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Ivana Hoffman, Beloved Martyr in the Fight Against ISIS (Daesh).

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File Photo: Ivana Hoffman

Ivana Hoffman: Heroine of the Progressive Peoples of the World. 

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A young German woman was killed fighting alongside Kurdish forces in Syria in the war against the Islamic State (ISIS),  agency reports and Syrian activists said.

She was identified as Ivana Hoffman, a native of South Africa with German citizenship. Agency reports quoted activists and Kurdish sources as saying she was killed Saturday while fighting alongside the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG).

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said Hoffman “is the third foreign fighter and the first female foreign fighter killed” in the war with ISIS.

YPG spokesman Nawaf Khalil said Monday that Hoffman was killed near the Syrian village of Tel Tamr. Hoffman was a member of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party in Turkey.

Serdar Sitr, president of the Kurdish Solution Party in Iraq, also confirmed Hoffman’s slaying.#


A female German fighter in YPG ranks killed in clashes in al- Hasakah

Al- Hasakah Province: Clashes took place between IS and YPG, backed by al- Sanadid Army, which belongs to the governor of al- Jazira District “Hamidi Daham al- Hadi”, near Brak Hill in the south of al- Qameshli, information reported casualties. Other clashes took place between IS and YPG, backed by al- Khabour Guards and the Syriac Military Council in the vicinity of Tal Tamer. Other clashes between the regime forces and IS took place near al- Melabiyyi area in tbhe south of the city of al- Hasakah.

A German female fighter in YPG ranks died in clashes between YPG and IS in the vicinity of the town of Tal Tamer yesterday morning. She is the third foreign fighter and the first female foreign fighter killed in clashes against IS militants, where in March 4, a British fighter in YPG died after he was wounded in clashes with IS in the area located between the two towns of Tal Hamis and Abo al- Hol in the countryside of Province. Another fighter of Australian national killed in February 25, during clashes with IS in the town of Tal Hamis.


Erste Deutsche stirbt im Kampf gegen den IS

 Sie war erst 19 Jahre alt und kämpfte nach eigener Aussage für Menschlichkeit und Freiheit.

She was 19 years old, and fought – according to a statement for humanity and freedom.


Internationalist Ivana Hoffman dies in Til Temir—another MLKP fighter has given her life in the struggle for freedom and the struggle continues!


Internationalist fighter Ivana Hoffman, fighting alongside the People’s/Women’s Defense Forces (YPG/YPJ) against Daesh/ISIS in Rojava, was killed in Til Temir yesterday evening.

Ivana Hoffman (code name Avaşîn Tekoşîn Güneş) was a communist fighter with the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP). According to the MLKP’s announcement, Ivana lost her life in a 3 a.m. clash in the early morning hours of March 7, on the eve of World Women’s Day.

The statement said that for Ivana, standing up for the Rojava revolution meant standing up for the future. It noted that she had taken up frontline positions in the bloody battle to defend Assyrian and Syriac villages from Daesh’s genocidal attacks.

“After the Rojava revolution, her greatest dream was to take part in the struggle in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. She was a seeker of freedom, with dreams of revolution,” said the statement. “Avaşîn Têkoşîn Güneş, with her gleeful laugh, was our source of joy. In Tel Temir, we saw her off to her final rest and her immortality. Our pain is great. Our rage is as high as the mountains.”

The internationalist fighter was born in Germany on September 1, 1995. She joined the communist youth movement at a young age and worked actively in her city. For the last six months, she had been fighting actively in the war in Rojava, taking up positions in several locations in Rojava’s Cizîre Canton. According to the statement, Avaşîn had been engaged in intense combat in the foremost positions in the defense of Tel Temir against Daesh attacks, ongoing over the last two days.

“Our comrade Avaşîn was a lover of freedom, determined to call everything to account, an internationalist communist who felt the pain of all peoples in her heart,” said the statement. “Her life philosophy of opposing fascist dictatorship and colonization led her to fight, and to take the side of the Kurdish and Turkish people in their pain, their joy and their war. She sang Kurdish songs with love and spoke both Kurdish and Turkish.

“As an internationalist communist, she heard the call of revolution. She headed for Kurdistan and she saw the Kurdish people’s freedom as her own,” the statement said.

In a related story, we must mention that Nuran Ağırnaslı, mother of the slain MLKP fighter Suphi Nejat Ağırnaslı, visited the city of Kobanê, for whose liberation her son gave his life. She planted a red flag on Miştenur Hill, where Suphi Nejat was martyred, as she had promised her son she would.

Suphi Nejat Ağırnaslı (whose code name Paramaz Kızılbaş honors Armenian and Alawite revolutionaries) was a member of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party who joined the YPG/YPJ defense of the city of Kobanê last year. The sociology  MA student at Boğaziçi University was martyred in October in the Kobanê resistance. He was an outstanding internationalist, as was Ivana Hoffman.

Nuran said that she had long wanted to go to Kobanê to see the revolution there, but had not been able to go owing to health problems. “The first thing I saw was that the city was ruined, so much so that anyone can see it immediately,” she said. “Yes, there’s been great devastation in the city. But what’s more important than this is to see what people wanted and succeeded in achieving here. You can see the conviction in people’s faces. With conviction like this, I think anything can be solved.”

Nuran first joined a March 8 march led by Yekîtiya Star, the grassroots women’s organization in Rojava. She said that being among women, and especially YPJ fighters, was a moving experience for her. But more important to her was her visit Miştenur Hill, a site that has become the symbol of the Kobanê resistance. Suphi Nejat lost his life in the battle for the hill.


“They’re saying it’s not possible to retrieve his remains right now because Daesh planted explosives over the remains of the people they killed, and in the past people have been martyred trying to search for remains,” said Nuran. “But I did promise Nejat that we would plant a red flag on the hill for him.”

After planting the flag on the hill, Nuran, along with Suphi Nejat’s father, friends and comrades, remembered him by singing the revolutionary march “We Will Plant the Red Flag” and dedicated folk songs to him.


“I did what I promised him the way I wanted to,” said Nuran. “It’s a gratifying feeling, even if it stings. Unfortunately, beautiful things have a cost. We paid this cost all together, and heavily,” she said. She said, however, that what was present in Kobanê was a spirit of internationalist solidarity similar to that of the Spanish Civil War. She mentioned the young Australian who was recently martyred in the war. “They’ve left a beautiful heritage for humanity. In a culture that tends to forgetfulness, they’ve brought the culture of solidarity back to life,” she said.


Nuran said she has much to learn from the Kurdish women’s movement and the women’s revolution in Kobanê. “I see a women’s movement emerging from this place, where women are exchanged as brides, where men don’t shake women’s hands, where girls are forced to be married at a young age and aren’t educated, as a wonderful thing,” she said. “I’ve seen the extent of women’s role in the revolution, that glimmer in women’s eyes. Even if I don’t speak the same language as the YPJ women, there’s a closeness that comes from our hearts being one.”


Nuran also said that women in Turkey, where the rate of femicides has greatly increased in recent years, need to seriously advance their struggle. She greeted all women on March 8, International Working Women’s Day.



Written by Andrew Coates

March 9, 2015 at 1:25 pm

6 Responses

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  1. No doubt Deborah Or would argue that Ivana’s death was a meaningless waste, in the name of a worthless cause, as each side in this dispute are as bad as each other: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/06/konstandinos-scurfields-death-is-a-tragedy-but-not-an-example

    Jim Denham

    March 9, 2015 at 3:16 pm

  2. ” Peace is heaven. War is hell.”.

    How true, how very true…..

    A picture for Debby and her readership:

    Andrew Coates

    March 9, 2015 at 5:07 pm

  3. ” According to a statement from the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP), Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş, who was born in Germany on September 1, 1995, had been taking an active part in the battle in Rojava for six months, and served in various emplacements in Cizire Canton, fighting to repel the attacks of ISIS gangs. Avaşin took her place on the front lines against the bloody attacks of ISIS on the Syriac villages in Til Temir, which remains on as a target for the ISIS gangs after the defeat they suffered in Til Hemis and Til Barak. She was killed in the early hours of March 7.

    The MLKP said that Avaşin fought alongside People’s/Women’s Defense Forces (YPG-YPJ) until the last bullet after their joint emplacement was raided by ISIS gangs, managing to halt their advance and staging a heroic fight on the battlefield. “They strengthened the barricade of freedom and honor against the ISIS attacks in Til Temir, defeating the gangs’ plan to take Til Temir and Heseke and to perpetrate further massacres,” the MLKP statement said.

    The MLKP statement underlined that comrade Avaşin’s greatest dream was to take part in the struggle in Turkey and North Kurdistan after the Rojava Revolution, adding that “Her dreams are our dreams, her path is our path and her memory is our honor. Comrade Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş is immortal.”


    Andrew Coates

    March 9, 2015 at 5:21 pm

  4. […] Source: Ivana Hoffman, Beloved Martyr in the Fight Against ISIS (Daesh). […]

  5. About 2,000 people have attended the funeral march for a German woman who died fighting Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria.

    Waving flags and banners, they escorted the body of Ivana Hoffmann, 19, through the city of Duisburg to the cemetery where she was buried.

    Ms Hoffman was killed earlier this month in the battle for Tal Tamr, in north-western Syria.

    She had been fighting alongside the Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG).

    Ms Hoffman was the first Western female fighter known to have been killed fighting IS.

    She was a member of Turkey’s Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) and joined the YPG fighters six months ago.

    A MLKP statement, which referred to her by her nom de guerre Avasin Tekosin Gunes, declared her to be “immortal”.

    UK-based activist group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said last week that at least 40 Kurdish fighters and IS militants had been killed in the battle for Tal Tamr.

    About 100 Western volunteers are believed to be fighting IS alongside Kurdish forces in northern Syria and neighbouring Iraq


    Andrew Coates

    March 15, 2015 at 12:30 pm

  6. Andrew Coates

    March 15, 2015 at 12:33 pm

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