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Fourth Bangladeshi Blogger, Niloy Neel, Hacked to Death: All our Solidarity and Love to our Bangladeshi Comrades!

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The saga of bloggers killing continues. After a brief pause for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, blogger killing have now resumed.

Niloy Neel, an organizer of Science and Rationalist Association Bangladesh feared for his life after the killing spree started in Bangladesh earlier this  year. A number of Author, blogger, organizer was killed one after another.

Niloy finished his Masters of Philosophy from Dhaka University in 2013. Then he started working for an NGO.

The killing took place at his residence, killer entered home in the disguise of a tenant. They were 4 individuals who took part in the crime. We’re still trying to construct the events through witness accounts.

His body has been mutilated beyond recognition.

It all happened midday on the Friday the 7th of August, 2015.

This post will be updated regularly. 

Khilgaon police OC Mustafizur Rahman told bdnews24.com that ‘Niloy’ was slaughtered in his flat on the fourth floor of a building at North Gorhan around 1:45pm on Friday.

He said five assailants had entered the flat in two groups after the Juma prayers and killed him.

Niloy, the fourth blogger to be murdered this year, lived in that flat with his family.

Imran H Sarker, the Ganajagaran Mancha spokesperson, told bdnews24.com that Niloy was an activist of the platform, carrying on a movement demanding a ban on Islamist parties and the maximum punishment for 1971 war criminals.

“Niloy was also a regular blogger,” he added.

Sarker said the attackers had entered the building posing as potential tenants.

In February, writer-blogger Avijit Roy was hacked to death near Dhaka University’s TSC.

A month later, another blogger Oyasiqur Rahman was killed in a similar fashion in the capital as violence against secularists continued.

Two months later, secular blogger Ananta Bijoy Das was killed in Sylhet.

All three killed were involved with the Ganajagaran Mancha.

In May, terror group al-Qaeda’s Indian offshoot had claimed responsibility for the killing of secular bloggers in Bangladesh whom it described as ‘blasphemers’.

Radical group Ansar Bangla also claimed responsibility for the deaths.

Two years ago, Mancha activist Ahmed Rajib Haider, another blogger, was hacked to death near his Mirpur home in Dhaka.

The BBC has just published the story:

A Bangladeshi blogger known for his secular views has been hacked to death by a gang armed with machetes in the capital Dhaka, police say.

Niloy Neel was attacked at his home in the city’s Goran area.

He is the fourth secularist blogger to have been killed this year by suspected Islamist militants in Bangladesh.

Mr Neel was on a list of bloggers viewed as targets by the militants, the head of the Bangladesh Blogger and Activist Network told AFP news agency.

Imran H Sarkar said the attackers entered Mr Neel’s room, “shoved his friend aside and then hacked him [Neel] to death”.

BBC South Asia editor Charles Haviland says that, like previous victims, Mr Neel was not only secular but atheist and like two of the others he was from a Hindu, not a Muslim, background.

Police said about six attackers had tricked their way into Mr Neel’s home by saying they were looking to rent a flat.

“Two of them then took him to a room and slaughtered him there,” deputy police commissioner Muntashirul Islam said.

“His wife was in the flat but she was confined to another room.”

All our solidarity and love to our beloved Bangladeshi comrades.

Le fascisme ne passera pas!

Update: (Bangladesh. Star)

Ansar-Al-Islam, Bangladesh chapter of al-Qaeda in the Indian Sub-Continent, has claimed responsibility for the killing of blogger Niladri Chattopadhyay terming him an enemy of Allah.

Read more: Yet another blogger killed

In an email sent to media houses in Bangladesh, it said, “Alhamdulillah! Mujahidin of Ansar-Al-Islam (AQIS, Bangladesh Branch) carried out an operation to slaughter an enemy of Allah (swt) and His Messenger (peace & blessings be upon him), whose name is Niloy Chowdhury Neel.”
However, the authenticity of the email issued by Mufti Abdullah Ashraf, who claimed himself to be the spokesman of Ansar-Al-Islam, could not be verified independently.
The online activist Niladri Chattopadhyay, 40, was stabbed to death by unknown assailants at his East Goran residence in Dhaka this afternoon.
A group of four youths stabbed the blogger indiscriminately in his flat on the 4th floor of a five-storey building around 1:30pm, the victim’s wife Asha Moni told The Daily Star.




Written by Andrew Coates

August 7, 2015 at 11:53 am

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  1. I look forward to reading that idiot Giles Fraser unequivocally condemning this and the ideology that motivated, it in his next Graun column – instead of praising Islamists as latter-day levellers (!!!): http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/belief/2015/jul/31/i-believe-in-an-authority-greater-than-david-cameron-am-i-extremist

    Jim Denham

    August 7, 2015 at 5:50 pm

  2. I wonder how far this spate of killings is related to the bloggers’ association with the Ganajagaran Mancha movement, which is calling for the death penalty for various Jamaat-e-Islami war criminals? Are the killers simply crazed Islamist zealots, or are they working on behalf of some powerful political figures?


    August 7, 2015 at 8:56 pm

  3. […] Source: Fourth Bangladeshi Blogger, Niloy Neel, Hacked to Death: All our Solidarity and Love to our Banglade… […]

  4. Francis, Bangladeshi politics are, as you are well aware, full of talk about hidden forces, and plots.

    I think the answer is a lot simpler: the Islamists in Bangladesh have been systematically ethically cleansing the country of Hindus and other minorities (Christians and Buddhists) for a long time now.

    They have used extreme violence to achieve that end.

    This has, naturally, been largely ignored in the UK, for reasons too obvious to repeat.

    This is only one example: 2013 Bangladesh anti-Hindu violence: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_Bangladesh_anti-Hindu_violence

    It is not surprising that they murder secularists.

    Andrew Coates

    August 8, 2015 at 12:06 pm

  5. Andrew Coates

    August 8, 2015 at 12:13 pm

  6. […] And has the wretched Fraser even considered where the exciting “refusal to play by the rules” by people who “want to talk about God, sex and politics” can lead in, say, Bangladesh? […]

  7. […] And has the wretched Fraser even considered where the exciting “refusal to play by the rules” by people who “want to talk about God, sex and politics” can lead in, say, Bangladesh? […]

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