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A conversation to be had about race in the Newcastle sex abuse scandal – and we should be brave enough to have it

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Girl, 13, drugged and gang-raped under a Kurdish flag by men in 'relay race'

Newcastle sex ring victims suffered ‘profoundly racist crime’, says former CPS chief  Independent.

Lord Macdonald warns of ‘major problem in particular communities’ of men viewing young white girls as ‘trash’.

A fear of being called racist is preventing authorities investigating the reasons behind child abuse cases, an MP has claimed.


Rotherham MP Sarah Champion was speaking after 17 men were convicted of forcing girls in Newcastle to have sex.

Mostly British-born, they are from Iraqi, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian and Turkish communities.

Ms Champion said asking if there were “cultural issues” was simply “child protection”.

Northumbria Police said society “can’t be afraid to have this discussion”.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Ms Champion, Labour’s shadow women and equalities minister, said gang-related child sexual exploitation involves “predominately Pakistani men” who were involved in such cases “time and time and time again”.

Julie Bindel has stood  out for an exceptional article on the issues raised.

There’s a conversation to be had about race in the Newcastle sex abuse scandal – and we should be brave enough to have it

We do not need to ask why so many men of Asian origin abuse children. This is a racist question. Rather, we need to ask why some white liberals appear to bend over backwards to find a way to claim these men are set up

The Newcastle case, in which 17 men and one women were convicted for rape, sexual assault, sadistic abuse and general heartless violation of girls and woman, has now become another argument about race. While on the one hand the racists and fascists twist the truth about child sexual abuse to give kudos to their arguments against asylum seekers and black and minority ethnic British citizens, much of the liberal left wring their hands and worry about being labelled “racist”.

It would appear that this matters more to some that preventing the rape of children and young women.

We do not need to ask why so many men of Asian origin abuse children. This is a racist question. Rather, we need to ask why some white liberals appear to bend over backwards to find a way to claim these men are set up, or unjustly treated, and why police and other state agencies have been known to turn the other cheek.

In 2007, my name was added to an ever-growing list on Islamophobia Watch the same day that my investigation on grooming gangs in Northern English towns was published in a national newspaper. I was accused of demonising the entire British Asian community by specifying the fact that these particular criminal gangs originated from Pakistan. My reason for mentioning ethnicity at all was to raise the unavoidable fact that some child protection agencies, and a number of senior police officers have made it plain that they were taking a hands-off approach in such cases lest they were labelled racist.

I was clear in the piece – I did not think that the police particularly cared about having the slur of “Islamaphobe” thrown at them from lefties, but rather they didn’t want to be responsible for policing a “race riot” as one senior police officer in West Yorkshire said would be the result of raising the ethnicity of the perpetrators.

During my investigations, I found there to be a stubborn defensiveness from a number of quarters, including some charities, when I asked about the relevance of the ethnic origin of the perpetrators, despite the fact that I carefully explained that I wished to tackle this thorny issue from the perspective of an anti-racist, and not a member of the BNP. Furthermore, I said how disgusted I was that racist pressure groups had colonised these crimes for their own dangerous agenda, and had been allowed to do so because the issue had been given a wide berth by the left. Some of the individuals that gave me the cold shoulder back in the early 2000s were named in the Jay report of 2013 as having failed the victims of child sexual abuse, partly because of their “nervousness” and unwillingness to engage with issues regarding the ethnicity of the perpetrators.

Although I was congratulated on journalistic endeavours in exposing these crimes by a number of friends and colleagues of Asian descent – such as the journalist and anti-racist campaigner Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – many white left-leaning liberals clearly believed I should not have even mentioned ethnicity or religious identity of the perpetrators lest it might “incite racism”

Read the rest of the article here.

So far there has been little other serious public debate on the issues involved with one major exception, yesterday’s Newsnight..

The Express gives a distorted report on  this.

BBC Newsnight guest claims Newcastle grooming gang should not be considered ‘Muslim’

MEMBERS of grooming gangs should not be considered Muslim due to the un-Islamic nature of their vile actions, a high profile member of the community has claimed.

An impassioned Newsnight debate on the role of the Islamic community after the heinous incidents, one-panel member protested at blame being levelled at British Muslims.

It follows a court hearing earlier this week which saw 17 men and one woman convicted of rape, sexual assault, human trafficking and inciting prostitution as the city of Newcastle was added to the growing list of UK towns blighted by the evil grooming gangs.

Muhbeen Hussain, founder of the group British Muslim Youth, claimed the sex gang incident was not a Muslim problem in an emotional speech which brought on criticism from controversial columnist Katie Hopkins.

Speaking on Newsnight Mr Hussain said: “Islam is a religion of all cultures.

The  Newsnight debate (here) began by underlining that there was a problem, the number of similar cases could not escape attention, however marginal and unrepresentative they were of the wider community.

It was impressive to see how the debate that followed, between young Muslims of very different views, raised a whole series of issues, including  religion.

Those taking part were not shy of pointing out that sex abuse cases had come up in other quarters, though perhaps citing the Catholic Church would have been more relevant than the name of name of Jimmy Savile.

As some participants underlined, the way in which the prosecuted acted had a lot to do with a kind of night-time abuse of the vulnerable.

One mentioned that the culture of dividing women between respectable veiled Muslim women, and Western dressed white women, was a serious problem.

This is related to religion: the laying down of “modest” dress codes  is not just ‘cultural’ by sanctioned by many readings of the Qur’an. The converse, is that “immodest” women are worth less.

In many states modest dress is laid down by law, “in Iran, women are required to wear loose-fitting clothing and a headscarf in public”, “Saudi Arabia is different from many Islamic societies in the extent of the covering that it considers Islamically correct hijab (everything except the hands and eyes) and the fact that covering is enforced by Mutaween or religious police.”

Islamic religious police  exist in a number of countries.

You can’t help feeling that, like in The Handmaid’s Tale, extreme public conformity to bigoted religious norms co-exists with an underworld of sexual abuse.


Written by Andrew Coates

August 11, 2017 at 12:32 pm

8 Responses

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  1. Good piece Andrew. Your link to the Bindel article in the Independent is hard to access: here’s a similar pice she wrote for Standpoint magazine in 2010:


    Jim Denham

    August 11, 2017 at 2:46 pm

  2. The Link works fine for me JIm.

    Serious comments on Shiraz: Sexual abuse of women and children in Newcastle

    By Ophelia Benson (Notes and Comment Blog at Butterflies And Wheels):


    Andrew Coates

    August 11, 2017 at 5:23 pm

  3. I wonder if there is a sociological matter at play. From the reports I have read on these cases, the girls were in care in certain cities and were not properly supervised or looked after by the authorities, and they would be hanging around town centres in the evening, frequenting not pubs and clubs (because of age and financial barriers) but places where they could sit around, such as fast-food and minicab establishments. These establishments in the cities concerned are often run by people of Pakistani background (who are strongly represented in Britain’s petty-bourgeoisie). There would be some men working in these establishments who would take advantage of these girls’ vulnerable situation: they are eminently suitable for predatory types to work, just as Jimmy Savile took advantage of his position at the BBC to behave in a similar manner.

    The high number of Pakistani men involved in minicab driving and fast-food selling in many cities means that there is a higher chance of those wishing to take advantage of those areas of work to abuse vulnerable girls, or to commit other crimes (drug-dealing, etc), being of that ethnic background. On the other hand, it also means that the number of Pakistani men in those areas of work who are involved in the abuse of such girls is a very small proportion of the total number working in those areas, otherwise we would have had an epidemic of abuse cases. Rather than this being a situation in which we have men of a certain ethnic group having a higher proclivity towards abusing girls than men of other ethnic groups, I think we have small groups of men working in certain trades in which there is a specific ethnic make-up who use that work situation to take advantage of vulnerable girls who for specific reasons frequent those places.

    How relevant is the question of religion here? I doubt if the men concerned would worry about the ethnicity and religious backgrounds of the girls whom they abusing. Some may go the mosque for Friday prayers; I read that Chicago gangsters of, for example, Irish, Italian and Polish backgrounds would spend all week running brothels (amongst their other crimes), go to church each Sunday, and would usually receive the full rites upon their deaths. Prostitution exists in all parts of the world, including those where people are mainly all of one ethnic and/or religious background. White girls wearing skimpy clothes as opposed to modestly-dressed Muslim women? I rather doubt that prostitutes in Jeddah, Teheran or Kabul walk the streets in miniskirts and crop-tops. The girls in the case we are discussing were largely white, and that is because children put into care tend to be white, as that reflects the make-up of Britain’s population. I suspect that Asian children are rarely put into care, as Asian ‘problem children’ would be dealt with within extended families. Were Asian girls put into care, I suspect that they would have been as abused in much the same way as these girls were.

    There are other questions at play here: the local authorities and police should be concerned about how and why girls, barely in their teens, were allowed to roam the streets late at night, and, when some girls did raise the matter of their being abused, the authorities didn’t seem to care. The reason that is given that they didn’t want to raise racial tensions may have some truth to it; but it also sounds more like an excuse to cover their direct dereliction of the basic duty towards the safety of these girls.

    Dr Paul

    August 11, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    • Thanks Paul, that is exactly the kind of serious debate she is calling for.

      Andrew Coates

      August 12, 2017 at 10:30 am

  4. Good points from everybody and at last all concerned are talking about the cancer of political correctness which has allowed incidents like these to happen all over the country from Newcastle to Oxford. I think that at last the wall of silence is breaking down not least in the police who have for decades ignored the problem along with social services and politicians.

    I recall when the Rotherham scandal first broke the local MP Ann Cryer was denounced by the left and the race industry as ” pandering to racism”. This was certainly the view of the SWP front organisation Unite Against Fascism one of whose national organisers, or disorganisers, Sabby Dhalu actually used that phrase against Cryer.

    It is worth going back to that time, not a million years ago, and to look at the output of the liberal and far left through their web sites and newspapers. I’ll try and find some.

    Dave Roberts

    August 12, 2017 at 4:02 am

  5. Try this and if someone could explain it I would be grateful. http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-d644-We-Need-Black-Women-To-Speak-Out .Contrast this with http://www.standpointmag.co.uk/node/3576/full .The one a load of gobblygook lefty speak and the other clear and precis.

    Dave Roberts

    August 12, 2017 at 7:37 am

  6. Islamic dress codes are in place because in the words of a Saudi Prince: “Women lead men on”. A statement which would be hard for any reasonable person to argue with. It would be madness to have women going around wearing miniskirts and crop-tops in a country which has the death penalty in force for rape. Islamic law also has a higher standard of proof, in that for a succesful conviction the alleged offence must be witnessed by six men; the word of a woman carries no weight in Islamic law. Miniskirts, crop-tops, the death penalty for rape, and flimsy evidence for conviction e.g. ‘regret sex’ would be a recipe for disaster. You would have men such as Chad Evans having their head chopped off. Of course to ‘counterbalance’ this Islamic countries also enforce the death penalty for adultery. Princess Misha’al, was an unfortunate victim of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_a_Princess A lot of people like to pick and choose what they would like to ‘import’ from different cultures but they conveniently ignore the ‘counterbalances’ and parts that they dislike, or don’t suit their agenda.

    Islamic Scholar

    August 13, 2017 at 11:39 am

  7. For clarity, Ched Evans, the footballer was convicted of rape but later found not guilty after a retrial when it became blatantly obvious, that the ‘victim’, Lauren Crawford, had lied.

    Islamic Scholar

    August 13, 2017 at 11:44 am

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