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George Galloway Welcomed with Joy in Palestine and Across the World – as he Follows Ian Donovan.

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I think Netanyahu and the entire Zionist movement wants me to lose; don’t you? #BradfordWestRising #CityOfGold.

Rosie says most of what us lot have to say, “Why aren’t the gutters of Bradford running with streams of urine as people double over hooting at the bombast and sheer grossness of this garbage?”.

Galloway remains worried….

Henry Trojan Hoax Jackson Society have simple agenda; witch-hunt Muslims and defend Israel. They have two horses in Bradford.

From Twitter.


But Galloway has one new friend:

George Galloway followed . 12hr.

Editor Communist Explorations – journal/website. Long-time Marxist and left-wing activist. RESPECT member and advocate of principled…

Donovan had 32 followers.

Now he has 33.

The Weekly Worker, 18.9.2014.

The September 14 meeting of Left Unity’s Communist Platform saw a parting of the ways with a member of its steering committee, Ian Donovan. This followed comrade Donovan’s espousal of views that can only be described as anti-Semitic: in his opinion, there is a Jewish “pan-national bourgeoisie”, which has constituted itself as ruling class “vanguard” in key imperialist countries, and it is this that accounts for US support for Israel. Donovan says he intends to write a book laying out this ‘theory’ in detail.

Once this line of thinking had been fully revealed to other members of the steering committee, they urged him to step down from the CP. When he refused, the September 14 members’ meeting was called, which had before it a motion from comrades Jack Conrad and Moshé Machover stating that anti-Semitism is “incompatible with membership of the Communist Platform”.

 If you really want to see first-hand how mad Galloway’s new best friend, Ian Donovan, is read (or skim) this:

Weekly Worker still refuses to condemn Galloway assault: bans criticism.

Phil Kent (19 March), trying to fill in for the failure of more substantial figures such as Jack Conrad to justify the Jewish-Zionist chauvinism that pervades the CPGB’s practice, indulges in religious fetishism. He writes that I am blinded by ‘red mist’, so angry at the slaughter and abuse of the Palestinians as to excuse ‘holocaust deniers’. It’s much worse than that, Phil. Thanks to the use of the Nazi genocide (a.k.a. “Holocaust”) as a propaganda trump card to justify murder and ethnic cleaning of Arabs by Jews, large numbers of Arabs and a minority of principled anti-racists of Jewish origin, are so angered that they are inclined to disbelieve not only the instrumentalism of the genocide, but the event itself.

“Throwing the baby out with the bathwater” is a common mistake in instances where a poisonous mixture of truth and lies about history is used to justify contemporary crimes. The reaction of many to Stalinism is a case in point. It is a commonplace that such things need to be debated fearlessly. But Phil opposes this for Israel and the genocide. He regards the latter as like the Holy Grail.

This is because of his pro-Zionist chauvinism, which he learned from his guru Jack Conrad.  JC, understanding little of the Middle East and the Jewish Question, defers to would-be ‘Marxist’ promoters of identity politics (Jewish identity as something ‘progressive’ in a transcendental sense), such as Machover and Greenstein. These people vote with their feet against the CPGB’s ‘party project’ – simply by failing to join it or any other ‘Leninist’ party. Thus the ‘party’ has no independent view of the Middle East, possibly the most strategic conflict in the world today, but depends on nebulous ‘sympathisers’. Lenin would have been quite scathing about this.

Phil is saying : ‘Don’t get too angry about Arabs being massacred by Jews, because Jews are more important than Arabs in the scheme of things anyway. If you get too angry about Arabs dying, that is a terrible thing, that leads to ‘anti-semitism”, and questioning of the holocaust.”

And so it goes, including attacks on Moshe Machover for having a “Harry’s Place style Jewish chauvinist position.”

 Update: Galloway Supporters Go for Glory!

Via Harry’ s (Jackson) Place.

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  1. I’ve known Ian D for many years. He has definitely lost all sense of reality with this strange attempt to combine Marxism with the World Jewish Conspiracy.

    Dr Paul

    April 15, 2015 at 12:08 pm

  2. The extract from the correspondence I’ve just put up confirms this Paul.

    However I fear he is not alone on this issue.

    Andrew Coates

    April 15, 2015 at 12:17 pm

  3. Most recently, as Soupy One has pointed out on Twitter, comrade Donovan has been retweeting the popular Nazi Charles Frith, who Soupy has profiled here https://storify.com/InTheSoupAgain/odd-lefties-and-the-racist-charles-frith and here https://storify.com/InTheSoupAgain/a-bucket-of-charles-frith-s-racism Salman Shaheen has said that Left Unity will look into whether Donovan is still a member. If he is, I would hope they would expel him. His blog is now absolutely full of David Duke style ranting, wrapped up in pseudo-Marxist terminology.


    April 15, 2015 at 12:26 pm

  4. It’s as if we’re seeing something not dissimilar to the Dieudonné and Soral network forming before our eyes.

    Atzmon/Donovan/Charles Frith.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alain_Soral (in English)

    Andrew Coates

    April 15, 2015 at 12:37 pm

  5. SBS deplores attacks on Naz Shah

    Southall Black Sisters Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

    George Galloway and his cohorts have signalled a new low in British politics by mounting what can only be described as a vicious and mean minded assault on Naz Shah, the Labour Party’s candidate for Bradford West in the coming general election. Galloway’s attempt at character assassination relies on selectively drawing upon Naz’s complex and difficult background, and it speaks volumes about political opportunism and the naked hunger for power by any means necessary.

    SBS worked with Naz when she was a young and extremely vulnerable woman in the late 90s. We waged a campaign for justice for her mother, Zoora Shah, who had been jailed for life for killing a man who had physically, financially, sexually and emotionally abused her at a time in the 70s and 80s when services for all battered women (let alone those from BME backgrounds) were non-existent. Zoora had been deserted by her first husband when her children were very young, leaving her to cope with the ensuing isolation, hostility and destitution that followed the breakdown of her marriage. She lived in conditions of abject poverty and homelessness, and in these circumstances she was befriended by a married landlord who demanded sex in return for providing her and her children with a roof over their heads. He became increasingly controlling, abusive and hostile towards Zoora, whose attempts to free herself went unsupported by the Asian community. In an effort to protect her daughters from his sexually predatory behaviour, Zoora resorted to desperate measures (including the attempt to arrange Naz’s marriage in Pakistan), and eventually she killed him.

    Zoora was unsuccessful in overturning her murder conviction, but her attempts to make the courts understand and reflect the reality of her difficult circumstances were vindicated in 2000, when Lord Justice Bingham, the then Lord Chief Justice, set her tariff at only 12 years. In doing so, he recognised and accepted that: ‘She was suffering from some kind of depressive illness and…that her social situation was of the most stressful kind imaginable. She suffered from some kind of abuse from the victim… this was the conduct of a desperate woman threatened with the loss of her home and with destitution in what remained for her a foreign country.’

    Against this background, whatever her strengths and weaknesses, Galloway’s attack on Naz is to be deplored. Naz showed tremendous courage, maturity and resilience in the campaign that followed to free her mother. Barely out of childhood herself, she took on the role of parenting her much younger siblings while supporting her mother.

    If parliamentary democracy is to be a living ideal, it needs to embrace voices and experiences borne out of survival in what is otherwise a largely white, elitist, boys’ own club. The qualities of courage and resilience that Naz brought to the ’Free Zoora Shah’ campaign are needed now more than ever to counter the cynicism that drives our political culture.

    We applaud the initiative taken by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and George Grant to keep political culture free of unnecessary personal smears and attacks.


    Andrew Coates

    April 15, 2015 at 4:33 pm

  6. I believe Ian Donovan once punched a woman member of the Spartacist League in the face. It’s been all the way down since then.


    April 15, 2015 at 5:54 pm

  7. Rosie is perhaps infatuated with George Galloway, and hopes one day to find her own Gorgeous George.


    April 15, 2015 at 10:11 pm

  8. ‘Netanyahu and the entire Zionist movement’ – that’s just politically illiterate gibberish.

    Prescott and the SockPuppets – playing at a polytech near you.

    redkorat☭ (@red_korat)

    April 16, 2015 at 7:11 am

  9. It’s a pretty sad day for the left (term applied loosely) when it has to turn to Louise Mensch for the lowdown on just what Galloway has done. It’s not like there aren’t scores of people who could have done what she’s done!

    Da Beef http://unfashionista.com/2015/04/15/bradford-wests-unsafe-election-gallowayist-smears-naz-shah/

    Paul Canning

    April 17, 2015 at 9:32 pm

  10. ‘Neil’ (also some preachers) + science >> http://www.livescience.com/19563-homophobia-hidden-homosexuals.html

    [runs away]

    Paul Canning

    April 17, 2015 at 9:46 pm

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