Then, someone told him that his victims “had done nothing” He replied,You haven’t done anything? “Later he explained that he did not kill women, yet his victims did. “You kill women and children everywhere! And you think things are like that?  You know very well, stop making your … ” The rest of the recording is inaudible.

According to  Le Nouvel Observateur, the police also noted that Coulibaly was not a trained user of weapons, he  needed ten seconds to find the button to change the charger from the Kalashnikov.


In Le Monde an inquiry into the background of the other murderers, the Kouachi brothers was published on the 20th of February . For one member their family, “Ils étaient très racistes envers tous ceux qui n’étaient pas musulmans et arabes.” They were very racist towards anybody who was not a Muslim or an Arab.

Reproduced in Le Point