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French Communist Party: Democracy is a Weapon in the Fight Against Islamic State.

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Press release from Pierre Laurent, national secretary of the French Communist Party after the Paris killings.

Our country has just experienced one of the worst events in its history. Last night’s simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, for which Daesh [short for Dawlat al-Islamiyah f’al-Iraq wa al-Sham] claims responsibility, and which, at this moment, have resulted in 127 deaths and 200 casualties, were horrifying. France is in mourning.

The day after the carnage, our first thoughts go out to the victims, their families, to those close to them, to the witnesses and to all those whose lives were threatened. For all, the pain is immense. Each and every one of us in France feels deeply wounded.

We salute the work of law enforcement, the emergency services, the Accident and Emergency doctors, healthcare workers and public service personnel, whose response to the situation has been exemplary, as has the people’s solidarity, which was felt straight away.

Less than a year after the attacks in January [on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 7], the Republic has been struck at its heart.
Even as a state of emergency has now been declared by the government, reinforcement of the police and of the justice system’s resources is an imperative. The state must find suitable ways to guarantee the people’s safety in the long term.

I ask our people not to give in to fear, and to stand together for freedom, equality, fraternity, and for peace. We must make careful distinctions between issues, and avoid stigmatization. Together, we must firmly reject hatred and racism.

France is affected by the war and the destabilization that is plaguing the Middle-East. The fight against terrorism calls for increased engagement and international solutions.
It can only be won by coming together to create a united society that places, at the heart of all its decisions, human emancipation, the values of the Republic and peace.

The French Communist Party, its representatives and its elected officials, will support all initiatives that, in the days to come, will allow our fellow citizens to take on together this challenge and to open up a path of hope for our people.

In this tragic time, the French Communist Party has put all election-campaign activities on hold.

Translated Sunday 15 November 2015, by Ciaran Edwards

Reposted from l’Humanité in English

Friday 20th November: for the French Communists the fight against the Islamic State, Daesh, must take place within democratic framework.

In a special issue of l’Humanité today they make this clear, above all calling for Parliamentary control of the state of emergency.

No democracy is not an obstacle in the fight against Daesh. The state of emergency has been extended to three months: the need for Parliamentary surveillance and control is more than ever indispensable.

Nos libertés contre la terreur Patrick Le Hyaric.

This follows the important  interview with  leading Communist Pierre Dharréville “National unity around the values ​​of the Republic” on the PCF’s site:

The day after the speech of François Hollande before Congress,  he warned,

A response in the spirit of revenge will only lead to further disasters. The President has declared  war. But I have not heard any analysis on the results of the international policy of France and the effects of repeated interventions over the last fifteen years in the Middle East, and Africa, often outside the framework of international law. Since 2007, France has broken with the best traditions of  its foreign policy. We must redefine our objectives and those of the international community whose eagerness to intervene militarily for neocolonial objectives has only been equaled by the weakness of its diplomatic efforts to build peace in the world.

Pierre Dharréville also stated,

We must  find ways taking democratic control over tje  emergency measures. I can hear in them the influence of forces that were already  going in reactionary directions using this opportunity to drive home reactionary approaches  that will sweep away elementary principles of laws. law.

He listed the proposal to remove French nationality from people convicted of terrorist offences, the stigmatising of groups, notably refugees, and Muslims as of great concern.

Notably Dharréville stated that Deash is a political not a religious enemy,

The Islamic State – Daesh –  has a totalitarian project, grounded on the logic of purification, which has taken the flag of Islam like a Bullfighter takes his muleta.


Secularism is the guiding principle of our Republic, but I would warn against any attempt to divert into a way of stigmatising and dividing our people.

On National Unity he concluded,

For us, national unity can only take on the values ​​of the Republic and around building a society of peace. It can not be done on the basis of obedience to the leader. We will approve what we think is good for the security and defence of our freedoms.

More: Win the War? No, Put an End To It

Translated Tuesday 17 November 2015, by Isabelle Métral


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  1. World financial crisis is imminent, Earth revolution wins
    Dec. 8 2015
      According to a notice from the Creators forming the Space blocks control world, a financial crisis occurs in the USA in the near term, and the US dollar and economy are annihilated.
    Thus, the worldwide biggest invasive imperialist nation: the US imperialism under the dictatorship by Rockefellers’ clique being invaders-rulers of the Earth, i.e. shapeshifters of reptilian-humanoids of the Lizard is annihilated.
    It develops into a world financial crisis, currencies all over the world will turn into paper wastes, and the threat of survival for working peoples increases to the unprecedented extent. A civil war breaks out in the US, and the new American people’s revolution wins.
    Otherwise, the US East including NY, Washington DC and CA State of the West sink into the sea together with Israel.
    The obstruction by the Rockefellers’ clique for transition of the US to the state capitalism system of the former Soviet Union type which was a reformist form of capitalist plutocratic slave rule is not permitted by the Creators. The Rockefellers’ clique will be annihilated in the process of the civil war battle.
    Thus, the Earth revolution for transition to the society of everything gratuitous services in all areas of peoples’ social life, following the Destiny by the Creators in all countries on the Earth progresses and is realized. The new age of the Earth begins.

    T. Tatsmaki

    December 8, 2015 at 8:32 pm

  2. […] (27) French Communist Party: Democracy is a Weapon in the Fight Against Islamic State, https://tendancecoatesy.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/french-communist-party-democracy-is-a-weapon-in-the…. […]

    RCIT in Britain

    December 20, 2015 at 12:00 pm

  3. It is astonishing how poorly understood what is currently happening is by most major players. No single political group has it right, yet. What is happening: Islam is being exploited by Capitalists in the west. They are immigrating mass numbers of muslims, but why? How does this benefit Capitalists? First it lowers the standard of living. Muslims will work for much less. Second it places an enormous burdeon on public social programs, things that Capitalists have been working hard to get rid of for decades. That goal is now within reach. Muslims in Europe are rapidly draining governments of funds for housing, welfare, medical care, etc. Third, and this should be the most shocking, Capitalists are using the violent nature of Islamic culture to drive fear into the west. When people are terrified to go out day or night, to speak up, to protest in the streets, to force their demands upon the ruling class, the ruling class wins, the people lose. The end of this is the establishment of Corporate Fascism, a complete ruling class control of the entire socio economic machine, a long desired goal. The only way we will defeat Islamic terror is to defeat the Capitalists and stop both. Why the Left has become a tool of the Right I cannot explain, but it must stop. Abandoning women, the GLBT community, the eldery, minorities, students, and especially little girls in the Rape Holocaust of Europe, is unforgivable, but the Left can stand up now, it’s not too late, and they can help the working class realize a nearly 200 year old vision for peace and prosperity for all.


    October 5, 2016 at 7:07 pm

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