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Far-Right – N-VA – Belgian minister: Catalan Leader Puigdemont can seek asylum here.

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Belgium Far-Right Flemish Separatist Minister Francken offers  Puigdemont Asylum.

Quand Theo Francken embarrasse le gouvernement dans toutes les languesLe Soir. 

A Belgian minister said Catalan ex-President Carles Puigdemont, removed from office by the Spanish government last week, could apply for asylum in Belgium.


“Catalan people who feel politically threatened can ask for asylum in Belgium. That includes President Puigdemont. This is 100 percent legal,” Theo Francken, the state secretary for asylum and migration, told public broadcaster VRT late on Saturday.

This has immediately been rejected by the Prime Minister of Belgium as adding fuel to the Fire.

Francken prêt à accueillir Puigdemont en Belgique, Charles Michel demande de ne “pas jeter d’huile sur le feu”.

Background Wikipedia.

Nieuw-Vlaamse AlliantieN-VA)[4] is a Flemish nationalist[5] and conservative[6][7][8] political party in Belgium, founded in 2001.[9] The N-VA is a regionalist[10][11] and separatist[12][13][14][15]movement that self-identifies with the promotion of civic nationalism.[16] It is part of the Flemish Movement, and (This bit is not coincidence whatsoever)  strives for the peaceful[17] and gradual secession of Flanders from Belgium.

Its best known member is their leader Bart De Wever.

Theo Francken

In October 2014 several political parties demanded Francken’s and Ben Weyts‘ resignation after the two were present at the birthday of Bob Maes, a former member of the Vlaams Nationaal Verbond, a party who collaborated with the Nazis in the Second World War.[2] In the same month Theo Francken also came in stormy waters after the leaking of some old mails with allegedly homophobic statements and a Facebook post where he questioned the “added value” that immigrants from Morocco, Congo and Algeria bring to the Belgian economy. Subsequently, Theo Francken apologised in the federal parliament.[3]


Written by Andrew Coates

October 30, 2017 at 12:33 pm

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  1. Translated by PM.

    Joint statement of CCOO and UGT following the decisions taken by the
    Parliament of Catalonia and the Senate

    CCOO and UGT reject the unilateral declaration of independence and
    reaffirm that the solution is in the elections

    27.10 2017

    UGT and CCOO have made repeated calls for dialogue to face the situation generated in Catalonia convinced that we are facing a political problem that could not be redirected by legal-police measures but from the political negotiation.
    In that sense, we have been deeply critical of the position that the
    Government of Spain has maintained to date.
    We have also criticized the rupturist strategy adopted by the formations
    that represent the independence movement in Catalonia.

    We have come to suggest that the most reasonable way out to set up a new framework that was more favorable to negotiation and agreement was for the President of the Generalitat to call early elections and for the
    State Government to suspend the application of Article 155 of the
    Constitution. .

    Our requirements have been ignored by some and others and today we are facing the most undesirable and traumatic situation and that more risks entails for the present and future coexistence between citizens.

    Faced with this situation, which we can describe as a national
    emergency, CCOO and UGT want to express:

    1.- We reject the unilateral declaration of independence. The decision
    adopted by just over half of the Parliament to declare independence is
    clearly outside the constitutional legality and the parameters by which
    the European Union is governed. This is a confrontational strategy that
    can have disastrous consequences on coexistence and that UGT and CCOO do not share.

    2.- For CCOO and UGT in the situation created with the decisions adopted today, the fundamental thing is to preserve coexistence and avoid social fracture. That is why we warn that we are not going to lend ourselves to any strategy, wherever it comes from, that in one way or another leads to confrontation.

    3.-UGT and CCOO ask the Government for moderation and prudence when applying the measures adopted in the Council of Ministers in the field of application of Article 155 of the Constitution, a situation that
    should never have been reached. That prudence is essential to avoid
    social confrontation. The democratic and peaceful coexistence should be the ultimate goal that all political and social formations should
    pursue, and first of all the Government itself.

    4.- CCOO and UGT we continue betting on the reconduction of the present situation to a climate of normality and coexistence by holding elections to the Parliament. In that sense, the call for elections on December 21 is an essential step for Catalan citizens to express themselves democratically. That is why we reaffirm that the solution lies in the celebration of democratic elections.

    But the convocation of elections and the period that opens up to them
    can not become a space of social confrontation. All the political and
    social forces are obliged to do everything possible so that it becomes a
    period presided over by the dialogue that allows this conflict to be
    channeled towards a real solution that puts the interests of citizens as
    the main focus in which to situate all the initiatives.

    In the medium term we consider that the dysfunctions that have been
    observed in the current State of Autonomies could be overcome through a Constitutional reform that, among other measures of a social nature and democratic deepening, give form to a Federal State. Constitutional
    reform that must be submitted to a citizenship referendum.


    Andrew Coates

    October 31, 2017 at 4:36 pm

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