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Marine Le Pen: Torture Can Sometimes Be Useful.

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Torture: a ‘Useful Tool’ Says Marine Le Pen. 

“Moi je crois que les gens qui s’occupent des terroristes et accessoirement de leur tirer des informations, lorsque ces informations leur permettent de sauver des vies civiles, sont des gens qui sont responsables. S’il y a des abus c’est aux Etats-Unis de le déterminer”, a-t-elle commenté. “Il peut y avoir des cas, comme quand une bombe doit exploser dans une heure ou dans deux heures et, accessoirement peut faire des victimes civiles, où il est utile de faire parler la personne pour savoir où est la bombe avec les moyens qu’on peut”, a-t-elle ajouté.

I believe that those who deal with terrorists, who have also to extract information from them – information that allows civilian lives to be saved –  are responsible people. If there’s abuses in the USA it’s for them to work this out,” she commented, “There could be cases, when a bomb is about to explode in an hour or two – something that could cause civilian victims – when it is useful to make somebody talk in order to find out where the bomb has been placed – using the means that one can.” – she continued.


Torture can be a “useful” tool in certain cases French far-right leader Marine le Pen said on Wednesday, before later backtracking and stating that her words had been “misinterpreted”.

Speaking early Wednesday on BFMTV in an interview discussing the revelations that the CIA used brutal interrogation methods, Le Pen said she “did not condemn” the use of torture when questioning terror suspects.

“Of course [torture] can be used,” she said. “It’s been used throughout history.”

“I believe that the people responsible for getting information out of terror suspects that can save civilian lives do a responsible job,” she added.

“There are times, such as if a bomb is about to go off, when it is useful to get a suspect to talk…by any means.”

France 24.

This is what the backtracking consists of:

(from Marine Le Pen dément avoir défendu l’usage de la torture. Libération.  Marine Le Pen denies defending the use of torture.)

Specifically she asserts that the phrase  “Les moyens qu’on peut” (the means available) refer to “les moyens de la loi” – legal means.

One thing is clearly on many people’s minds: Marine Le Pens father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has regularly been accused of using torture during his time in the French military fighting against Algerian  independence – most recent controversy here (2012)

Written by Andrew Coates

December 11, 2014 at 1:13 pm

2 Responses

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  1. From a psychological point of view I think to carry out torture you have to enjoy it to a degree, part of the dynamic of torturing someone or something is to get satisfaction out of it.

    From that perspective, when I look at Marine Le Pen i can see a very definite place for torture. I would just enjoy the experience. I just hope we never get stuck in a lift.

    Of course the desire to ‘save civilians’ means this:

    We will dominate you, subjugate you, kill who we want when we want, we will take whatever we want and get you to do what we say, and if you think we expect blow-back from all this, well think again!

    But every mass murdering machine, from the Nazi’s to the USA through to Israel and beyond have always but always laid the blame at their victims door (The list of mass murders was arrived at purely by random).

    For example, when Israel carry out one of it’s murderous escapades you may have noticed that it’s army of apologists start talking about Hamas a lot.

    Incidentally, I would never want to downplay torture but to take a random example, when Israel looked into their actions during operation “lets kill some more vermin”, I thought to myself don’t think your actions are the crime, your very existence is the crime!

    Socialism In One Bedroom

    December 11, 2014 at 7:11 pm

  2. […] Marine Le Pen: Torture Can Sometimes Be Useful. […]

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