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Bans and the SWP Bullies (from Feminism to Black Revolutionaries).

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Up to their Old Tricks.

This is an important statement which should be taken with the next Blog Post (from Phil, a Very Public Sociologist and Howie’s Corner).

Bans, the SWP and the struggle to defend feminism on campus.

27th of November.

International Socialist Network.


We oppose a moral panic over free speech in student unions: they are member organisations not the state. However, we think we need the highest and most rigorous standards around free speech. Free speech cannot be absolute; it has to be negotiated by our community. We have a duty to provide a secure environment for all. We must have consistent positions on where the limits are, and be very clear and open in the reasons for these limits. We don’t think the no-platform policy against the SWP is being applied consistently. A consistent approach could ban most mainstream political parties and the Catholic Church from student unions on the same grounds used for the SWP’s ban. A better approach to the SWP and SWSS in student unions is not to shut down the society, nor to ban them. We should support and fight for unions to have decent membership disciplinary policies for misogynistic behaviour. If any SWP or SWSS member in a student union is behaving in a misogynistic way then they should be told to change their behaviour by the union. Failing that, they must be disciplined as a member of the student union, as any normal member would be for misogynistic behaviour.


Many comrades in what remains of SWP can still be debated with. However, the moments of internal opposition have passed. Opposition activists have left; many into rs21 and the IS Network. Bans and no-platform policies will probably further stifle honest discussion in the SWP, and may ultimately be counter-productive as the SWP would use the attempts to ban it to try to regain legitimacy by rallying people around it in a fight for free speech.

SWP Bullies London Black Revolutionaries (from All that is solid.)

27th of November.

As you might expect, hearing a bandwagon trundling along in the distance, the SWP tried to get a piece of last night’s LBR-arranged 5,000 strong ‘FromLondon2Ferguson’ protest outside the American embassy. According to this LBR statement below, the SWP didn’t take kindly to something being organised without their “assistance”. It has been lightly edited.

We would like to clarify a recently alarming statement on behalf of Stand Up To Racism posted to us by Dennis Fernado and Sabby Dhalu.

From the hours of 25/11/14 3:00pm – 26/11/13 1:00am. LBR Organisers received a bombardment of calls from SUTR organisers.

We would like to refute some accusations being made.

At 1am of the 26th of November. SUTR approached us with the possibility of some of their Non-Socialist Workers Party members to speak as speakers of both events. We made the democratic decision to of course allow the families of those killed in police custody to speak at the event, as some have been arranged too already. We would like to convey respect and solidarity to all speakers of both events.

Our organisation received a plethora of threats from Weyman Bennett over the phone, ranging from the threat to dismantle and “go to war” our organisation if we continued to “ignore the leaders of the movement” and secondly, if we ever organise events within Anti-Racism, that we must be obliged to speak to SUTR/SWP.

Phil comments,

What strikes me about the statement is the entitlement of Bennett and his acolytes. Remember, the SWP is an organisation that has suffered the worst crisis in its 60 year history and recently appealed for unity among leftists. What this episode demonstrates is this toxic tub of toy town Trots have learned nothing from their rape allegation cover up, nothing from the revulsion they inspire in the wider left, and nothing about how to repair their organisation. Their attempt to bully London Black Revolutionaries demonstrates why they should be avoided at all costs and never be allowed to pimp off campaigns and movements not of their making.

The story comes via Howie,

SWP shenanigans over Ferguson demo

The outcry over the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black youth in Ferguson has focused a lot of attention on racism and justice in the USA. Unsurprisingly the protests has attracted coverage in the media and the attention of political activists on the far-left who have organised a vigil outside the US embassy today (26th November).

As usual the Socialist Worker Party has tried “muscling in” on the demo which has led to a fallout with the London Black Revolutionaries, an organisation I have no previous knowledge of.

LBR have published a lengthy statement, (see via link).

See the statement in full.


Written by Andrew Coates

November 28, 2014 at 1:31 pm

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  1. How on earth do you explain the foolishness of the SWP? They are in trouble, they make vague calls for unity on the left and then act like complete arses. Of course they shouldn’t be ‘banned’, shunned and ignored seems appropriate. They should learn that they are not the revolutionary party in waiting.


    November 28, 2014 at 6:35 pm

  2. “this toxic tub of toy town Trots”

    Perfect. There is almost no protest they won’t try and hijack, and everything the Swuppies touch, they taint. It’s good that perhaps more people are giving them the cold shoulder than previously. Where on earth they think they derive their political – let alone moral – authority from is baffling.


    November 28, 2014 at 9:46 pm

  3. Thgis is unbelievable. The Swuppies are not just bullies, but idiots as well. Still, unlike the ISN, serious socialists who stand for freedom of speech must oppose all bans on this scummy organisation.

    Jim Denham

    November 29, 2014 at 1:06 am

  4. In my very long experience of the SWP this is not surprising at all.

    True there were long period when others worked with them and although it was always a problem for people brought up in the broad labour movement it was just about bearable.

    It was also bearable because there were some very good people in their org.

    They have been gyrating and gyrating, verging on hysteria and buylling, for ever and I – and I’m sure, okay I know in great detail, that many many others could give many a merry tale of the behaviour of some individuals in the ‘party’.

    It’s just become more common knowledge with the Net and their break up has made things worse.

    Andrew Coates

    November 29, 2014 at 1:41 pm

  5. “Our organisation received a plethora of threats from Weyman Bennett over the phone, ranging from the threat to dismantle and “go to war” our organisation if we continued to “ignore the leaders of the movement” and secondly, if we ever organise events within Anti-Racism, that we must be obliged to speak to SUTR/SWP.”

    “serious socialists who stand for freedom of speech must oppose all bans on this scummy organisation.”


    “Those who would deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves”

    I’m with Lincoln not Voltaire, I’m afraid, Jim. No platforming the SWP is for many organisations and institutions merely a matter of self-defence – leaving aside legitimate concerns about physical and sexual violence. They have been operating a protection racket on left and left-related groups and causes for many years. It has benefited no one else and harmed many. The SWP deserves to be shunned AND, where possible, banned.

    Now one can retort, that that just makes those organisations as bad as the SWP, but unless they have a record, like the SWP, of trying to silence and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them… it clearly doesn’t. One may as well make the false moral equation of a kidnapper with the court that imprisons him, The SWP have never defended the rights of their opponents to freedom – in fact they’ve invariably opposed them. They are now whining about their own rights. They don’t deserve any.


    November 29, 2014 at 1:49 pm

  6. They, or rather one SWP sociopath, have actually tried it on me Lamina.

    But I still oppose bans.

    As I said there were some very good people in the org.

    Andrew Coates

    November 29, 2014 at 2:06 pm

  7. Reblogged this on oogenhand.


    April 30, 2015 at 9:06 pm

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