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As Tories Flounder Pro-Brexit Left Clutches at Straws.

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Brexit Left Has Record of Sound Predictions.

The Sovereigntist Morning Star, no doubt refreshed from a trip to the Donbass*, yells,

Who can “deliver Brexit”?

Can it be delivered at all?

The Morning Star’s allies in Counterfire are worried,

Lindsey German writes,

The Tories shan’t topple on their own, we need to build and maintain the pressure against them, 

there are increasing demands for a second referendum.

such a referendum wouldn’t change anything, even if it could get through Parliament, which is still a big if. And while we don’t need to necessarily speculate over whether it would lead to riots among Leave voters, it certainly would cause widespread anger and even further distrust, if possible, for politicians.  The pressure from within Labour for this second referendum is, however, intense, and is also very dangerous. It can lead to a greater bitterness in Leave areas which, even if it doesn’t lose Labour many seats, can lead to an alienation from Labour which will damage Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

She notes,

Any resolution to the Brexit crisis which ends up benefiting working people will of necessity entail a level of popular protest on the streets, an increase in industrial action and a very hard fight to secure a Labour victory. All of this will require a turn to class politics and organisation.

Pray, what is this “resolution”?

If ruthless Tories can’t get a ‘good deal’ what chance a People’s Brexit?

Socialist Worker clings to the wreckage,

Resistance to the Tory vision of Brexit can’t mean supporting a new referendum. It must mean putting forward an alternative vision of Brexit and of society where ordinary people’s interests are put before those of the bosses.

Membership of the EU is incompatible with such a vision. We must fight for an anti-racist, anti-austerity Brexit.

While the Heralds of the Red Dawn remain true from the US pro-Brexit progressive magazine Jacobin comes a cry for help –  please please Theresa May call a General Election!

The People’s Vote Illusion

Dawn Foster.

The campaigners for a so-called “People’s Vote” illustrate the problem most clearly: a cabal of almost entirely middle-class centrists detached from the groundswell of public opinion, preoccupied with obscure legal loopholes that supposedly might scupper attempts to push Brexit through Parliament or any process that sees the UK leave the EU at all. They function entirely as an echo chamber, with a record of excruciatingly embarrassing attempts at protest.

Such a gamble makes no sense and Labour would be wrong to back it. What makes far more sense is to call for a general election, as Labour has repeatedly done. Theresa May has lost the support of the Democratic Unionist Party; the ten Northern Irish MPs with whom she forged a “confidence and supply” deal last May do not have the numbers to make a true majority. Without those MPs, May cannot pass anything in Parliament without the help of Labour rebels. And considering that close to a hundred Conservative MPs have said they’ll rebel against her Brexit deal, it is increasingly clear that she has no democratic mandate whatsoever. Returning to Brussels to renegotiate, she would likely be told that the negotiators had no confidence in her passing anything they might offer.

The pro-Brexit Boss of Jacobin is said to be almost as scornful of the European Union as his British Op-Ed editor,  ‘Race Play BDSM  games’  Richard Seymour.

Seymour, for a jellyfish, still packs a sting.

The extent to which a large number of people on the Left identify with the European Union is bewildering and rather frightening and sinister.

The Brexit Debacle Richard Seymour.


The People’s Assembly have called a demo to support the Counterfire line of General Election Now! People’s Assembly Demo in January Britain is Broken,

“Today the People’s Assembly have called a National Demonstration to show the will of the people.”

“Don’t forget your #YellowVest #YellowVestsAgainstAusterity.

Cheap petrol now!

*  See: Light in the Donbass Window. Among the “anti-imperialist” foreign volunteers in East Ukraine. 

“The Donbass is the spiritual homeland, the Olduvai Gorge of all tankiedom. “


6 Responses

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  1. Right now the town of Derby is seeing Rolls Royce, the Jjewel in its Crown, having production moved to Germany. This is real people losing real work. We don’t need any patronising cobblers about how we can feed a family of five for £5 a week on smart price beans from a German discounter.

    If Jeremy Corbyn and Labour really gave a monkeys about the people who are losing their jobs and will be losing their jobs because of this Brexit fiasco he and Labour would be putting all their weight behind revoking this Article 50 nonsense and giving the UK back control of her own borders which is why we are in this pickle in the first place.

    We are sick to the back teeth of listening to well-heeled politicians milking Brexit for political gain and jockeying for power. Another politician who needs singled out and condemned is Nicola Sturgeon. This jumped up tin-pot dictator from up North is hell-bent on a hard Brexit. She knows a hard Brexit will cause untold misery and strife and wants to capitalise on it.

    Sturgeon is an irrelevance though and it is Corbyn and Labour who really need to get their fingers out.
    The solution is right in front of our faces. We will be watching Corbyn and Labour and voting accordingly in any forthcoming General Election.

    Derby City

    December 13, 2018 at 6:59 pm

  2. Thank you… those tears are delightful! This is as good as listening to antichoice Republicans whining that those nasty libertarians spoiled their chance for a hand in the till and lard on leather upholstery. Bravo!


    December 14, 2018 at 1:24 am

  3. Thinkers as different from each other as Enoch Powell and Tony Benn both told us hat
    Common Market membership would inevitably lead to an erosion of British sovereignty.

    The likes of Grocer Heath lied shamelessly to us then – knowing full well that they were lying – and
    we were dumb enough to believe them.

    That’s all there is to it and – predictably – the British (or – specifically the English) taxpayer
    has been a Net Contributor since Day One. Unlike the citizenry of the Irish Republic, for whom
    the Common Market / E.E.C. / E.U. was a cornucopia of riches for a generation.

    Billy Corr in Cambodia


    Bill Corr

    December 14, 2018 at 7:03 am

  4. Very true, Billy!

    Penelope in Portugal


    December 14, 2018 at 11:08 am

  5. Business leaders and bosses have warned of the catastrophic consequences a hard or no deal Brexit could have on trade coming in and out of the Port of Felixstowe.

    The port, which is the biggest container port in the UK, has already been plagued by delays this year due to computer glitches.

    The Port of Felixstowe, which is operated by Hutchison Ports, started experiencing operational delays in June, following the implementation of the new in-house terminal operating system (TOS).

    Last month, Maersk Line announced that its AE7 service will transfer from Felixstowe to London Gateway to reduce the possibility of experiencing “unexpected disruption.” According to the maritime research consultancy Drewry, compared to other global ports, Felixstowe saw the largest decrease in mainline service connections when comparing the third quarter of 2018 to the second quarter.

    Richard Harris, who is freight and logistics manager at Zygo, a freight forwarding service based at Felixstowe, said that he had seen first hand the delays at Felixstowe in the last six months, due to “the new Port Terminal computer system and a general lack of haulage availability.”

    “In my opinion, delays would worsen with a no deal Brexit. It wouldn’t affect the majority of the container work through Felixstowe, as those imports and exports from third countries already require declarations. But having to declare imports and exports from the EU would place greater pressure on the freight forwarding community to get things customs cleared.”

    His sentiments are echoed by James Feltwell, who runs a Felixstowe-based currency exchange provider company, 1FX. “A lot of the companies I speak to say there are already now delays at the Port of Felixstowe, and this will get worse in March if we have no agreement with the EU. We need a free movement of goods and services. If there is a backlog, what kind of damaging effect would this have on companies?”


    Andrew Coates

    December 14, 2018 at 5:03 pm

  6. Whatever happens with respect to the UK and the EU, nothing particularly good is going to happen. Either way one wing if the establishment wins. And if you’re on the left you have to expect far more defeats than victories. This is why the politics of shadenfreude is almost inherently reactionary.

    You should pay attention to Seymour’s point about pessimism. Even if he’s wrong he has stopped.to think, rather than just rallying round the latest campaign. Stop and think – there are painfully obvious problems with the EU from a working class perspective. If you really think the EU can be reformed than that’s a hard argument that you have the responsibility to make. You can’t just use that position as a comfort blanket to shield the activist troups from difficult questions.


    December 15, 2018 at 2:02 pm

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