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The Full Brexit: Alliance of Labour Patriots, Spiked-on-Line, Immigration Obsessives, Left Sovereigntists and other Oddballs.

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Full British Brexit’. Not ‘bog roll Brexit’!

What does a leader of Trade Unionists Against the EU, concerned about ‘easy divorce’ and immigration, somebody who defends “Flag, faith and family” and who (2011), wanted Labour to be an organisation, “that involves those people who support the EDL within our party”, a prominent contributor for the left-wing magazine Jacobin, a founder of a new Social Democratic Party, the  former editor of Prospect magazine, a pamphleteer for  Labour Leave, a Harvard Professor, Murdoch’s Man in Brussels, a well-known figure in the British Communist Party (CPB), and a small battalion of former members of the Revolutionary Communist Party and contributors to Spiked-on-Line, have in common?



The Full Brexit is not a political party. We do not all agree about each and every policy or document on this website. But we do agree, first, that the left’s proper role is to be the architect of a better, more democratic future and, second, that a clean break with the EU is needed to realise that potential.

To this end, we will provide analysis of the present political situation and proposals for the future. We will engage with the public, politicians and anyone who shares our democratic ethos. And we will conduct our work in solidarity with those on the left in other European countries to develop a genuinely internationalist and democratic politics of national sovereignty.

Brexit offers an unprecedented opportunity to reshape Britain for the better. Please join us in that mission.

The common sovereigntist thread (Popular Sovereignty and “Taking Back Control”: What it Means and Why it Matters), the links with Spiked-on-Line (Revolutionary Communist Party, RCP) of the signatories below  – you might be tempted to call it a Brendan O’Neill front – and the ever more right-wing drift of these people makes this a more authentic  warning from Hell.

Beginning with Paul Embery and Trade Unionists Against the EU recent comments on Trump splitting up arrested migrant families.

Founding Signatories

​Christopher Bickerton, University of Cambridge. Extensive Spiked on Line Archive.

Philip Cunliffe, University of Kent, “University of Kent’s Dr Philip Cunliffe: Brexit is a triumph for the people over the elites.”

Paul Embery, Trade Unionists Against the EU:  The left-wing zealots are threatening our freedom.

…..try discussing with these people – the self-appointed guardians of enlightened society – the idea that immigration levels are too high and should be reduced. You’re a xenophobe. Try saying that kids are better served being raised by two parents, one of each sex. You’re a homophobic bigot. Don’t believe someone with the anatomy of a man can suddenly become a woman just because he says he is? Transphobe.

Thomas Fazi, Author and Journalist. ‘Left’ Sovereigntist: WHAT IS NEEDED IS A PROGRESSIVE VISION OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY May 2017.

Maurice Glasman, House of Lords. Blue Labour. “Work, family, community.” wanted Labour to be” a party that brokers a common good, that involves those people who support the EDL within our party” (Labour isn’t working. 2011.)

David Goodhart, Author and Journalist. Founding editor of Prospect. The Road to Somewhere 2017. “A fault line in Britain existed, he suggested, between Somewhere, those people firmly connected to a specific community which consists of about half the population, “Inbetweeners”, and Anywhere, those usually living in cities, socially liberal and well educated; the latter being only a minority of about 20% to 25% of the total, but in fact had “over-ruled” the attitudes of the majority.”

Matthew Goodwin, University of Kent. “Concerned” about Immigration, “Brexit Britain is in denial over immigration Debate since Brexit referendum has failed to tackle immigration — the key motivator behind the Leave campaign.”Politico.

Pauline Hadaway, University of Manchester. Spiked-on-Line extensive Archive.

James Heartfield, Author and Journalist. “In the 1980s he was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.” Fanatical Sovereigntist.

Kevin Hickson, University of Liverpool.

.. Kevin left the Labour Party in the summer of 2017.  Never a fan of Jeremy Corbyn, he accepted the outcome of the leadership contest but was increasingly uneasy with the sneering attitude of some within the Labour Party to the working class and all things British.  This reached its peak, he felt, in the constant attempts to undermine, if not stop the Brexit process.  It was this which led to him resign from the party.

With his belief that political principles are futile unless put into action he joined the SDP which is the only party, Kevin believes, to offer the correct combination of left-of-centre social and economic policies and a commitment to uphold the will of the people to leave the European Union. Having previously worked closely with Labour Leave on Brexit, Kevin is now the organiser for SDP’s North West region and keenly engaged in raising the profile of SDP, locally and nationally.

Lee Jones, Queen Mary University of London.  THECURRENTMOMENT 

Puts its faith in the Mother of Parliaments, “as The Current Moment argued all along, Brexiteers made the mistake of failing to trust representative democracy, and instead rushed to trigger Article 50 and marched unprepared straight into the EU’s favoured terrain: meeting-rooms safely closed off from democracy where they may bully smaller negotiating partners.”

Costas Lapavitsas, School of Oriental and African Studies (author of the recent so-called ‘left’ article backing Brexit in the US Jacobin magazine).

Tara McCormack, University of Leicester.  Spiked on Line.  19th of April 2018. SYRIA, THE TIMES AND FREE SPEECH.”The Times states that by questioning the British government’s stance we are apologists for Assad. More absurd still, it claims that by questioning and debating British foreign policy we are somehow shutting down debate.”


“Krastev argues that the migration crisis in the EU has pulled national politics or, perhaps to be more precise, the national electorates, back into the picture, as the borderless, cosmopolitan ideal is forced to confront the reality and impact of migration, and attendant concerns over welfare, identity and rights.”

“Moreover, questions around identity and values do need to be discussed freely. It is certainly reasonable to ask if significant migration of other religious groups will impact on post-liberal or conservative values in Europe. Yet such debate is considered unacceptable by the EU, leaving the resentments to be expressed by right-wing populist groups.”

Jasper Miles, Goldsmiths College, University of London. Joint author of Labour Leave pamphlet, “The Labour Case for Brexit.”

Peter Ramsay, London School of Economics. Linked to THECURRENTMOMENT 

“…as The Current Moment argued all along, Brexiteers made the mistake of failing to trust representative democracy, and instead rushed to trigger Article 50 and marched unprepared straight into the EU’s favoured terrain: meeting-rooms safely closed off from democracy where they may bully smaller negotiating partners.”

Richard Tuck, Harvard University​. “Tuck has long believed that Brexit would benefit the British Left — both by killing the drive for Scottish independence, and by opening up a new space for radical left politics in Britain.” Policy Exchange 2017.

Bruno Waterfield, Murdoch Journalist – Brussels Correspondent — The Times.

Philip B Whyman, University of Central Lancashire. Sovereigntist fantasist, “Beyond Brexit: how to build an independent British economy.”

Suke Wolton, Regents Park College, University of Oxford. Author of “Marxism, Mysticism and Modern Theory. 1996. Not known to have moved on since.

Amongst others attaching themselves to this bandwagon I note Mary Davis (Communist Party of Britain).

People’s Vote.

We will doubtless hear today dire warnings from the Brexit left about splitting the labour movement by marching with anti-Brexit campaigners in the People’s Vote Campaign.

Given their own background in dividing the Labour and trade union vote to Remain this is like hearing Satan preaching against Sin.

But it’s Full Brexit alliance that ought to be kept  in mind when hearing attacks on the People’s Vote campaign against Brexit.

What a bunch!


20 Responses

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  1. This is an appalling attack on the idea of popular sovereignty. But worse is supporting a second referendum. Utterly undemocratic for these reasons: the matter is decided. A referendum on the EU was a proper way in which to decide a constitutional matter. To vote again undermines democracy – the People’s Vote is saying that Britain got the vote wrong (= we disagree with the result) and must vote again to get it right (= a result we agree with). Such a vote would undermine the entire democracy of this country: it would mean that every decision was subject to challenge by those who do not like the result. Those voices supporting leaving the EU are correct. The EU is an elite technocracy, determined to remove politics from the people, this is its avowed aim and Brussels intends doing it by stealth. The only democratic way of having a referendum again is by having a two question vote, the questions to be: Do you accept the negotiated UK-EU deal? OR Do we leave the EU without a deal? These are the only questions which can be asked. Leaving the EU is what we are doing and it must be a clean break out of what is a protectionist cartel. Suggesting anything else skewers our democracy.

    • Laughable reasoning.

      The referendum was won by offering multiple visions of what Brexit would be.

      ‘There is a free trade area from Iceland to the Russian Border, we will be part of it’

      ‘They need us more than we need them’

      ‘BMW will tell Merkel to give us a trade deal’

      Now you tell us that to be Democratic we get to choose which vision we agree on!

      What about the people who voted to leave who expected a deal and voted to leave because they were told we would get a great deal?

      You are no respecter of democracy.

      Democracy is not just counting votes, democracy is how you win those votes.

      John Houlihan

      January 16, 2022 at 9:23 pm

  2. Andrew Coates

    June 23, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    • Are you serious? There is no way to reform the EU from within. It is a juggernaut heading for supra-statism or collapse. Reform is impossible because it is not allowed – as Italy and Greece, Hungary etc are finding out.

      • 3.5 years later.

        Italy no intention of leaving the EU.

        Hungary no intention of leaving the EU. Orban continuing his authoritarian journey to rule Hungary without opposition.

        Greece no intension to leave the EU.

        Brexit going so well, trade deals worth nothing better than deals the U.K. had within the EU. Exports dropped, extra red tape for exports to our biggest export market the EU, no deal with the USA yet despite it being a big promise and certainly no 350 million a week for the NHS.

        Brexit fantasy meets the real world and it isn’t pretty.

        John Houlihan

        January 16, 2022 at 9:34 pm

  3. Andrew Coates

    June 23, 2018 at 4:46 pm

  4. Once the terms – or none – are known the effects will be far worse than anyone imagined and combined with the falsehoods about money for the NHS, immigrant swarms, Turks, then secret funds, Russian money etc it means there is a whole new situation for our country – we should have the chance for any final approval before the departure from the EU.

    Ray Visino

    June 24, 2018 at 12:19 am

    • A second vote is undemocratic unless the questions are: Do you accept the UK leaving deal with the EU? or Do you wish to leave the EU without a deal? Voters choose one or the other. Leaving without a deal is the best deal on offer – but leave we must: this has already been decided by a democratic vote.

  5. Note the Free Tommy T-shirt on the right of the above photo.

    Andrew Coates

    June 24, 2018 at 10:49 am

  6. Do any of you have any arguments against Brexit? So far all you have done is attack people who support Brexit. That is not an argument. How about putting out some reasons for being in the EU.

    • I have written at great length on this….

      Andrew Coates

      June 24, 2018 at 11:55 am

  7. Ray, that is a good list of Remain campaign falsehoods – well done.

  8. Where?

  9. James does expose a real problem – what a blunt instrument referendums are. If you just had the question “Do you reject the governments deal to leave the the EU?” Yes/No, people meaning totally different things could vote Yes i.e. those that want to remain and those that think the deal is not “hard enough”. That would be undemocratic. But James’ questions also don’t allow people to reject the deal and remain in the EU, also undemocratic.

    To represent the major views you would have to have 3 questions with a preference vote. 1. “Do you accept the deal made by the govt to leave the EU” 2. “Do you reject the govt deal to leave the EU and wish to remain part of the EU. 3. “Do you reject the governments deal to leave the EU but wish to leave without a deal.” Even this leaves out the “reject the deal, go back and negotiate a better one” position, and my preferred question “Are you in favour of a Socialist United States of Europe as an alternative to the EU”.

    I think those who want “a peoples vote” or second referendum should start concretising what precisely they want this referendum to be about and what question they want asking. Only then can we decide whether it’s a good idea. Personally I was moving towards the second referendum idea until I started thinking about the problems with it. Parliamentary control of the final deal, for all its faults, is a less blunt instrument.


    June 24, 2018 at 9:59 pm

  10. The worst thing that could happen for the Brexiters, is for them to actually get what they want. They are a bit like Scot Nats, where all the problems in Scotland were/are caused by Westminster. Similarly they blame Brussels for all the problems we face in the UK. But once the UK leaves the EU, well who will they blame them for the job losses, the homelessness etc.
    Already they are moaning about Airbus saying they will leave the UK, if Brexit happens, saying that this is nothing to do with Brexit. But I wonder what they would say if the reverse were true, that companies wanted to invest in the UK post-Brexit. You can bet they’d take the credit for that!

    Steven Johnston

    June 25, 2018 at 10:38 am

  11. “The EU is an elite technocracy, determined to remove politics from the people, this is its avowed aim and Brussels intends doing it by stealth”

    Hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha, wow, well is this is their avowed aim why do they need to do it be stealth? They clearly aren’t doing a very good job if you can see it and they allow Britain to leave.

    Steven Johnston

    June 25, 2018 at 11:31 am

  12. […] via The Full Brexit: Alliance of Labour Patriots, Spiked-on-Line, Immigration Obsessives, Left Sovereign… […]

  13. Did Austria hold a vote on reversing the Anschluss back in 1945?


    March 30, 2019 at 8:51 pm

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