People’s Vote is a movement for the restoration of the ancient regime” (i.e. for “the years of social liberalism before the financial crisis”). Burtenshaw advocates a form of “soft” Brexit that will satisfy no one and disparages Remainers on the spurious basis that they support “progressive social views” rather than what he defines as “class politics” (i.e. nationalist reformism).

The limpet Leninists can still be defeated:



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  1. I’ve written a post based on the tweet thread. TLDR- Boris Johnson has the confidence of Tory members to deliver the best Brexit deal. They’ll go along with what he says as they trust him no matter what others think. The Tory press will also go along with it for some kind of stability. Corbyn, Milne and Murray also want Brexit out of the way and have shown they’re ready to do a deal with the Tories and I think they will. Corbyn will get away with it as he has the same confidence from Labour members as Johnson has with the Tories. Oh, btw, the fact that Corbyn has resisted pressure from the likes of Paul Mason to sack Milne etc shows there’ll be no change there. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think Labour will support a 2nd ref with Remain. It is an “option on the table” and will never come off it. https://medium.com/@JRogan3000/the-forthcoming-boris-johnson-jeremy-corbyn-brexit-deal-7957a307d128?sk=991201fa3b47ebdd4d3f7c86b4fcc431&fbclid=IwAR10orvfZ1-lTVPsUvy3n8itL8932szCm_1oFtJil2v4h6X7jMBjo7_DrCU

    John Rogan

    June 9, 2019 at 6:27 pm

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