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Nazis In the Brexit Campaign.

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Eva Van Housen (pictured showing off the swastika tattooed on her chest), has been distributing leaflets by Vote Leave, the main pro-Brexit group, in Leeds

Nazi in Brexit Campaign: Who’d have thought it ?

The neo-Nazi with a swastika on her breast… and Vote Leave badge on her vest: From Holocaust deniers to EDL fascists posing at the Kray twins’ grave, the violent thugs and racists hijacking the Brexit campaign reports the Daily Mail.

The campaign for Britain to leave the EU has been infiltrated by dozens of far-Right extremists with racist views, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Our investigation has uncovered evidence that former members of the English Defence League, the National Front and the British National Party have attached themselves to the ‘Leave’ movements. Those who have hijacked the Brexit campaigns include:

  • An EDL leader who was jailed after attacks on police. He posed with a pro-Brexit Ukip banner alongside the gravestone of the notorious Kray twins;
  • A BNP official and his swastika-tattooed girlfriend, who have been distributing leaflets printed by Boris Johnson’s official anti-EU campaign.
  • A former deputy of ex-National Front leader Nick Griffin – the man has been photographed with a pro-Brexit Tory MP at an anti-EU eventA BNP activist, who attended a rally during which pro-Nazis sneered at Holocaust victims, canvassed for Vote Leave in Surrey.

As comrade Neil said during the Ipswich debate on the Referendum.

Are you seriously going to vote with a bunch of Nazi filth?

Oh and we, the Left for Remain, won, indicative sign, 21 to 9.

2 Abstentions.



Written by Andrew Coates

June 5, 2016 at 10:29 am

10 Responses

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  1. Reblogged this on Redvince's Weblog and commented:
    all Nazi-Fascist nuovedestre have taken a stand on the exit from the EU. Not by chance.


    June 5, 2016 at 11:08 am

  2. That was the point Neil made.

    There is also this,.

    Slavoj Žižek.

    I remain convinced that our only hope is to act trans-nationally – only in this way do we have a chance to constrain global capitalism. The nation-state is not the right instrument to confront the refugee crisis, global warming, and other truly pressing issues. So instead of opposing Eurocrats on behalf of national interests, let’s try to form an all-European left. And it is because of this margin of hope that I am tempted to say: vote against Brexit, but do it as a devout Christian who supports a sinner while secretly cursing him. Don’t compete with the rightwing populists, don’t allow them to define the terms of the struggle. Socialist nationalism is not the right way to fight the threat of national socialism.


    Andrew Coates

    June 5, 2016 at 11:38 am

  3. This should give serious cause for worry amongst the so-called “Lexit” crowd – but it probably won’t as they seem to honestly believe the old Third Period slogan: “After them (the fascists), us.” But we should rub the Lexiters’ noses in this at every opportunity.

    Jim Denham

    June 5, 2016 at 12:16 pm

  4. Exactly what I am doing Jim.

    Incidentally Galloway supporter Rob Hoveman has resurfaced in their camp, trying to make his own – very recent collaboration – with the genociders in Bangladesh , forgotten as a public spokesperson for the Lexit camp.

    Andrew Coates

    June 5, 2016 at 12:44 pm

  5. I won’t reply ‘Are you seriously going to vote with Cameron, Brown, Blair, Major, etc?’

    I won’t do that because that is clearly as stupid an argument as the one made in the article.

    The not insignificant National Front of 1975 would have voted the same way then as your hero Tony Benn. It’s irrelevant, then as now, who else happens to be voting your way in a binary vote.

  6. you need to listen to this man.


    June 6, 2016 at 1:48 am

  7. … and then do the opposite of anything he advocates.

    Jim Denham

    June 6, 2016 at 7:07 am

  8. Trump is now the lesser evil in George Galloway’s view.

    “Btw @SusanSarandon is right. Hillary Clinton is even more dangerous for America and the world than is Donald Trump” – George Galloway


    John Rogan

    June 7, 2016 at 6:07 pm

  9. Galloway is correct. Hilary Clinton is far more dangerous than Trump


    June 8, 2016 at 6:24 pm

  10. the far left’s symbiotic alliance with the far right over the EU shows their true colours, it is not socialist to stand shoulder to shoulder with Marianne Le Pen, Nigel Farage, the BNP and the NF on the most important political question to face Britain in fifty years. Galloway, Dave Nellist, Sheridan, the SWP, TUSC and all the other so-called ‘socialists’ should hang their heads in shame, they are nothing but fascist fellow travellers


    September 17, 2016 at 11:15 am

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