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AN URGENT CALL FOR THE LEFT IN BRITAIN AND THE WORLD TO UNITE! From Nov 2013- DEc2014 A Balakrishnan has been politically persecuted using completely unfounded allegations that he was keeping slaves! From the start his name and that of his wife were slandered all across the globe using the media blitz and bail terms were used to restrict his right to communicate and travel anywhere outside the borough.

Now these allegations have been quietly dropped because there was no evidence and instead even more poisonous allegations of rape and indecent assault have been thrown at him -the whole world now has been informed as to where he is living- the judge says it is “in the public interest”-

BUT in Britain its meant to be INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY-how can he be accused of a crime when he is not found guilty?!!!!-does this not prove beyond any doubt what A Balakrishnan has said long time ago about the nature of the state in Britain–that it is FASCIST! Where is the outcry on the Left as to how he has been treated-where is the solidarity?- it can happen to anybody! so surely it is in everybodys interest to defend Aravindan Balakrishnan! People can stand there and jeer but it may happen to them next!

Then all they can say is–“I never thought it could happen to me!” why wise after the event! (too true – comment)


Interesting to note is the case of members of the British state-former Ministers, ex -spy chiefs etc involved in the Westminster paedo ring and alledged(with a lot of evidence to back ) to have committed child sex abuse and even murder against innocent children in the same period -80s and 90s- their names and addresses are protected I presume “in the public interest”

Is it not crystal clear that this is acute class struggle going on!!!! The British state is trying to make an example of A Balakrishnan!

Maybe soon we might all be agreeing with him (too late)

Nobody can say he didn’t try to warn us !!!!!!!!

Indeed comrade!



Written by Andrew Coates

January 5, 2015 at 5:11 pm

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  1. THE TRUTH ABOUT ARAVINDAN BALAKRISHNAN— FRAMED AND UNJUSTLY IMPRISONED BY THE BRITISH STATE A story of systematic political persecution and a cruel miscarriage of justice. *November 2013 amidst fraudulent allegations of slavery the Metropolitan Police arrest him and his wife and orchestrates a global trial by media screaming headlines of “slavery ” and “cruel Maoist cult leader” in a vicious character assassination.
    *When slavery allegations fail to bring a conviction the British State uses even more poisonous allegations of false sexual assault and rape allegations. *In December 2015 when the obvious political nature of the trial begins to emerge it is suddenly cut short and Aravindan Balakrishnan sentenced to 23YEARS in jail after an unprecedented 2 YEARS on bail!
    This is what awaits all political activists in Britain unless we stop believing the lies and begin the fightback and join together to clear A Balakrishnan’s name!

    Jo smith

    May 30, 2016 at 11:46 pm

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