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Day of Rage, UK Right-Wing Press Goes Hysteria.

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Day of Rage campaign poster

This is happening today.

Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessaryshared their event.

17 June at 15:32 · 

#JusticeForGrenfell #Justice4Grenfell

We returned to the site today, speaking with people who live locally, people who came from all sides of London & outside. All races and ethnicities, all faiths and none, migrants and citizens, ALL of us coming together to grieve, to connect, and to fight so this never happens again. ALL of us are London, we are ALL Britain.

This government has presided over thousands of deaths from 7 years of austerity and anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant racism and bigotry. THEY NEED TO GO. NOW.

21/06/17 Queens speech – march on Parliament. We march from Shepherds Bush to Westminster.

We have came out and shown in the last elections what society we want: progressive, equal, just, hopeful. And we will fight for it by any means necessary. May’s coalition of millionaires & bigots must go, if we are to win a progressive hopeful future for all.

On Wednesday 21st
Bring your rage, bring your anger, bring your hurt, we will be loud and bold, speaking the only language the rich and powerful understand: a mass integrated movement in the streets.



The Daily Mail boils with its own rage,

If Jeremy Corbyn truly believed in democracy, he’d roundly condemn today’s ‘Day of Rage’, organised by the storm troops of the hard Left to bring London to a halt and help overthrow the Government.

Leave aside the sickening way his Marxist supporters have exploited the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire to promote their hate-filled agenda – ‘hijacking our grief’, in the words of local residents and churches.

The very thought of a revolutionary mob seeking to overturn an election result should horrify anyone who cherishes our constitution and rule of law.

Yet from the Labour leader, deafening silence. Worse, he has pandered to protesters’ thirst for class war by echoing their demands to seize the empty homes of the rich.

As for Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, yes, he has said half-heartedly that he ‘repudiates’ the Day of Rage. Yet as the Mail reveals, he has given his backing in the past to the protest’s organisers from the chillingly-named Movement for Justice by Any Means Necessary.
Meanwhile, this man who would be chancellor has egged on union militants to topple Theresa May in a ‘Red October’, with mass protests and a summer of strikes that could do untold harm to the economy.

During the election, Messrs Corbyn and McDonnell presented themselves as misunderstood idealists. How quickly the mask has slipped. And what a warning to anyone tempted to give them power.

The Evening Standard adds,

Stand Up To Racism has organised a demo for 6pm called: “Protest the Queen’s speech – no to May/DUP racism & bigotry!”

London Socialist Party is hosting a Facebook event called “May Must Go! Protest the Queen’s Speech” which is scheduled for 4pm.

One assumes they are both going to protest against the Queen’s Speech, unless they are organising the event from Washington DC.

Grenfell Tower fire: Local residents do not want their ‘grief hijacked’ by ‘Day of Rage’ protest

This report is more significant, from Get West London.

“They’re angry, they’re grieving but they are working to bring about positive change”

Some of the residents who have been affected by the fatal Grenfell Tower fire , have talked about having their ‘grief hijacked’ following the announcement of the ‘Day of Rage’ protest outside the Houses of Parliament.

According to the Clement James Centre, a local educational charity which has provided temporary shelter for residents, those affected by the fire do not support the planned protest.

Posting on Twitter, the Clement James Centre said: “There has been a ‘Day of Rage’ announced for Wednesday, trying to bring London to a standstill.

“We cannot emphasise enough how against this many of the affected residents we’ve spoken to are and they do not want their grief hijacked for any violent or destructive means.

They’re angry, they’re grieving but they are working to bring about positive change and action through conversations with the right people.

“They want their voices about this to be heard just as loudly.

“If the streets are closed, we cannot effectively continue our aid operation in the area, and if any violence ensues, the issue takes a whole new direction.”

The charity also spoke of a #peaceforlatimer trend, where the local community are trying white ribbons around their wrists to ensure their message is heard.

Others have condemned the “Day of Rage” protest, Facebook user, Joanne Green posted on the event, saying: “Rioting will not work. It will destroy the last 2 years of hard work that we have done to get this close to a real Revolution as is possible.”

To which the event organisers replied: “Where exactly are you seeing that we are calling for a ‘riot’?

“We don’t let the fears of those who oppress us determine how we fight”

Activists will also take note of the following, which I agree wholeheartedly with:

Another post on the event, by London Black Revs, who describe themselves on Facebook as a “self-determined working class URBAN and strictly working class revolutionary organisation”, says: “Were residents consulted on this?

“They are really against having a demonstration without being told, asked or leading it, especially for other political agendas, which may or may not be important.

“There is a lot of anger locally that things are being done in Grenfell’s name and they’ve not had the time to even bury their family members.”


The organisers replied by saying: “We have been in the community for several days now, speaking to hundreds of people, many who have friends and loved ones missing or dead.

“We’ve had tonnes of support, people taking flyers, saying they are coming, wanting to speak out about their experiences.”


This Wikipedia account of the Movement for Justice is said to be broadly correct – according to our sources.

One should add that their site, Movement for Justice, does not seem to have been updated since 2013, and people indicate that they may have less than a dozen supporters.

Movement for Justice by Any Means Necessary

“The Movement for Justice was set up in 1995 by people around the Kingsway College Student Union in the London Borough of Camden to tackle racism in institutional and established forms. The group confronted organised fascism as well as death in custody and wider racism to black people as well as travellers, refugees and asylum seekers. It is also the sister group to the American organization The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), which has been accused of being a cult by former members. Movement for Justice is headed up by members of the Revolutionary Internationalist League (RIL), a Trotskyist group.”

The origins of this group are obscure even by Trotskist standards<

“The Workers Internationalist League was a Trotskyist group in Britain founded in the summer of 1983 by the Internationalist Faction of the Workers Socialist League. It was the British affiliate of the Trotskyist International Liaison Committee until that body was renamed the International Trotskyist Committee.

Although a small group, it immediately moved to producing a paper which was called Workers’ International News in mimicry of the magazine of the war-time Workers International League. For a small group of no more than 35 members this was a major undertaking.

The main concern of the new group was to clarify its ideas and where to concentrate their work. Therefore the question of how to orient to the Labour Party was a major area of debate. On the one hand, comrades around Mike Jones, close to the views of the Workers’ Party (Argentina) (PO), were for working in the Labour Party Young Socialists and were hostile to the United Secretariat of the Fourth International forces then in the Labour Party. This was an important question for the group as the Italian section of the TILC moved to join the USFI group in that country. On the other extreme of the group, Chris Erswell was supportive of the Italian TILC group’s orientation.

Meanwhile the senior leader of the WIL, Pete Flack, found himself isolated when the rest of the National Committee opposed the Italian tactic of fusion with the USFI. The WIL was being pulled in different directions by other Trotskyist tendencies, with the TILC, PO and the Workers Power group all representing different poles of attraction. This became obvious at the first national conference of the group, held in December 1983.

The conference solved none of the problems of the group and in January 1984 eleven supporters of the TILC left the WIL to establish the Workers International Review Group. The TILC refused to make them their official British section, instead choosing TILC sympathisers still in the WIL. They formed a Tendency for Political Clarification which was itself clarified when 3 of its 5 members left to join Workers Power. The remaining two members of the tendency then formed a Liaison Committee with the Workers International Review Group which led to the formation of the Revolutionary Internationalist League in November 1984,[2] which was the British section of the International Trotskyist Committee (formed that summer from the TILC) until its split in 1991. The rump WIL would seem to have expired in the meantime.

The WSL was originally a faction inside the Workers’ Revolutionary Party.

14 Responses

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  1. petrel41

    June 21, 2017 at 2:13 pm

  2. […] Day of Rage, UK Right-Wing Press Goes Hysteria. […]

  3. I have worked with MFJ on asylum cases. Always found them good to work with as they consistently, practically helped people. They weren’t flying in with ready placards. They were embedded in that work.

    They appear to have a sizable group of supporters, mostly BEM, which you can see from pictures of their demos. This group obviously includes many refugees. A campaign focus has been shutting down the Yarls Wood detention centre.

    This work has almost always happened in isolation from most of the rest of the left. Look at who’s at the Yarls Wood protests, for example.

    As far as I’m aware they’re the only group which has complained about Labour’s refuge and asylum policy as well as the committment to ditch Free Movement (which they’ve called racist). I corresponded with them over the weakness on refuge/asylum in Labour’s Manifesto.

    They may well have supporters in North Kensington.

    From my perspective it is surreal to see this group, which connects with some of the most marginalised people in the UK and appears to have been (consequently?) pretty much unknown before, suddenly be a focus of attention.

  4. WordPress is BLOCKING searches for”protest” and “#justice4grenell” and more!
    Luckily I found your good blog post. YouTube is even worse as isG00gle — total censorship on the topic today (Queen’s speech).


    June 21, 2017 at 3:26 pm

  5. Who’s on this demo? >>

  6. I have now heard the RIL link is about extinct and, from more people, that MFG is indeed principally involved in asylum cases.

    Live broadcast said ‘hundreds’ marching from Shepherd’s Bush to central London.

    Andrew Coates

    June 21, 2017 at 3:54 pm

  7. At least there’s no sign in this of SWP or Socialist Party placard mugging:

    Andrew Coates

    June 21, 2017 at 5:35 pm

  8. Here’s Antonia Bright (who I’ve worked with) speaking today: https://www.facebook.com/movementforjustice/videos/1585344314841265/

    Here’s their Open Letter to Labour #LabourResistRacism: LabourResistRacism.com

  9. It’s the Daily Mail I feel sorry for. It so desperately wanted a riot by Jeremy Corbyn’s Marxist Storm Troopers. And it failed to get one. The Hard Left must clearly be even more dangerous, cunning and perfidious than the Daily Mail imagined.


    June 21, 2017 at 10:34 pm

  10. Bit of a damp squid really.

    Not like the real Days of Rage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Days_of_Rage

    Andrew Coates

    June 22, 2017 at 12:52 pm

  11. *Saucer of milk for Mr Coates*

  12. Given the non-white nature/focus of these groups, I think the “Day of Rage” they are referencing might be from the Arab Spring rather than 1960s USA or UK. Worth noting how almost all of the 79+ victims who died in Grenfell Tower were non-white.


    June 22, 2017 at 3:36 pm

  13. It could be People’s War: Day of Rage (Bahrain) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_Rage_(Bahrain)

    But during an erudite discussion amongst specialists in the area it is said that the central – small – group of MfJ and BAMN in Detroit remains confined to former RIL/RWL” and that they still exist.

    Given this origin of the group, and the fact that talk about ‘Black lives Matter’ if it refers to anywhere outside the UK it means the USA rather the Maghreb (allowing for the debatable claim that Arabs and Berbers are not white), or anywhere else in Africa – central Africa where another terrible mass bout of fighting is on the horizon as I write – I imagine that it is still probable that it America they referred to.

    Andrew Coates

    June 22, 2017 at 5:10 pm

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