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Paris Anti-EU Rally: French ‘Lambertist’ Trotskyists Receive Backing from UK ‘Lexit’ Campaign.

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Daniel Gluckstein (1) National Secretary of the Trotskyist POID (Parti ouvrier indépendant démocratique,  Independent Democratic Workers Party) Rally Organisers. 

The Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist – Rebuild Britain) publishes a report of this Paris Rally organised by the group headed by Daniel Gluckstein which we reproduce.

 Paris rally shows support for Brexit A report has been sent to CPBML News of the internationalist rally held in Paris on 28 May, at which speakers from France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Belgium expressed their support for Britain leaving the European Union.

 The meeting included contributions from RMT senior assistant general secretary Steve Hedley and former RMT president Alex Gordon. A full report written by the organisers is available here.

 Extracts from the lengthy report:

Alex Gordon, Former President of the RMT, on behalf of the Lexit Campaign.

Dear comrades,

My name is Alex Gordon. I am speaking as Convenor of #Lexit – the Left Campaign to LEAVE the European Union in Britain and I bring you their greetings.

Present in the hall:

Nigel Griffiths, former Labour Party MP.

Support to the rally was also expressed in interviews with Ben Chacko,  editor of the Morning Star, and Ronnie Draper General Secretary BFAWU.

Message of support received from TUAEU, Trade Unionists Against the European Union. (aligned to the Socialist Party UK).

Le meeting internationaliste du 28 mai en vidéo.

(Note the French version dispenses with the fiction of Lexit and calls simply for Brexit).

We note that a Lexit meeting in London a few days ago in Camden has besides Tariq Ali and others,  Caroline Tacchella, from the French group cited above.


(1)  Daniel Gluckstein (born 3 March 1953 in Paris) is a French Trotskyist politician for running for French presidential election of 2002 as candidate of the Workers’ Party (Parti des Travailleurs or PT).

In 1968, he joined the Revolutionary Communist Youth (JCR). Then in 1979, he founded the Communist League Internationalist (LCI). In 1991, he was nominated National Secretary of the Parti des Travailleurs. In 1994, as lead candidate of the Parti des Travailleurs for the European elections, he obtained 0.43% of the vote. He was candidate for the legislative elections in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) in 1997. In April 2002, he was candidate in the presidential election, and gained 0.47% of the vote, which made him the last of sixteen candidates in the first round.

In June 2008, he created the Parti Ouvrier Indépendant together with Gérard Schivardi.[1]

He is married, with three children, and is a former professor of history in a professional college. Like many Trotskyist leaders, he has a pseudonym, “Seldjouk”. He is the author of the books

  • (with Pierre Lambert) Discussion autour de lutte des classes et mondialisation. 1990. OCLC 84677125
  • Luttes des classes et mondialisation: le XXe siècle s’achève : putréfié, sénile, parasitaire, l’impérialisme reste une transition, mais vers quoi ? Paris: SELIO, 1999. ISBN 9782906981201 WorldCat
  • (with Pierre Lambert). Itinéraires. Monaco: Rocher, 2002.

As Gluckstein’s publications indicate he was close to Pierre Lambert.

Hence the name for this current, the Lambertists.

This Blog has been accused of being unfair to some left groups.

It is absolutely impossible to be unfair to the Lambertists, whose record of thuggery, political chicanery and nationalist ranting has marked them out for decades (see for more details: Christophe Nick, Les Trotskistes, Fayard, 2002).

But all is not well in this small world.

Les derniers trotskistes « lambertistes » se déchirent.

The last of the ‘Lambertist’  Trotskyyists tear each apart.

There is much more material in French but this excellent article gives an introduction.

A long split on the French left

The “Lambertists” have in recent years been organised in a group called the Independent Workers’ Party (POI). The POI purports to contain four distinct organised “tendencies”: the CCI (Trotskyist), and “anarchist”, “Communist”, and “Socialist” tendencies. In fact it is run by the CCI, the other three “tendencies” being concocted facades.

The POI has been intensely hostile to the European Union, and claims that exit from the European Union is the first step to socialism. It is very influential in one of France’s big trade union confederations, FO, and is said to number hundreds of FO full-time officials among its members.

This is an abridged translation of a survey by Vincent Présumey.

As far as can be seen, the crisis in the CCI/POI (the CCI being the successor to the OCI of the years 1960-80, and the main component of the POI) is coming to a head…

The crisis erupted at the start of the summer, at the time of the Greek referendum [5 July], and seems to be culminating now, as the holiday season ends, with what both sides expected: a split, and not a friendly one.

The apperance on 18 July of a new paper, La Tribune des Travailleurs (Workers’ Tribune), clearly signalled a split. We observed that the political orientation of that paper was clearer, more assertive, than that of Informations Ouvrières [the POI paper], where Daniel Gluckstein [main leader of the CCI/POI for decades] is still the nominal editor but seems no longer to have any grip over the content. It was more assertive in the direction of preparation for social, and thus political confrontation in France, thought of as imminent.

It was so because it took the gloves off in relation to the leadership of the union confederations [France has, in effect, several “TUC”s]. It attacks them, among other questions, on that of the European Trade Union Confederation, a structure which is more linked to official EU institutions than to the rank and file of the unions, and which is holding its congress in Paris at the end of September and the start of October. The CGT, CGT-FO, CFDT, CFTC, and UNSA [the five major “TUC”s] are affiliated to it.


Rest of article via link above.


7 Responses

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  1. Here is the ‘Meeting of Shame’ at which this crew got together in London.

    Andrew Coates

    June 16, 2016 at 12:20 pm

  2. New UKIP Poster Campaign launched today.

    Andrew Coates

    June 16, 2016 at 12:31 pm

  3. Hahaha!! Trotskyism tears itself apart.

    The left is behind Brexit, the right behind Brexit, it is only the ‘extreme centre’ that is for the EU.

    say no to the EUSSR/Fourth Reich
    Say no to the bureaucratic capitalist superstate!

    Didn’t Lenin talk about the right of nations to self determination?

    Harpal Brar should have been invited to speak at this.


    June 16, 2016 at 2:33 pm

  4. “Britain first” eh Dean?

    There’s a fucking good reason that the Brexit campaign has been criticised for their grubby, unscrupulous campaign – it’s because many people recognise how incredibly dangerous the dormant British far-right could be if it were ever sufficiently emboldened.
    All across Europe you can hear the sound of distant drums: the Austrian far-right, the German far-right, Golden Dawn…it takes very little for these strutting, priapic bully-worshippers to start organising. They are gaining in confidence and a certain kind of populist legitimacy – people like Trump and Putin are adrenalising them. And Farage, Boris, UKIP and all those Brexiters who unhesitatingly played on the public’s anti-immigration, nationalistic sentiments have known all along that something like today’s events could happen.

    I don’t like Corbyn and I don’t like Farage, but there is a difference between playing on far-left prejudices and playing on right-wing nationalist prejudices: the far-left is often ugly and isolationist, paranoid, utopian. But their arguments do not speak to something deep and reptilian in the human soul. Rather, they are primarily intellectual, and where these ideas have ruled they have done so by top-down, totalitarian control by a small cadre of true believers. The ideas of the left are not like fire: they do not necessarily set others aflame.
    The far-right on the other hand, and by contrast, are a positive-feedback loop – every small, emboldening event and every victory for one of their own pours more coal on their engine. The Brexit campaign are aware of this distinction, they know full well how little it would take to spark the far-right into life, and they’ve given not one single shit.

    I dearly hope that Jo Cox’s death was down to a lone lunatic. Things are bad enough in the rest of the world without the genie being unleashed in this country too. Christ, what a horrorshow – how harmless a woman, and how pathetic and cowardly an attack.

    Thankyou Andrew for keeping your focus trained on the Brexit campaign. This ghastly, grinning troupe of opportunists and bigots need to have their feet held to the fire over the nature of their campaign and I hope the media have the balls to do it. Brexiters need to issue a public acknowledgement that the direction they’ve thus far taken has been at best unhelpful and at worst inflammatory and reckless. Anything less than that is a coded ‘carry on’ message to the far-right and to nationalist lunatics.

    BTW – I’m willing to write this in the knowledge that Cox’s killer may turn out to have been motivated by something completely different: even if that were the case I’d stand by everything I said: only an idiot could look at the world as it is and not notice a thickening of the political atmosphere, and only a truly irresponsible group of politicians would carry on with their right-wing populism regardless.

    Saul Sorrell-Till

    June 16, 2016 at 9:11 pm

  5. There are some horrible people on both sides of the vote. There are millions of people, good, bad and somewhere in the middle, whom none of us have ever heard of, let alone met, who will vote for either side.

    As a Remainer, Andrew, according to your own stunted logic here you are now an ardent lifelong fan of Cameron and Osborne? Right?

    Of course you aren’t. So don’t treat people on the other side of the fence as if they are voting for their political heroes in this too.

    This is a referendum, not an election – something that some of you are either too thick to understand or too dishonest to acknowledge.


    June 17, 2016 at 2:13 am

  6. The fact is that, as Saul points out, this terrible crime came only a few hours after we had been posting on twitter and Facebook the latest Farage racist propaganda.

    And yes, Saul, there do appear to be strong links (Hope Not Hate say there are, but details are yet to come out).

    Andrew Coates

    June 17, 2016 at 12:10 pm

  7. It’s maybe telling that these people often pick on the same targets – Breivik targetting young, vulnerable left-wing future politicians, this guy targetting a tiny, vulnerable left-wing politician… For all their counter-jihadi rhetoric they’re not signing up to go and fight ISIS. They prefer targeting trusting, open, defenseless left-wing teenagers/women.

    Saul Sorrell-Till

    June 17, 2016 at 1:45 pm

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