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Is Jeremy Corbyn a National Socialist, a Fascist, or Big Brother? The Big Liberal Debate Begins.

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Future Under Jeremy Corbyn Say Top Liberal Thinkers.

Dire warnings are gripping the liberal British media……

Jeremy Corbyn for UK Labour party leader? Blame the bankers

There is a point on the European political spectrum where the extremes of right and left converge: where nationalists align with socialists in revolt against the status quo. National socialism, it was once called. One side waves the flag, the other demands a bigger state. Both rail against outsiders — the right against immigrants, the left against international capitalism.

They share a soft spot for authoritarianism, a yearning for state direction of the economy and a jealous regard for national sovereignty. They tap into the resentments of those left behind by change. Above all, they are against the status quo — whether centrist politics, the EU, globalisation or Wall Street.

Mr Corbyn is a clever politician. He has worked hard to cultivate an image of principled reasonableness, pitching to young idealists as well as grizzled Marxists. To borrow a well-worn aphorism, he is adept at faking sincerity. In truth, there is an air of menace about his campaign. You are either an unquestioning loyalist or you are a Tory bastard.

Then there’s this:

Don’t be fooled by utopian Corbynomics – it is seductive fiction

The Labour front-runner’s policies have been tried in the past and rejected, and require an extremely authoritarian state Hamish McRae.


In many respects, the big surprise of the populist insurgency is that it has not been bigger. In another age, the 2008 crash might have triggered a revolution. Instead, Mr Corbyn and his fellow travellers are now capturing the seething popular resentment. They do not have answers. Many simply preach hatred of the outsider. They have understood, though, that something has to give.

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984 you could see as anti-Utopian novels, describing what happened when such societies went wrong. Nevertheless, the idea that governments can engineer, if not an ideal society, at least a better-run one is deeply seductive. That, I think, explains the undoubted appeal of Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policies – particularly to people too young to remember Britain in the 1970s, when the Labour government attempted some elements of the policies he now advocates.

I will be sure to pass on these warnings to the people coming out in love and solidarity – many of whom have voted Corbyn –  to demonstrate support for refugees tonight and this weekend.

And these:

Recent weeks have seen Jeremy Corbyn ridiculed as ‘the political equivalent of a child’s invisible friend’, ‘ugly, dispiriting, and out of touch’, ‘the bearded Messiah’, ‘dangerous’, ‘puerile’, ‘completely unfit for any kind of senior political office’, ‘a malevolent clown’, ‘an extremist who has spent a political career embracing nasty causes’, ‘a gormless Marxist’, and ‘a tinpot meddler’ prone to ‘engrained political pathologies’.

Those with the temerity to back him have been branded ‘Trumpton revolutionaries’,’pig ignorant lefty click activists’, ‘psychotically furious about everything’, ‘terribly well-orffff, doncha know’, infantile and possibly mentally impaired’, ‘petulant children’ and ‘gibbering perpetual adolescents’.

That’s right, we are supposedly ‘a rancid collection of single-issue nutcases’, ‘smug, London middle-class liberals’,the green-ink brigade’, halfwits’, ‘feminist lesbians, human-rights campaigners and race-obsessed mentals’, and ‘dog on a string radicals who view a bar of soap as a tool of capitalist oppression’.

Who are you calling a braindead Trot? 


5 Responses

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  1. I do enjoy reading that Comrade Osland. Maybe he should start a blog?


    September 12, 2015 at 2:12 pm

  2. It’s a shame the ‘Democratic Left’ ‘comrades’ of Left Futures didn’t publish my comment under Osland’s article but who’s suprised by that – as well as being vehemently anti-Trot they are also rather useless. The right are sharpening their knives as we speak – if Left Futures, Corbyn et al don’t thrust theirs into them first, the will soon be political corpses once again and, through this lack of resolve, will let down all who supported Corbyn. Or as Seymour has said: ‘Blairite tears are not enough; we need heads on spikes.’

    I find the website previously associated with Osland to be no worse politically now than before – and many times more useful.

  3. I associate him not having a website any more with you, Mr. Punch. And your writings are no worse than before, but that is hardly possible, considering the stuff you wrote then.


    September 13, 2015 at 8:12 pm

  4. Binman, Once more from you but intelligible this time?

    First sentence is meaningless. Second is ambiguous – my writing then was poorly written or expressed poor ideas?

    Actually, on second thoughts, don’t bother.

  5. Corbin is without a doubt an evil man… a national socialist to the core. His policies are akin to the Nazi party before the 2nd world war. He is a man to be feared, a racist and a man who is in bed with many terrorists and refuses to tell the truth.


    May 23, 2017 at 7:03 pm

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