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Sarkozy: He’s Back and Twice as Nasty.

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Sarkozy is back.

Elected head of the right-wing party the UMP (Union pour un mouvement populaire) – with a less than overwhelming mandate (two thirds majority, not the habitual North Korean endorsements of this organisation.

The former President faces a stiff challenge.

That is in the 2016  ‘primaries’  open to  a wider section of the public will get to decide on their Presidential candidate

Libération comments,

“Une victoire sur un champ de mines. Quelques minutes après la proclamation des résultats samedi soir, le décor était déjà planté. Les messages de «félicitations» tombent, lourds de menaces et d’ironie. Nicolas Sarkozy peut prendre la mesure de la fragilité de sa décevante élection : il n’a convaincu que 64,5% des militants UMP, soit 20 points de moins que lors de son premier sacre, en novembre 2004.”

A victory in a mine field. A few minutes after the results came out on Satyurday evening the stage was was already set. Messages of ‘congratulation’  arrived, full of menace and irony. Nicolas Sarkozy could take stock of the fragility of his deceptive election: he only won over 64,5% of the UMP activists, that is 20% points less than during his first enthronement, in November 2004.

It is reported that the former President is complaining about “personal attacks”.

Sarkozy’s  chief opponent, Alain Juppé, his chief opponent (who was in the 1980s a deputy for the Parisian arrondisment where I lived) has his own dodgy past with a conviction for corruption.

He at least has the merit of being sane and not noticeably on the far-right.

A few days ago Sarko said of his former Justice Minister Rachida Dati, “”Je m’étais dit que Rachida Dati, avec père et mère algérien et marocain, pour parler de la politique pénale, cela avait du sens”

I said to myself that with a father and mother from Algeria and Morocco she was well placed to speak off criminal policy.  (RTL)

Amongst Sarkozy’s admirers is the hard-right British Daily Telegraph.

It comments today, “Nicolas Sarkozy’s greatest asset? The hatred of the Left The venom directed towards France’s former president may work to his advantage”

The left’s hatred extends chez Coatesy.




Written by Andrew Coates

December 1, 2014 at 3:01 pm

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