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Ken Bell, Labour Leave, EU “scab influx” of Migrant Labour and “gobby Birds”.

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The ‘Good Old Cause’ Says leading Labour Leave Writer.


arry’s Place, Sarah AB,  broke this story (though it had been going around Facebook yesterday afternoon)..

 So here it is: as HP calls it,

Labour Leaver on ’scab’ migrant labour

This piece has been cross-posted by Labour Leave. (who have removed it….)

Trigger warning: the author shows the curious mixture of xenophobia, Stalinist nostalgia and sheer  lunacy that marks out some of the Lexit, pro-Brexit, self-styled left.

Kenneth Bell (4 followers) writes,

Let’s be honest, the left argument against the EU is not an anti-immigration one. Rather, it’s about the wholesale importation of scab labour by management to cut British wages and put us in our place, both economically and socially. That is a fact that Jeremy Corbyn made clear when he said that people will still move around after we leave the European Union. However, he then went on to say: “What there wouldn’t be is the wholesale importation of underpaid workers from central Europe in order to destroy conditions, particularly in the construction industry.

The man of the moment goes on to say,

I can describe them as genuine scab labourers because they come from countries which had the type of economic system that we want for ourselves. One that guaranteed full employment, a functioning health service that was free at the point of use, and two weeks holiday every year at a Black Sea resort. Most important of all was the fact that management were little more than errand boys, with the major economic decisions being taken by the government and the unions.

Sadly, because socialism was introduced courtesy of the Soviet army, it was seen as something imposed on those countries from outside, so we can fully understand why the peoples of Eastern Europe wanted the Soviet Union out of their countries. However, throwing out the socialist baby with the Soviet bathwater has never made any sense to me, nor I suspect would it to any of the British workers who now spend a lifetime doing a crap job for a crap wage for a crap employer.

Bell is oh so keen on Brexit,

A year ago today we voted to free ourselves from the clutches of Brussels. We had been told by various scum sucking Federast types that if we voted for freedom we would be condemning Britain to another generation of right-wing Tory rule, a line that I look back on today with a head-shaking grin.

Enjoying our new found liberty Bell has developed a frolicsome  line in humour.

“This is a scold’s bridle, used to keep scolding woman, or gobby birds as we now call them, quiet. Photographed in the Edinburgh Museum today.”

His unique line on women’s issues is not doubt widely shared amongst his Lexit comrades.

Pippa Middleton is Still Best Viewed From Behind.

A fierce commitment to free speech opened Belly’s heart to this guest post:

Guest Posting: The Wankery that is Intersectioanality

According to well-established rumour Bell is in line for a weekly Morning Star column.


Written by Andrew Coates

July 29, 2017 at 4:35 pm

10 Responses

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  1. The Morning Star thing is a joke, right? Sometimes I can’t tell with you *grimace*

  2. Bell is a total pig who takes special delight in launching obscene language at women.


    July 29, 2017 at 9:06 pm

  3. Irony, even if well composed, does not work on social media. This fails on all counts. It does, however, work as self parody.

    Nick Wright

    July 29, 2017 at 9:16 pm

  4. Hello Badger, how’s life?

    Do you remember that wonderful evening in Garnett College, London, when the Irishman, the Scotsman and the Yorkshireman decided to shoot some lighter fluid through the keyhole of your room and then ignite it? I wasn’t there to see the fun, but I believe the sight of you stabbing at the flames with your knife, all macho (o menos) as well as screaming in French was something to see.

    Almost thirty years have gone by since that memorable occasion, so are you still as mad as a shithouse rat?

    Thank you for the publicity, I would never be so churlish as to decline a few extra hits. I wondered why both you and Alex over at HP decided to renew our acquaintanceship, and then I remembered that you are both headbangers so looking for a reason with people like you is a waste of time. We shall just conclude that the voices in your heads told both of you to give it one with the wrist.

    By the way, the guest posting that you also linked to was written by Tim Collard. For some weird reason of his own, he finds nutters agreeable and allows them to connect with him on Facebook.

    Don’t forget to visit my Amazon author page!


    July 30, 2017 at 4:18 am

  5. So it’s you.

    It’s a shame you weren’t there when I reacted with prompt proletarian action against that attack….

    I have many a merry tale to tell about you as well, Guadeloupe…

    Apropos, comme on dirait, how is the ‘Matrimonial’ Agency?

    I thought you were in Cambodia on that lark….

    Or is that just another of your fantasies?

    Now it appears, well, let’s treat the world to this picture,

    “Far left UKIP candidate quits as press pursues scandal

    April 12, 2013.
    UKIP leader Nigel Farage is tonight under pressure following the dramatic withdrawal of one of his party’s candidates for Lancashire County Council.
    On April 4th – endorsing his campaign at a UKIP meeting at the Stanhill Working Men’s Club, Oswaldtwistle – Mr Farage was happy to greet Ken Bell, his party’s standard bearer in the Pendle Central division of Lancashire.

    The following day Mr Bell’s name duly appeared on the list of candidates published on the council’s website. Yet by the following Tuesday his name had disappeared from the final list that will appear on the ballot paper next month, when Pendle Central’s voters will not have a UKIP candidate.

    Why the hasty withdrawal?

    t turns out that Mr Bell is a hard left supporter of the infamous Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, whose regime slaughtered millions in his own country and occupied Europe before his death in 1953.
    Mr Bell also has a long record of posting offensive messages online.

    Within hours of Margaret Thatcher’s death on April 8th he wrote:
    Thatcher is dead. Sympathies go to His Satanic Majesty for having to host the old whore.

    Aware that nationalists within UKIP as well as opposition parties were preparing to expose Bell, UKIP suspended him and ordered him to withdraw his election nomination. The party then began a cover-up, ordering a media blackout on the story.

    Yet continuing investigations of Bell’s background indicate that UKIP were fully aware of his views well before he became a candidate.
    Bell’s outrageous comment about Mrs Thatcher should have come as no surprise to UKIP’s national and regional officials. Almost a week earlier – and two days before being publicly endorsed by Nigel Farage – Bell had written in response to a fellow UKIP member who complained about the Left calling Mrs Thatcher a “fascist”:Yeah, well she was. UKIP has to accept that many of us hated the old slag and everything she stood for.

    During the previous week Bell’s Twitter posts were filled with obscenities and references to Tories as “scum” and “lower than vermin”, as well as tasteless remarks about the new Pope and the Queen.
    With UKIP aiming to be taken seriously as a threat to the political establishment, their scandalous debacle in Lancashire should be taken seriously as a microcosm of Nigel Farage’s coming political problems.”


    I shall take your present message, along with Nick Wright’s, in that vein…..

    Andrew Coates

    July 30, 2017 at 11:24 am

  6. Labour Leave, whose site published this pillock, is meant to be a serious organisation,

    “Labour Leave is a campaign group unofficially within the British Labour Party, which campaigned successfully for the United Kingdom to vote to leave the European Union (EU) in the 2016 EU referendum.[2][3] The group is led by eurosceptic Labour MPs Graham Stringer, Kelvin Hopkins, and Roger Godsiff,[4] and is chaired by the largest individual donor[5] to the Labour Party, John Mills,[6] former chair of the cross-party Vote Leave campaign,[7] which the group supports.[8] Kate Hoey was another co-chair in the group until she resigned in February 2016.,[1]”


    Andrew Coates

    July 30, 2017 at 11:51 am

  7. The fact that Hoey, Hopkinson, Stewart & Co are happy to be associated with Ken “Creole Love Call” Bell (even if they’ve now removed his piece from their site) tells us an awful lot about these scumbags. As for the Morning Star: well they’ve carried articles from Neil Clark before, so why not?

    Jim Denham

    July 31, 2017 at 10:55 am

  8. I also removed his latest scream.

    Such rash anger from a man of his girth and unfit condition, risks provoking health problems that I will not be responsible for.

    Andrew Coates

    July 31, 2017 at 11:08 am

  9. Take a quick look at the comments posted in reply to an article by Manuel Cortes in today’s Labour List. The use of the Bell lexicon is spreading, I’m afraid

    David Walsh

    July 31, 2017 at 12:38 pm

  10. You are right David.

    Manuel Cortes: Barry Gardiner’s warnings are right – and that’s exactly why Labour can’t rule out Remaining

    Two seconds look and I see this, “free movement = free scabs” then a little lower “The free flow of scabs is what it’s all about.”


    Andrew Coates

    July 31, 2017 at 3:58 pm

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