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Has the Morning Star Gone Totally Mad as it calls for “Militant Opposition” to “Paedo Gangs’ ?

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“I can already hear the allegations of Strasserism, of trolling, of “letting the right set the terms of the debate.” says Morning Star Brexit Bolshevik Red Browner Alex Birch. 

The working class has no use for liberal hand-wringing

The majority of working-class people oppose the EU, almost all dislike fundamentalist religion and almost all hate paedophiles. They are correct on all three counts. In each case, the left (with honourable exceptions) has failed to indicate its agreement clearly, because it is panicked that these issues are the stamping ground of the right, and that saying what we actually think would give inadvertent support to racists.


Instead, the left is derided as the “politically correct brigade” and called “soft on paedos.” How can that do anything but damage our credibility with the ordinary person and provide the right with an opportunity to pose as the only people taking paedophilia seriously?

It really isn’t complicated — debunk the racist ideas in circulation around paedophilia, and at the same time make it clear beyond all possible doubt that the left is militantly and aggressively opposed to all forms of it.

He continues,

From Brexit, at the most important level, to backing England in the World Cup, at the most trivial, large sections of the left are abandoning their posts at the first sign of trouble, on subjects and areas of culture that the right have no natural claim to.

Alex Birch is an NEU rep and executive member of his Labour CLP…..

He has just won the coveted prize for “political confusionist” of the Year.




Written by Andrew Coates

October 1, 2018 at 2:09 pm

5 Responses

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  1. A comrade who’s read the article has sent me this:

    “Leaving aside the crap on Brexit the author is not wrong when he says the left should be on the side of those fighting Islamic fundamentalists like ISIS or be willing to talk about grooming gangs: even if the paper he is writing in has a very dubious record on both of these questions,

    “But the objectionable bit is the constant condescending refrain of aligning with “ordinary people”. What is “ordinary” is set by the ruling class and set out in papers like the Sun. This includes having certain views and low expectations from life. It means not questioning and going along with the flow. Not kicking up a fuss.

    “What self respecting working class person wants to be described as ordinary. Think of working class literature, its genuinely popular exactly because at its best it is about the moments of transcendence or self relisation not about conforming to expectations. The opposite to the kind of ProleKult literature of stalinism where every worker is reduced to a cipher or a symbol not a genuine character.

    “Left populism of this sort isnt about transforming working class consciousness but assumes popular working class ideasto bes immovable and eternal, so we must tailor our politics to appeal to that. But socialist ideas are not ordinary or normal. Being a militant at work is not ordinary or normal. Selling newspapers on street corners, going on strike, opposing fascists on the streets – none of this is ‘normal’. To defer to the ‘ordinary’ is to accept defeat before you begin. After all there is a far more credible Conservative party out there for ‘ordinary people’ to vote for then anything that can be disingenuously cobbled together by socialists pretending to be ‘ordinary’.”

    Jim Denham

    October 1, 2018 at 4:15 pm

  2. What is also objectionable, apart from the shite about ‘ordinary” working class people, and rest of his mad rant, is the link between being against paedophilia and being pro-Brexit.

    As both our sites and writings (not mention scores of other leftist ones) have been opposed to Islamism and Daesch for a very long time it a bit rich to be lectured by this nationalist individual.

    Andrew Coates

    October 1, 2018 at 4:23 pm

  3. Letter published in Morning Star, Tues Oct 2 2018: as letters don’t appear on the M. Star website, here it is:

    I read Alex Birch’s article headed The working class has no use for liberal hand-wringing (M Star September 29-30) with mounting disgust.

    I never thought I would live to see anti-fascists adopting the demonising language of the fascists on their banners (“Paedo gangs and racists off our streets”).

    I am a survivor of the horror of paedophilia. I was damaged by intra-familial child sexual abuse and the form this damage took was to make me a paedophile, though I never offended either directly or indirectly. In the early 1970s I was helped to achieve a total cure by a wonderful NHS clinic which uses psychoanalysis.
    I became a communist 47 years ago (and still am) in large part because of the conclusions I drew from seeing that people like myself who suffered this awful sexual damage are systematically demonised, marginalised and left without the help and treatments they deserve. This demonization is of a piece with the racist targeting of ethnic minorities and the oppression of women. It divides our class and hamstrings our united fight against capitalism.

    Alex’s piece betrays his misunderstanding of the nature of fascism, which is wholly opportunist and fluid in its choice of the groups it targets – from Jews, Muslims, Roma, blacks, gays or trade unionists, to “paedophiles.”
    It is not “paedophiles” per se who form most of these predatory gangs. Indeed, the proportion of them who fit the clinical definition of paedophilia may well be small. We must call them what we know they are: child sexual abusers and sexual predators.

    The term “paedophilia” does not describe an act. Rather, it describes a type of psychic sexual damage. The act is abuse. The actor is an abuser. Many paedophiles spend their lives avoiding the acting out of their distress (as I did). They will live honourable lives, though ones characterised by deep misery and loneliness.
    The use of the demonising language of “paedos,” “pervs” and “nonces” will have one certain effect, though Alex, and I appeal to you and all teachers to understand this. Among the pupils who face you in your classrooms will be many young people who are growing up with the dawning realisation that they are cursed with paedophiliac sexual feelings. They will already experience great fear and isolation, as well as self-hatred, and will themselves likely be suffering sexual abuse. If they see their teachers using the same language as the bullies and gangs who already target them, they will never seek the help and empathetic support they need.

    They will despair – and despair is the parent, the author of abuse.
    Let our banners say “Protect our children: fight fascism and racism.” Let us unite and fight for the universal for the universal mental-health services and curative treatments which can mend the lives of all those – girls and boys, women and men – who are sexually damaged by patriarchy, and give us the hope that we can rid the world of paedophilia and child sexual abuse.

    JACK DAWSON, address supplied

    Jim Denham

    October 2, 2018 at 11:45 am

  4. Thanks Jim.

    Andrew Coates

    October 2, 2018 at 4:55 pm

  5. Sexual abuse is a power relationship whether it’s Lavrenti Beria kidnapping women of the streets of Moscow, raping and murdering them or the Likes Gerry Healy and Martin Smith doing the same thing without the killing.

    Dave Roberts

    October 2, 2018 at 7:20 pm

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